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Found 15 results

  1. Guest

    Spring sweet spot

    Spring has arrived and this spot has a nice view over the lake.
  2. Guest

    Cloud stream

    So far we've only had a short period of winter with frost and snow around here - it was nice that it came during the holidays. A shot from late afternoon just before twilight.
  3. Guest

    Bumpy road

    Was out testing an old Minolta 50/1.7 a while ago and met this little fellow.
  4. Guest

    Yellow Ginkgo

    Every autumn I look forward to watch this Ginkgo in its autumn colours.
  5. Guest

    Hosta autumn palette

    Hostas shutting down after the season.
  6. Guest

    Corduroy fields

    A rare opportunity in November around here - a sunny afternoon. Fuji X-E1 with Minolta 55/1.7 anno late 1960's.
  7. Guest

    Up the green hill

    Just some happy horses on a hot summer evening.
  8. Guest

    More spring shots

    I've had some days off and the weather was great for shooting some spring landscapes. Couldn't decide which composition to post of the last two so you get both versions.
  9. Guest

    Minolta ressurection

    For a long time I've been hoping to be able to use my old Minolta MD lenses on a digital camera. I've bought a Novoflex adapter (..have to support our German neighbors..) for my X-E1 and I've been waiting 7 weeks for it to arrive. Here are some (very) casual shots just to illustrate the 28/2.8, 135/2.8 and 50/2.0. I didn't expect much but just hoping they are still worth using - luckily they surpassed my expectations. A funny thing is that Minolta had a XE-1 house back in the mid 70's(?). It is great fun using them and I have to re-learn my manual focus skills - the absence of image stabilisation and AF is a bit scary I haven't done much with these files - as far as I remember all re-sized OOC JPEG's and in some cases levels adjustment and some exposure correction. Please view large. The MD 50/2.0. I like the way the green colour and especially the blue colour of the Agapanthus came out (Velvia). The Agave is a bit on the dark green side - maybe WB is a bit off. The MD 28/2.8 - center is sharp and noticeably soft towards edges The MD Rokkor 135/2.8. Only a few came out sharp .. I need to practice focusing and steadiness.
  10. Guest

    Missa Candelarum

    I live in a small city that have evolved around a 12'th century monastery. Every year the city celebrates an old tradition called Kyndelmisse (in Danish) which originates from the latin Missa Candelarum. It dates back to the middle ages and today it's a celebration of light and mid winter. As part of the celebration the city decorates buildings, public areas etc. with light. Here it is the 12'th century church decorated both inside and outside along with some trees. And the marketplace.
  11. Dallas

    Fujifilm X-E1

    If you have used the Fujifilm X-E1 mirrorless camera body please rate it on our poll and/or leave your thoughts in this thread. We will keep this thread relevant by moving off topic posts to other part of fotozones.com.
  12. Guest

    Harvest trails

    Another b&w attempt with the Fuji X-E1 - processed in C1. I've increased the grain size to obtain a less smooth expression.
  13. Guest

    Look for the needle

    Harvest is changing the landscape these days
  14. Guest

    Tree spotting in b/w

    I've started exploring some b/w with the X-E1. This shot is from a nearby park and a scene I've shot several times earlier as test subject. The light wasn't great today and I seem to have missed nailing focus on the closest tree trunk .. bummer. I'm struggling with my mind regarding brightness, but I ended up with a more dimmed result focusing on the textures.
  15. I'll have to admit that the images being shown by members on here who are using the X-series cameras have caused me to look at the brand and its offerings with an eye to perhaps moving in that direction in the future. I have a question for users though: why would anyone pay the same amount for an X100s as a X-E1 body?
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