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Found 26 results

  1. Guest

    Tula Mexico

    pillars at Tula Mexico
  2. Guest


  3. Guest

    up to the heavens

    up to the heavens
  4. Guest

    two peas in a pod,

    two peas in a pod,
  5. Guest

    finger politics

    spontaneous gesturing,
  6. armando_m


    Nearly 20 yrs ago I came to the Mexican Caribbean - Cancun - to spend a couple of weeks with my new wife This week we just spent a few days in Akumal, 100 kms south of Cancun, away from the commercial touristy locations. I rented an apartment ... <click to see them large> the view from the balcony the place has a wonderful little restaurant away from to much light pollution near the archeological location of Tulum After the crowds of Tulum took a detour to a secluded beach, the solitude was very welcome, I counted less than 10 people on the beach. This location was recommended by a guard than came to talk to me while I was doing some night shots at the beach, the guards are looking for turtles, if they see one depositing their eggs the location is marked and tagged, useful also to notify people walking on the sand, otherwise it's easy to step on the nest. A storm to the north, rain didn't reach our location a bit of fun Thanks for looking
  7. armando_m


    Whale watching out of the port of SanBlas, state of Nayarit , Mexico 1. 2. we did catch with a group and there was plenty of sighting , at times multiple whales where at the surface, here one appears to be chasing another one ... 3. the boat will not approach the whales closer than 60 meters, but one can not prevent the whales from getting closer themselves, this one swam under the boat, with some obvious nervousness of our guide 4. 5. plenty of breathing going on , luckily none too close to the boat 6. some dolphins were swiming around the whale group (100% crop) In this case perhaps video would convey the moment so much better than stills, as there is always little to see , but there is plenty of action snippets and sounds that make this so much more exciting
  8. armando_m

    Old Hacienda

    Hacienda "Jaral de Berrios" 1. Main building from 1850 2. central yard 3. missing crosses over the wood doors 4. mural to be continued ...
  9. armando_m


    ... of Guanajuato Mexico 1. Posada 2. doors 3. Arch 4. blue 5 early 6 tunel 7 tunel looking the other way 8 delivery
  10. 1/13 sec iso 6400 24mm f/5.6 24-85 vr zoom, d800 Tried some distortion and perspective correction
  11. armando_m

    Small Bridge

    A cliche photo for anyone visiting Guanajuato Mexico "puente del campanero" or bellman bridge the street was dug deeper, and a bridge was built so the house on the left could be entered, or so they say ... Christmas decorations include piñatas A mix of electric light with dawn They have this huge lamps all over interesting places ... making it hard to avoid flare and I did not have my lens hood ...
  12. armando_m

    Peace square

    "Plaza de la paz" at the town of Guanajuato, México a mining town, that also enjoys a good number of tourists a lot can be seen by walking around , I spent the weekend there with my family and had a really nice time using the D800 + 24-85VR lens 80mm, 1/80, wide open f5.6, auto iso 1400, -1 EV
  13. trying out this combination V1+ FT1 + 70-300 VR
  14. Sculptures in downtown Guadalajara México created in 1993 by artist Alejandro Colunga displayed on the esplanade in front of the " Hospicio Cabañas"
  15. armando_m

    Hard at study

    or not ... 5 images pano 1/20 f3.5 Nikon 1 V1 "Biblioteca Iberoamericana" Guadalajara México
  16. A large fortune wheel was installed at a shopping mall, no one wants to miss the view they can have for free from the top of the parking lot it makes for a good photo subject
  17. Went on vacation with the family, we had rain storms every day, but more than enough sun during the day. View form the town of punta Mita towards Puerto Vallarta Stiched pano,with some defects but it was shot by hand and the waves also confuse the stitching software - freeware Shot when we got to the restaurant Marina with rain storm brewing in the background Kids surfing Rocks
  18. Every Saturday stands with native crafts made by the "huichol" ethnic group are set in a popular area where people go to walk and look at whatever is available for the weekend and in b&w just looking ...
  19. armando_m

    What's the rush?

    Bicycles going by the person directs traffic
  20. armando_m

    It is mine !

    Long weekend with no real plans ... come the third day, I went looking for something to shoot Ended up at the Dry (usually) lagoon of Sayula, about 70 kms from my home in Guadalajara Found this abandoned couch and decided to try a self portrait When dry I like the vastness of the place, a huge flat surface of dry mud, this time the off-road the surface was like jello and I did not dare take the truck off road here is my transportation for the day, after playing with an IR conversion in color efex
  21. armando_m

    Lake Camecuaro

    More images from my trip to this lake
  22. A light of sun hits the mist raising from the lake on a chilly morning ( about 5C) Lake Camecuaro Near the city of Zamora in the state of Michoacan 200 kms east of Guadalajara
  23. One day trip to the south shore of Lake Chapala to see the white pelicans They fly here every winter and it is quite a sight to see so many of these birds so tightly grouped 1/1250 F/8 ISO100 300mm
  24. Let's see how this looks once uploaded here The image is heavily cropped I liked the hard light on the birds, with the dark background, which is the side of a hill already in the shade, this was shot about an hour or so before sunset Click for larger view and better detail of feathers in the wings 1/800 f/8 300mm iso 100
  25. armando_m

    Street painting

    A yearly event for street painting, downtown Guadalajara 1. 2. 3. 4.
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