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It's Winter in Tasmania again

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A small window of conditions I'd usually expect here in winter presented a couple of days ago after months of lousy weather and light, and while I failed to find anything new to photograph on a short drive, on my way home I drove past a scene I'd taken with my Pentacon Six and posted here on 18th August 2019, and as if on cue the light turned magic so I stopped and had at it again but this time with my tip-rescued Pony Premo No.7 5" x 7" camera, a darkslide loaded with Ilford Multigrade IV paper for the negative, and using a recently acquired 1960's Schneider Kreuznach 5,6/180 lens.

Whilst the landscape itself was pleasant enough if somewhat distant with this wider-than-normal lens for the format, the sky turned it on for me so I pointed the cameraupwards for the following shot:



It's a photo which would have been a nothing shot in colour, but using the ultra-fine grained paper reminiscent of the tonal rendition of 19th Century collodion plates really made that sky glow.






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very nice indeed !


cheers, Maurice

"Wild things are always faster"

from 'Two Dogs' by Philip Hodgins



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Given the recent discussions about small images, this is definitely one that needs to be viewed big!  There is just so much detail  - its almost like being there.

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