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Found 16 results

  1. Starling accidentally meeting winter

    © Peeter Vissak 2018

  2. ... cleaning up this snow
  3. A snowy ferry ride across river IJ, Amsterdam/Holland. The building with the Amsterdam sign on top is the train station.
  4. Here in Minnesota, we had our first major snowfall of the season. The light, fluffy snow made for some interesting photos out my home office window. This tree rat is looking for some sunflower seeds that are buried under the fresh snow
  5. Captured yesterday at my church's annual sledding party. The kids had great fun, but the adults showed some interesting styles of sledding! D4 80-400 G f/6.3 1/2000s View large please. Comments and advice always appreciated! Cheers Randy
  6. My pup, Camira, just loves to run in the snow. We haven't had much until the last few days, and she was zipping right along! D4 70-200 2.8 View large if you please. Cheers Randy
  7. I enjoy experimenting with light painting during the winter months. As befits the holiday season, I worked on Santa a bit. My goal was to get some nice modeling effect but still show detail without harsh shadows. D4 24-85 f/13 20sec exposure painted with nine led flashlight with diffuser. The surface of the piece is very glittery and shiny, so the very soft light, held 1-2" away helped soften that effect. It is an interesting challenge as you go, since you can't see the exposure building up as you go along. I have thought of doing it with my EM5 using the live bulb feature, but haven't gotten there yet. Advice and comments always appreciated. Please view large Cheers Randy
  8. We were blessed with a white Christmas this year too so I went out to capture some of that feeling. D800 & Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/4.
  9. If you do not like images of mountains as single subject, skip this post. :-) These were captured during two field trips to our Toolik Field station on North Slope in Arctic Alaska this "spring". On the drive up Dalton Highway the light was somewhat hazy and flat, and that is where IR comes to the "rescue". First view of Brooks Range appears when one pass Gobblers Knob, looking north. The low area is among the coldest in North America, and the hills were victim to extensive wildfires a few years ago. The green trees are the few spruce trees that survived, the black ones are burnt. Compare to the hill in the far distance which is almost entirely green. (Please view large). #1 North fork of Koyukuk river. #2 This is not spring melt but overflow that can go on throughout the winter: #3 #4 Still on the south side of Brooks Range: #5 #6 The high areas at Atigun pass: #7 #8 #9 North Slope looking south toward Brooks Range: #10A #10B Arctic logistics. #11 #12 #13 #14
  10. The day after a March midwest snowstorm. I've always struggled with the contrast in snowy scenes--this is my first attempt with D800, AF-S 16-35/4 VR at f/8 C&C very welcome KDD
  11. Brrrrrrrrrrrr
  12. A Foggy Day in Yosemite
  13. This image was captured last weekend. Not the most dynamic pose, but I was really struck by the sense of depth in the background,snow in the air. D4 600VR f/5 1/3200 ISO 1240 Advice and comments always appreciated Click for bigger version Cheers Randy
  14. Not sure whether the image belongs into this category. But I thought snow is a topic for nature and so are patterns in it - even if the mechanical nature of the beast that made these tracks is obvious. Shot with AF-S 35/1.4G. Enjoy! Tracks 63228 by Tom, on Flickr
  15. The days are short and cold in the winter here in the north. But the beauty of the landscape more than makes up for it.
  16. I'm not too sure about the shadow around the feet. Otherwise it's one of my favorite shots of late.