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Found 10 results

  1. Dallas

    Kelso Beach

    I did some property photography down our south coast yesterday. This place is right on the beach, so I did a 180˚ panorama standing near the shoreline. Not the greatest bit of stitching Lightroom has ever done - you can see where it messed up the horizon on the ocean.
  2. My old Nikon D80 is now converted to IR 830. This is my first IR image... actually an IR panorama. 1 It was taken a few days ago from the "Passeggiata del Gianicolo", near a lighthouse, where you can have a nice view over Rome and its surrounding mountains in the background... clearly visible in IR; not so in visible light. The NEF was developed and converted to BW in Lr; some extra editing, punch and contrast, was done in Nik Silver Efex.
  3. There is a long time since the last revision of Microsoft's free panorama package, so the update to version 2.0 is a bit of surprise. http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/redmond/projects/ice/ Apart from a revised user interface, a new feature in this version is the "autocomplete" function. While large areas like the example below can be a bit funky, I have often done stitches where a bit of the sky is missing, and I think it can be useful and do a very good job with that. Here is the stitch screen where one can also rotate the image. I did not intend these two images as a panorama, in fact they a shot with two different zoom settings, 14 and 16mm, so projection is a not the best... Autocomplete. I would crop out most of the autocompleted rocks in the foreground. If rotating motion is selected, one will get a choice of a number of projection tweaks, now much expanded compared to the previous version. Of course this projection does not stitch well here because of the different focal length the images were shot at. There is also an advanced mode that will do Gigapan generated images of unlimited size, and several new import options. It will now read 16bit files, and can also use raw images if a raw (WIC) codec is present. A bit irritating is that there is an advertisement on the first screen.
  4. Five shots in portrait orientation stitched with Hugin. Please view large. Comments and critique welcome.
  5. These were captured with my D5100, please view large: A day in mid October, the sun sets over the ocean outside Nyksund in Vesterålen, Northern Norway. At this time of the year the sun does not set in the west, but more to the south. 1: (12-24mm @ 14mm f/9, 1/320s) A light drizzle of snow on the ground lights up the landscape. 2: (12-24mm @ 24mm f/9 1/40s) Nyksund is situated on two islands; panorama after sunset. 3: (A stitch of two mostly overlapping images from the 10.5mm fisheye, f/8 1/40s) A wider view of the ocean. 4: (stitch of two 10.5mm fisheye images at f/8 1/40s)
  6. simato73

    Dawn on the Rim

    Montana Cuervo, Lanzarote October 2014, shortly before sunrise. Fuji XT-1, 14mm, 9 stitched exposures in portrait orientation. About 320deg horizontal FOV. Please see large (original posted photo was 1920 pixel wide).
  7. Guest

    Stitching stars

    8 images stitched together to create one epic shot of the milky way and a shooting star for good measure
  8. armando_m

    Impending ...

    ... storm that is viewing it large is better ...
  9. JPMi


    I'd like to share some panoramas from my area. The photographer is Arild Solberg. He is using several Hasselblads on a rig mounted on a helicopter to create these 360 degree panoramas. http://www.360norway.net/data/ystevass/default.html His showcase on HasselbladAerial: http://www.hasselbladaerial.com/aerial-references/arild-solberg-showcase.aspx
  10. A 3 shot, Infrared panorama. Nikon D100 Converted for IR, 17-35mm f2.8 Nikkor.
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