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Found 18 results

  1. © Peeter Vissak 2018

  2. Yesterday he was taken out with a friend for a walk of his cat. It's already becoming a tradition for us to walk the cat in January. 1. _DSC3333 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 2. _DSC3341 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr At that time, it was -27 degrees Celsius on the street. 3. _DSC3367 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 4. _DSC3374 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr Please smile, shoot! 5. _DSC3390 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 6. _DSC3420 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 7. _DSC3438 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 8. _DSC3447 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 9. _DSC3486 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr Yes, do not care about the frost! That's really true - invented, -25 - frost. The normal temperature for Krasnoyarsk in January. The Siberian in such weather in flip-flops, a shirt and trousers for ice cream in the stall runs, with three of them, one on the way back eats. :))) 10 _DSC3513 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 11. _DSC3521 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 12. _DSC3535 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 13. _DSC3572 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 14. _DSC3580 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr On the shore of the Yenisei, the cat was tired of portraying a wild predator and already wanted to go home. 15 _DSC3608 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr During the shooting, no animals were harmed. There was a cat above and nothing superfluous. And it's just to illustrate how it looks like a frosty day on the river bank. 16 _DSC3625 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 17 _DSC3615 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr
  3. pvissak

    Puhtu Penisula

    © Peeter Vissak 2018

  4. Today was my day off and the perfect weather and light for this shoot which I had planned some time ago. All images Olympus E-M10II + Olympus 12-40mm f2.8 or Samyang 7.5mm f3.5 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  5. January 18 winterscene with geese
  6. Here in Minnesota, we had our first major snowfall of the season. The light, fluffy snow made for some interesting photos out my home office window. This tree rat is looking for some sunflower seeds that are buried under the fresh snow
  7. This fine fellow was imaged last weekend as he came straight at me before veering off at the last moment. They are such characters D4 500mm AFS f/7.1 1/4000s ISO 800 Full frame. Please view large. DOF always a challenge on these big fellows, esp head on. Focus was on head, so rest of body a bit soft, but still felt it was effective because of his look. Cheers Randy
  8. To celebrate my newly chipped lenses shown here, http://www.fotozones.com/live/index.php/topic/57878-the-family-is-complete/ I went out to capture a few quick Fairbanks street scenes today at -35°C. This is the first really cold weather this winter, with temperatures dipping to about -40°C - some places in Alaska have seen down towards -50°C over the last few days. (Images best viewed large, image data in EXIF). Smoke columns show up really well. Fortunately it is not cold enough for it to cause dense ice fog. Exposure got on the hot side, so I may need to check adjustment of the aperture lever on the 135mm f/2.8 AI-S lens (now -P) : #1 Street Scenes, first with 28mm f/2.8 AI-S (now P): #2 Then with 135mm: #3 All bundled up in good clothing (135mm is handy across the street): #4 A couple walking along the same street, but something does not seem right here. Can you spot it? #5 Right, thin sneakers as footwear, bare hands, and no mittens or gloves in sight for the male. What are they up to, and how long before he freezes off his fingers? Ahh, selfie of course. This is Fairbanks' most photographed sign. Perhaps also making a live broadcast? #6 Dwindling light at the Museum of the North: #7 #8 And finally the view from there: #9
  9. This fellow was caught this morning at the local bird sanctuary. We had fresh snow overnight, and I was hoping for some nice clean snow on the ice, but instead got 2" of slush! Dull, dreary weather. D4 80-400VR II 280mm ISO 3200 1/1250s f/5.6 Advice and comments appreciated. Cheers Randy
  10. simato73


    Some dreadful weather, but really wanted to be out hiking. Unanimously acknowledged by all my mates as good training for the Scottish winter hiking trip coming in February... The company was focused much more on walking than taking pictures (you would not want to stop too much in that weather anyway) so only a few snapshots when conditions allowed it. Most of the time we were in cloud/fog and strong winds. Please see large.
  11. My hometown Ørsta on a clear night in february.
  12. Guest


    A Foggy Day in Yosemite
  13. Guest

    Just in time for Valentine's Day

    Trumpeters can be very pugnacious, but also very loving. This mated pair had just chased away another pair, and when the squawking was done, they nuzzled a bit. D4 500mm AFS f/5.6 1/3200s hand held manual exposure Click for larger image Advice and comments always appreciated Cheers Randy
  14. Guest

    Twas a cold, blue day

    Set out this morning and hit some cold areas...-27C. Here are a few shots made.
  15. Guest

    B&W - sheep gate

    Lanthar and D800 from a distance.
  16. Guest

    Winter Painting

    This image was captured last weekend. Not the most dynamic pose, but I was really struck by the sense of depth in the background,snow in the air. D4 600VR f/5 1/3200 ISO 1240 Advice and comments always appreciated Click for bigger version Cheers Randy
  17. Guest

    War in the winter

    I'm not too sure about the shadow around the feet. Otherwise it's one of my favorite shots of late.
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