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Found 12 results

  1. Check out the name of the "Family Boat" 1. 2.
  2. ksmed


    Just some of the small things!
  3. Luc de Schepper


    Full throttle on board the "Watertaxi" on the river Maas Rotterdam/Holland. Guess I need a faster shutter speed than 1/4000 sec
  4. Guest

    A hyena reflects

    One month to go and a hyena stares into a pool wondering what wonders will be out to be photographed when the Nikongear group arrives at Sabi Sabi
  5. Guest

    The water seem to be wet!

    From the album: Nature

    © Manfred Hermann

  6. Guest

    Homlungen Lighthouse

    From the album: Nikon D3 Shots

    D3 with Sigma 20 1.8, Big Stopper and graduated filter 0.6 (hard).

    © Patrick Pedersen

  7. Jyda


  8. Jyda

    Flow #1 and #2

    With replaced gear I'm finally able to go out shooting again. #1 #2
  9. Guest


    Dakota gets crushed by a wave during our vacation at the Jersey shore:
  10. Guest


    From the album: Bart's Album

    Dakota gets crushed by a wave.

    © © 2012 Bart Willems

  11. ebswift


    These are some of the monsters that live in my local waterways (sharks, stonefish, box jellyfish & Irukandji are common here, along with the crocs). Thankfully, on the Capricorn coast salt water crocodile numbers are relatively low, so they don't tend to be aggressive - they are somewhat more shy (it isn't to say they won't attack humans, just that they're more shy and less aggressive in lower numbers). This is in contrast to the northern parts of Australia where larger numbers make them extremely dangerous to humans and every waterhole is a potential threat. This was a visit to Koorana Crocodile farm on the Capricorn coast. While this is in my local area, this is my first visit as part of a commitment to taking more family outings. The tour is fantastic, well worth it. My toddler absolutely loved it. #1 We were fortunate to witness an assisted hatching, the second-last of the season. The just-hatched survive off the nutrients of their egg for a couple of weeks before beginning their existence as a deadly predator. This isn't the greatest shot; I had a slow lens and little light, so ISO was high and I had to shoot over the shoulder of the handler. #2 The little fella immediately after greeting the world. #3 This is one big croc: #4 This girl is all business. She was straight out of the water when food was offered and was happy to take it, covered in seaweed and all (no hands or elbows allowed over the fence): #5 Here's the fella that lives in the same pool. Those teeth are nice and sharp: #6 Lean, mean and extremely fast. There are a number of myths surrounding how you should escape from a croc. There is zigging, zagging, running around in circles and climbing trees. However, crocs are masters at figuring out repetition. You can zig and zag 5 times and after the fifth zag, he'll get you at the zig. You can climb a tree, but he can wait all week until you weaken enough to drop. The only bet with a croc is to run in the opposite direction and don't stop until you're out of sight. Another thing of note, is if you launch your boat at the same spot every day, he'll get you on your last day once he's prepared his attack plan. #6 These guys are in a state of cool running - they are cold blooded and the water is cool; imagine what they're like when everything is tropical warm! As was demonstrated, crocs don't necessarily 'hear' what's happening; they more or less sense it. Once you get vibrations through the air and ground, they are already planning an ambush and have you squarely in their sites. #7 Here is a monster at around 4-4.5 metres. You must remember that these guys can exceed 6 metres(!). #8 Finally, here's myself and the little fella checking out the scenery.
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