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Laowa 10mm f/4 Cookie

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An interesting new lens announced this week - Laowa 10mm f/4 Cookie.  Very compact, very wide and apparently very little distortion.


More info direct from the maker - available in most major mirrorless mounts with APS-C coverage.


Size wise it seems to be similar to the Fuji 27 f/2.8, which I have and makes a very pocketable set-up with my X-E3.  Probably also attractive to users of other compact mirrorless bodies.  As usual with Laowa, it is a fully manual lens, no electrical contacts.  Early reviews seem generally positive with the main drawback reported to be the vignetting.  Seeing it from some other angles in the reviews, it is interesting that the majority of the focus throw is for 0.1m to 1m, with only a small movement left from 1m to infinity, so you will probably end up relying on the hyperlocal range and not mind it lacking autofocus.


I have got another Laowa lens and am happy with the build and performance of that and reviewers are saying similar things about the build quality of this.



When I first heard rumours of this lens, it certainly tempted me. Now there are a couple of things making me think about this a bit more - firstly the price, at around AU$500  (US$300), it is not going to be something that I would buy for fun or to give it a try. Second factor is the appearance of an 8mm lens on the Fuji road map, at the moment there isn't much known about this, will it try and follow Laowa down the low distortion route or will it be a fish-eye and then what will it cost.  But at least the Fuji will have electrical contacts.


Does this lens interest anyone else?  What are your thoughts about it?

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