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Found 1 result

  1. Yes, I me what you will...hypocrite, lucky, stupid, smart....whatever....I have an Olympus PEN-F in my possession. Long story short, some gear trades ended me here. Got a call yesterday from my local camera shop. PEN-F was in. Silver model. Made my way down to the store today on my lunch hour. Most of the guys that I talked to that handled the demo were impressed with it. They are mostly Sony and Fuji users in the mirrorless sector, but found the PEN-F intriguing. I've only had the thing in my hands for the last 30 minutes, so I'll just address what I can for now and get into more details later. Front Dial: I've heard from others on the internet that the front dial is sharp and cut into their hands. I'm a big guy with large hands and my fingers do not even come close to the front dial. Like the Nikon Df, the PEN-F needs to be held with a slightly different grip. I'm not going to hold it like an EM1 or a D700. Yes, the edges of the front dial have some bite to them, but nothing I would consider "sharp". However, that is a subjective matter and each person should decide that for themselves with a hands on. Grip (or lack there of): The thumb indent on the back seems adequate for me. The front is of a grippy like material. I had no issues holding the camera one handed. It will most likely be an issue with the larger lenses like the PRO lenses or the 75-300/4.8-6.7 II. My primary intention of using this camera is going to be with primes, so I don't consider that much of an issue. "Rangefinder-esque" Styling: I've never been one to prefer an "OVF hump" or side set EVF. I just require there to BE an EVF. For those that like built in EVF, this one does not disappoint. LCD Rear Screen AF Point Selection: One of the things that I envied of some of the Panasonic bodies was having the EVF be used as a way to select the AF point while looking through the EVF. We have that now and it makes for quick selection. After getting used to it, I can see where this would be great for quick changes while doing street photography. That's about all I had time to get to at the moment, and did not have a lens in which to test it outside the camera store. Aesthetically it is pleasing and I look forward to getting to know it better. More updates to this thread as I am able. I've got a 4 day sunrise to sunset event to shoot starting tomorrow, so it could be a few days before I have anything to report. View full article