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New Image Editing Software Better Than PS or Lightroom!

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I've tried/owned/used many image editing software's over the years.  Heck, 10-20 years ago I even taught PhotoShop classes at a technical college.

Since Skylum came out with Luminar, I've been using it.  Earlier versions were OK, but didn't meet all of my needs.

Then, a week or two ago Skylum released an update to Neo that had "AI Masking".  Revolutionary!  I now like Neo so much that I've deleted/purged both PhotoShop and Lightroom from all of my computers.

If you want to buy Neo, get it using Jim Nix's discount link.  Jim does an outstanding job of developing free Neo training programs on YouTube ( https://www.youtube.com/c/JimNix ).

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I have an older version of Luminar, probably from about 5 years ago. It was interesting back then but I am so entrenched in Lr for my workflow that I can’t imagine myself trying to learn something new. 

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