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14 September 2013 : Namibia Outtakes (Etosha)


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I'm not big on national park game reserves. I found out on the first safari I did in 2009 that they are a hit and miss affair, more miss than hit. You drive around aimlessly, often in scorching hot temperatures and if you're lucky you find something to photograph in sub-optimal lighting conditions. 


Etosha is no different, except that scorching hot becomes OMG, WTF is going on outside there? The upside is that you will find the animals all saying the same thing and heading to the many watering holes that exist in an attempt to cool down. The problem with this scenario is that you are there with numerous other self-driven safaris and getting a position that is suitable for photography isn't always possible. And once you have shot a thousand frames of the same thing from the same position you find yourself asking existential questions. So on our first morning drive we went with one of the guided vehicles instead of driving ourselves. I wore shorts and a T-shirt. Big mistake. I recall being so cold as the open vehicle moved through the cool morning air that I thought my heart might actually pause because the blood in my veins must surely have frozen. It was most unpleasant. And we didn't see much either, just antelope, birds, some zebra and a few giraffe. 












In the afternoon we drove ourselves again and while the light was better and the animals more plentiful, the heat was pulverising. 


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