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  2. The rooftops of a large circustent.
  3. Very interesting subject, Fons! What is it?
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  6. It must be something to do with Flickr - I don't think it has anything to do with your session here (although our IP address is new, so it could be a networking issue somewhere). 403 error explanation.
  7. Week 38 - I had a busy week last week, but many photo opportunities along the way.
  8. Speed is definitely better. However, getting a 403 forbidden error when trying to create a new thread. Given that everyone else seems fine, it must be something to do with me. Update: Error must be associated with links out to Flickr. Obviously I've replied with text here, but I can't reply or create a thread with the links. I've tried the "log out and back in again".
  9. Thanks Alan. Yes, I remember that article and I think I would probably be in the same camp of thinking. I suppose with me it would be a romantic thing, more than a sensible one, to do a landscapes project using medium format film. I don't really have the patience for that level of dedication to preparation (film choice, manual exposure, etc). Digital has made me a very lazy photographer! So, my Canon 19mm 3.5 FL lens will be going to a new owner this week in exchange for a new Canon 200D kit. What? I hear you all ask. Well, let's just say that as much as I love using the iPhone 7 Plus as a video tool, when it comes to low light that really small sensor definitely takes a big performance hit. The 200D has been out for a few months and all indications are that it's a very capable video camera that offers just about everything I would need to make the kinds of videos I want to make. One of the problems I had with the iPhone 7 Plus on safari was audio. With that Apple 3.5mm to Lightning port adapter there were a lot of issues with sound dropping out from the footage and also I was picking up some interference from the cellphone antenna because in the heat of the moment one forgets to switch it to airplane mode. The Canon 200D is small enough to not be a nuisance on trips and it's also got everything I would need for 1080p video, so, a baby DSLR from a brand I haven't used in over a decade is about to come back into my world. Who would have thought that would happen?
  10. The difference won't be anything noticeable IQ-wise in general use probably, other than the different drawing of the lenses for a similar AOV. 45-65mm is wide, 75-90mm is the "normal" focal length, 120-180mm covers short tele, 250-500mm are standard to long tele. This does impart a different "look" to things, but to ber honest I think digital is well ahead now in the general image quality stakes. Some will argue that film is still better, but from a convenience and practical point of view, digital wins hands down. I did post an article here with regards to B&W comparing 16MP Fuji X, 16MP Sigma and RZ67 side by side a while back: but the current generation of sensors leaves those Fuji & Sigma Merrill Gen1 sensors for dead, so expect that the difference now would be better than the relatively close results I got in that comparo. Interesting that in my conclusion I stated that I would not be going back to film and darkroom but would be pursuing digital B&W in a quest for the best B&W. Given my latest purchases and direction, I think it's fair to say that two years later I'm sticking rather well to that commitment...
  11. They definitely stay inside, but Artemus gets very excited, running around, meowing, and looking out the windows.
  12. With those big pussies around Artemis and Lancelot better mind their P&Qs or they may end up as supper for the wild ones!
  13. How do you guys who have MF shooting experience think that (say) 6x7 or 6x6 film compares to modern day small format digital capture? Would I see something spectacularly different if I was shooting medium format reversal film as opposed to a DSLR or mirrorless camera with about 20MP resolution? Is it just really when you get to enlargements that the difference is noticeable?
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  16. Hugely quicker to load here.
  17. My first medium format camera, in the early-mid 1970s, was a Bronica S2a. I sold it after a couple of years but have since had a couple of others, and including several lenses and the bellows (with swings and tilts). I adapted a view camera lens to work with the bellows. A great system, and I still have a S2a with the 75mm and 200mm Nikkors. In the early '90s I got into the SQ series and used various bodies and lenses for almost 15 years. I only had problems once, with a SQAm that refused to advance the film, and that was corrected quickly with a trip to the service centre.
  18. Superb results !
  19. so it seems !
  20. Nice! A very noticeable increase in speed
  21. It's not the Bronica ETRS that I would contemplate, but one of the 6x6 SQ range. The SQ was more like a Japanese version of the Hasselblad which began originally as the Z, and matured considerably into the long-running S2 form before the SQ arrived. At uni in the early '70's the Mamiya C330 and Bronica S2 were popular student medium format cameras for those without the budget for a Hasselblad or Rollei SL66. A couple had Kowa Six cameras, and for some unfathomable reason these bring an excessive amount of money on the used market these days. I always thought they were both ugly and uncomfortable to use.
  22. The only time one of my RB 67s fell apart was when the Manfrotto hex plate didn't latch properly at the beginning of a wedding and before I even took the first shot the brand new camera tipped off the tripod and hit the floor, which was just unbacked carpet tiles on concrete. The camera exploded into four pieces (body, lens, viewfinder and magazine all separated), and a bit of the light baffle on the film magazine broke off. With no backup I reassembled the bits, forced the bent focusing rack to at least travel its length with some muscle behind it, patched the broken magazine piece with a bit of roll film foil wrapper and shot the wedding. If nothing else, photography in such situations definitely teaches you to improvise with equipment at times. The camera, to its credit, went on to another four years of service without even being sent to the repair shop before I finally traded it in. Still a bit stiff in the focus, and an epoxy putty patch of the light baffle, didn't seem to affect the trade-in price at all, either.
  23. My daughter now has my Bronica ETRS. Neither of us ever had a problem loading film.
  24. The new machine is a shared server, not virtual, but it also runs on SSD, so there is a significant boost in speed from that. It also has many more processor cores than the old one. I'm quite thrilled with the improvement in loading speed. Here in SA page loads on FZ are practically instant, which has never happened for me before.
  25. Funny, a lot of people have been telling me to avoid the RB/RZ67 models for similar reasons, although the guy who bought my Olympus OM2n said that they have a tendency to fall apart. Not sure if he maybe had a bad experience? I'll definitely have a look at the Soviet options for MF. Interestingly I briefly owned a Bronica ETRs 645 with some lenses, metered prism, etc. The problem was this was nearly at the beginning of my camera journey and I literally had no idea how to use that thing. I recall sitting in my dark bedroom trying to figure out how to load the roll of 120 film with the paper back and being completely befuddled! I eventually traded that kit for a brand new Nikon F5, which was my pride and joy right up until my moment of digital madness with the Canon D30 caused me to trade in all my Nikon stuff for those plastic Canon things.
  26. I gave mine away last year to someone who could use it - the battery lock was dodgy on that as well. I hadn't used it for over a decade but it still worked just fine.
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