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Found 9 results

  1. crowecg

    Australia Day

    The Australia Day public holiday marks the end of the summer holiday period here in Australia, with people heading back to work and kids back to school. We took advantage of the long weekend to have few days out - one to the hills and the other to the coast. The trip to the hills involved some cycling along the Warburton Rail Trail - around 40km of disused railway line no used for cycling, walking and horse riding (We didn't do it all). Cycling We also took a drive up to the summit of Mount Donna Buang and a brief walk around the rain forest tree top trail. Rain Forest The coast trip involved a bit of time on the beach at Flinders and some stops along towards Cape Schank. Cape Schank Cape Schank Lighthouse Waves Lone Tree - Whilst sitting on the beach, this lone tree on a distant headland attracted my attention. Unfortunately by the time I realised the shot I wanted, the tide was coming in and I couldn't get close enough, even at 200mm, so I've had to crop. Lone Tree B&W A B&W version also appealed to me, although it is a bit hazy. Perhaps an excuse for a return visit. Camera: Fuji X-E3, Lenses: 27 f/2.8, 18-55 and 55-200.
  2. crowecg


    Over the holiday period we had a few days away. We stayed at Port Albert, a small village which was once one of the colony of Victoria's busiest ports! First stop on the way down was at Agnes Falls Agnes Falls Looked quite nice, but access was only to the top of the falls. Another trip was to 90 Mile Beach. 90 Mile Beach This extends from just east of Port Albert all the way to Lakes Entrance - ironically, the opening of the channel at Lakes Entrance was one of the factors in the demise of Port Albert. On our return trip, we spent a day at Wilson's Promontory. Picnic Beach - Wilsons Promontory We walked along a series of such beaches - I could have kept going even further, but didn't have enough gear with me.
  3. crowecg


    Following the early post on Walhalla cemetery, it isn't the only thing to see in the town. It is quite a picturesque little town - now barely more than a single street. #1 and in colour... #2 Anything beyond the front street is perched up on the hillside, like the church. #3 It's initial claim to fame was gold! There were a number of mines in the town, this is the entrance to the Long Tunnel Extended mine, which is open to visitors. #4 and the creamy-white band in the left half of this picture is the quartz seam which bears the gold. #5 A few more pictures form within the mine #6 #7 #8 and back to colour.. #9 and then outside and into infra-red #10
  4. crowecg

    Walhalla Cemetery

    Inspired by some of Alan's pictures of the area, I paid a visit to Walhalla Cemetery this past weekend. Travelling with family, I didn't have a choice of time of day to visit (perhaps a future trip). So, with bright early afternoon sunlight, the general scene was like this: #1 How to make something more atmospheric? First try was to pump ISO up to create a grainy black and white image, including some shadowy areas. #2 Then went for one trick for dealing with bright Australian sunshine - infra-red - although my D7000 isn't anywhere near as good as the old D50. #3 A bit more ghostly, given the slow shutter speeds and the breeze. #4 The B&W conversions seemed OK, however, when attempting to try some colour conversions, a bit of a problem appeared. #5 I was expecting the vignetting as I had a 52mm diameter filter on a 67mm diameter lens, but that on the front of the 18-105 produced a big hotspot, particularly if the sun was anywhere other than behind my back! One last shot in colour. #6 I did try a couple of shots with lower ISO, but they all suffered from the hotspots, so there wasn't any improvement from that. Well, two things to think about - remembering to drop the 18-55 into the bag if IR is a possibility and I should get round to getting a proper conversion done at some point. OK, not quite up to Alan's standard, but do they capture the image of the place?
  5. crowecg

    Lakes Entrance

    Following the earlier thread on the wildlife of the Gippsland lakes, here are a few shots of the place itself. This is the entrance that the town is named after... Entrance A man-made channel cut through the natural sand bar that separates the Gippsland lakes from the Bass Strait. The town itself is a working fishing port fishing boats but most people come here for recreational boating. Water skiing and of course the beaches beach 1 You don't have to wander too far to get away from the crowds at the surf beach, beach 2 Or you can just wait for the weather to change. For New Years Eve, it is reported to have the biggest fireworks display in Victoria outside Melbourne. Fireworks
  6. crowecg

    The Grampians

    We recently took a short holiday in the Grampians. The area comprises a series of rocky escarpments and is located about 3 hours drive west of Melbourne. General View The main settlement in the area is Halls Gap which mainly holiday accomodation and is located between the hills. Halls Gap The main activities involve various hiking trails & rock scrambles Grand Canyon Slabs Leading to some spectacular view points The Pinnacle There are also a number of water falls, but of the few we passed, only this one, McKenzies Falls was flowing. Falls
  7. crowecg


    Some photos from a trip through Victoria's High Country from between Christmas and New Year. Unfortunately been a bit busy so it has taken a while to get round to processing and posting them. The trip stared with a few nights camping at Lake Cobbler, located on a plateau at a height of around 1000m. Lake Cobbler Pano Camp Site The campsite among the trees was a bit dusty. From the campsite it was a short walk down through a few small water falls Little Falls but these were only the start of something bigger. Dandongadale Falls (Victoria’s longest falls with a 255m drop).
  8. Guest

    Christmas Lights

    The BC Legislature building adds Christmas colour to it's lights for the festive season. The crescent moon and Jupiter in the twilight sky were an added bonus. D200 + 12-24mm f/4 Dec.21, 2009
  9. A 3 shot, Infrared panorama. Nikon D100 Converted for IR, 17-35mm f2.8 Nikkor.
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