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Found 19 results

  1. crowecg

    It's taken years....

    Shortly after I first arrived in Melbourne I took a picture of Flinders St station from across the river in Southbank. The station was all lit up, but the sky was not quite black, still a deep blue. I really liked it, but it was only a 2 MPixel image. For years I've wanted to get back and take a bigger version, but never quite managed it. One time, I was just a bit too late and the sky was already black (see here) and another time, the station was wrapped in scaffolding for renovation works. However, this week I finally managed it!!!!😁 So, here is the new version: Flinders St Station And this is the original: Original The angles are a little bit different, but growth of the trees in the intervening 13.5 years made that necessary to avoid blocking some of the key features of the station. I also grabbed a few other shots whilst there. I think this one works better as black and white as the colours of the city lights draw my eyes away from the bar on the island below the bridge. Island Bar
  2. nivaun


    A fallen tree in transition trapped upon the shore of Lake Crescent to be battered by the waves and the weather of Storm King. Olympic National Park. Capture: Fujifilm X-T1. 70s, f/11, iso200. - Zeiss Touit 32mm. - Lee Seven5 Big Stopper ND & Polarizer. - Acros-R B&W simulation. Pixelroom: On1 PhotoRAW 2018
  3. Alex Duskman

    Night illumination of Krasnoyarsk HPP

    At the beginning of last month, I was invited to a night press tour to the Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectric Power Plant. 1. _DSF7152 by Aleksander Pustovarov, on Flickr 2. _DSF7156 by Aleksander Pustovarov, on Flickr 3. _DSF7160 by Aleksander Pustovarov, on Flickr 4. _DSF7164 by Aleksander Pustovarov, on Flickr 5. _DSF7169 by Aleksander Pustovarov, on Flickr 6. _DSF7145 by Aleksander Pustovarov, on Flickr 7. _DSF7109 by Aleksander Pustovarov, on Flickr 8. _DSF7055 by Aleksander Pustovarov, on Flickr 9. _DSF7038 by Aleksander Pustovarov, on Flickr Leaves here he placed. It turned from the end to the beginning. :)
  4. crowecg

    West Gate - Montague

    Being a little bit further north, I didn't need to stay up quite as late as Alan to indulge in a bit of night photography. Took a short detour on the way home to grab a few pictures. I'd seen some possibilities from my usual walk home and went for a closer look. Eastbound Westbound I think I've posted a few from around here before, but from the opposite side of the road. Westbound #2 This was the shot I headed out for, but the angles didn't quite work this close in with the wider lens. One to go back for with a longer lens. Westbound #3 And a bit of going wild with the curves. All shot with Nikon J1 with 10-f/2.8. I seem to be able to grab shots in such environments with this that I have never managed with the bigger camera. I guess in part to the short focal length on the small sensor and the electronic shutter.
  5. crowecg

    Flinders St

    A number of years ago, I took this photo and really liked the colour and composition, however, it was taken with a 2Mpixel compact, so not too good for enlarging and printing. D7F_0744 I did make a return visit to attempt a newer version, but the station was wrapped in scaffolding for renovations. This time I was more lucky, although a bit later in the evening, so the I completely missed the blue. D7F_0744 Another shot from slightly further downstream with the rail line rather than the station as the key element. D7F_0744 Quite colourful for a night shot, I think.
  6. Luc de Schepper

    Business District (IBIS)

    IBIS (in-body image stabilization) of Olympus cameras is fantastic. Image shot at 1/8sec.
  7. GB111

    More night along the waterfront

    Another shot of the waterfront near downtown San Diego. Comments welcome. I had to crawl under the pier to get this one. The rocks were a little unstable but it is mostly sharp even w/ the ~ 25 sec exp.
  8. Luc de Schepper


  9. Luc de Schepper


  10. Guest

    Ancient Bristlecone Pines at Night

    Had a blast, but almost broke my neck stumbling in the dark to get these shots. My first post here, eager to learn how to do this type of thing better. Shot with the D810, with Sigma 15mm Fisheye lens. Light painting with a pen light.
  11. Luc de Schepper

    Rotterdam at Night

    Two - handheld, IBIS really works - night shots from the Maritime Museum at Leuve Harbor in Rotterdam/Holland. 1. 1/15sec iso 800 f2 2. 1/30sec iso 800 f2
  12. Guest

    A hyena reflects

    One month to go and a hyena stares into a pool wondering what wonders will be out to be photographed when the Nikongear group arrives at Sabi Sabi
  13. Guest

    Our street at night

    A car passes in front of our house at night.
  14. stenrasmussen

    Christmas street

    Just testing out my new Sammy 14.
  15. stenrasmussen

    X20 night

    From my neighbourhood.
  16. armando_m

    Dark & wide open - very pleased

    I was taking this image for granted until someone pointed out the lens was used wide open, then I realized I did use autofocus and it worked even when there was little light, then the colors were simply not visible with the naked eye. The shot was taken 35 mins before sunrise , the light pollution is from a large city 40kms behind the mountain, and another town to the camera left maybe 20kms I guess a good demonstration of the D800, raw file, lightroom 4, and the sigma 150
  17. Marco Lanciani


    It's a mountain of the Swiss Alps, mostly famous for its north face. During the night a unique Cloud formation, lit from behind by a rising Moon, appeared over the Peak of the Mountain. 1. Another image of the Est End of the Eiger Crest. Bottom right is a big fire, above the light from a refuge. 2.

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