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Found 3 results

  1. Inspired by the discussion of the Solar Eclipse thread, here are some sun shots from Northern Norway. Toward the end of a beautiful day in Nyksund, a 5min walk from the house, my brother in typical posture: #1 We set up at the light house: #2 First some quick handheld shots - stretching the arm, the live view and small size of the AW1 helped me digging the camera into the ground out at the edge of the drop-off into the sea to get a low enough angle, with AFS 50mm f/1.8 G on FT1. #3a However the aperture was not fully open, and the diaphragm is not that round even on this vintage of lens. Nothing that a little cheating cannot fix though: #3b This was one of those 'do not do this at home' shots: The AW-1 was prefocused with the sun out of the frame, and the the sun brought into the frame for a short moment to get the shot hopefully without burning the sensor. Even with the sun that low on the horizon and into to some ocean fog/mist, it was too bright to be too comfortable about it. For the following series shot on a tripod, a similar technique was used, with the rig swung into position for each shot for a fraction of a second. #4 The green flash - here distouched from the sun: #5 - #7 Here is the setup at location with my AW1 mounted to the right with AF 300mm/f4 +TC-14E. Note that the lens is not pointing directly at the sun, only swung into position for a fraction of a second - it took no harm of this treatment. My brother with his Pentax 300mm to his eye at the left - he still has his eyesight. :-) #8
  2. These three IR images were shot on hike of the Queens Route in Vesterålen, Northern Norway in August. The hike goes from Nyksund under the mountains along the sea, then reaching the fishing village Stø, it ascends up on an narrow mountain ridge back towards Nyksund. It was a day where light and fog was changing the whole time: The humanoid by the sea: #1: Fog lifting for a moment: #2 Weather drawing up? #3
  3. Yesterday was a stormy day in Nyksund, Northern Norway. This small place is located in Vesterålen, north of Lofoten, and has in later years grown from a ghost town to a small cultural center. First a view of the road that has to be passed to get here, we are looking back east toward Myre: #1 Rough seas (please view large): #2 This splash is probably about 5m tall. I wish a had a scale, but the cormorants had wisely left the rocks: #3 #4 Today was quieter, even with some clear sky at the end of the day: #5 Finally a post card view of Nyksund seen from the mountain peak Nyken on a nice summer day last year. The location explains the rough seas: "A place where no one would think that anyone could live". #6
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