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  2. Gips, Kilo & Saltis;P
  3. Ageless camera kit catches an age old problem. Your image certainly conveys your feelings about the plight of these four and these feelings are ones that we all have. That said I am afraid that I don't have any answers as to how to help folks such as this women or her dogs.
  4. Thanks Viv, a two year journey back to a reasonably healthy state. The 50-140 and the 18-135 will go in PX for something else, at the moment I’m enjoying the primes when I can get out but I hate the cold weather and rain, roll on the spring/summer!
  5. Taken last year on Yonge Street in downtown Toronto during a street festival. While walking with a photo bud looking for interesting subjects, we happened to pass a sleeping street person and her pack of dogs camped on the sidewalk. Even while sleeping she used a sign to panhandle for money. And despite always being sympathetic to the plight of our city's homeless population, truly, I felt worse for the dogs. Converted to black and white in Photoshop. Nikon S3 rangefinder Cosina Voigtlander 21 f4 in Nikon S mount manual focus Fuji 100 ISO colour slide 5.6 @ 1/125th
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  7. Indeed - SI plates mean restricted use, a log book must be kept that concurs with the mileage on the speedometer.
  8. I guess if rego works similar to Victoria, there is some financial incentive to move onto those plates once you vehicle is old enough, especially for a vehicle that looks like it might only come into town a few days per year.
  9. Hilversum - the centre of Dutch radio. i guess this is that is the focus of this place. Looks interesting and great shots. Did you need much work to even out the lighting?
  10. I was just picturing people lining up with their dogs in an orderly fashion to avoid "driveway congestion". The high pressure hose on a maltese terrier would be interesting, but not half so much as the high suction vacuum cleaner....
  11. Now, now, Mike, I use the X-T2 almost on a daily basis for work. Just because I'm playing the field at the moment doesn't mean I've abandoned her - far from it!
  12. Mike, I am so glad to hear the good news about your health. That is a very comprehensive Fuji system! As you know, I still use the XT-1. I may be tempted by the XT-3, if such materialises. Egged on by my photographer daughter I am currently taking a hard look at the Leica CL, but that is anudder story.
  13. Cracking image Alan, how much dust was there covering the X-T2?
  14. "Car & Dog Wash" - that is interesting! Do they do them simultaneously with a high pressure cleaner?
  15. I walked around Moonah for an hour with the Kiev-60, a roll of T-Max 100 and Jupiter 3,5/250 lens attached while waiting for my car to be fitted with new tyres on Thursday. At the beginning of the shopping strip and some odd signs, seemingly unable to decide what Century this is or what the business is: and lastly a way to make me feel old - a somewhat worse for wear Toyota Landcruiser registered as a "Special Interest" vehicle (i.e. an antique) that is one model year newer than the same model Land cruiser I bought brand new back in 1976 (and regrettably sold three years later) :
  16. Yes, the "normal" ones have gotten away with a few children over the years....
  17. An impressive image Alan - not helped at all by the wind by the sound of things. (I am glad that you only showed us one of the smaller variety of Tasmanian moths. )
  18. Thanks Dallas, a case small steps instead of leaps on the road to recovery, hence the long time!
  19. Not much to look at initially, but a sight rare enough for a neighbour to drive 1km over to my place to get me to photograph. These are a pair of wood moths mating, again, nothing unusual until you realise the larger female of the pair is 100mm (4") long in the body - so about the length of the palm of an adult human hand. While there is some movement in this rather hurried hand-held stack of 7 photos, they did remain still enough for a result in the stiff breeze while hanging on to the wall of a house. As they showed no signs of fleeing, I then got my tripod out of the car and try a few more comprehensive stacks involving around 40 photos each, but that was too ambitious and their movement in the breeze had those stacks fail. X-T2, Zeiss Touit 2,8/50 Makro, f/8.
  20. Difficult stuff to photograph well at the best of times, these are excellent.
  21. Glad to hear you are feeling well again, Mike.
  22. Ditto to what Dallas said, but where are the people? Super stuff Luc.
  23. Luc, I’m favouring primes at the moment so the most used are the 16mm, 23mm and the 56mm. The 80mm and 35mzm are new acquisitions, indeed the 35mm as of Friday. The 18-135mm and 50-140mm zooms which rarely get used will be PXed if there is to be an X-T3! Hugh, thanks yes health is improving, albeit slowly, I’m one of the lucky ones as my cancer has gone touch wood. Chemo really takes it out of you, but it’s gotta be done but the price is worth paying! 10-3000mm I’d never be able to lift it. Many thanks Erv!
  24. That’s a pretty funky looking place and you have captured it very well!
  25. And I forgot the new 10-3000mm zoom lens with OIS...... Never the less you have built up a great kit here. I trust that this is a sign of your improving health?
  26. Now then Mike, I am sure that I read somewhere that the new FUJIFILM X-T3 is due out any day now............
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