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Found 20 results

  1. Another one of the Old Melbourne Series. This is the original from the State Library collection, dated around 1858. You can just make out the water fall that was the reason for Melbourne's location - fresh water above the falls and access to the bay and onto the ocean below the fall. A little time later some one had the cleaver idea of dynamiting the falls so they could get boats further up river, but so could the salt water from the bay. By 1890, the construction of Queens Bridge restricted the height of vessels travelling any further upriver. http://handle.slv.vic.gov.au/10381/208198 The new shot... New Yarra Probably a little too far to the left from the original, but there is now a flower bed, flagpole and railway viaduct that make creating a good copy difficult.
  2. crowecg

    City at night

    Rather than look at the night-time city scape from a distance, this time I'm right in it... Laneway Cathedral - this was the one mentioned in the early cityscape thread, but much closer. Fuji X-E3, 27 f/2.8
  3. crowecg

    A long wait

    I've waited months to get this shot - there is a 3-4 week period twice a year when things line up! Same spot up on Studley Park Road that I have used previously. I was hoping desperately that the cloud didn't thicken as I drove over. sunset I might post a few more once I get through reviewing them.
  4. Following Alan's challenge to recreate a historic view of Melbourne, I started searching the State Library's online photo archive to find a slightly easier one than blagging my way onto the roof of Victoria Barracks. This one caught my eye, as I walk through this scene each day when I walk back to the station from my office. The library catalogue suggests a date of 1870-1880 and looking at the smoke from the chimney of the Sir Charles Hotham Hotel, there must have been a fair breeze blowing that day. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out quite so easy. Whilst I reckon I could find the spot where the photo was taken from, the current view isn't quite as attractive.... DSCF4349. I did try a shot from in the other side of the bridge, but didn't have a wide enough lens and have had to put together a bit of a panorama instead. city But then a bit more library searching came up with this image... This is probably right in the middle of the intersection, but nearer in terms of angle to what I can access today. The library catalogue dates this between 1910 and 1914. The tram route now comes straight along out of the picture, but if I keep an eye on the traffic lights and take the wider lens with me, I might just get something close to this second image.
  5. Following on from my earlier historic Melbourne post, a few blocks further east, another interesting corner. FS0 4 Swanston Street looking north. Most people shoot this corner looking towards the station in the southwestern corner of the intersection, but I think this direction is quite an interesting choice. Another interesting thing is that both of Melbourne's cathedrals were completed without spires, which were later added in the 1920's or '30's. Looking back at the picture Alan posted that started this idea in this thread, the tall towers/spires are Town Hall (left of centre), Scots Church (tallest, in centre) and St Michael's Uniting Church (second tallest, slightly right of centre). I'm not sure about the other 3-4 towers visible in that shot, but they don't seem to be current churches. ,
  6. Whilst scouting out the barracks (see here if you are wondering why), I thought I'd better get some other photos too, so as not to look too suspicious.😎 DSCF4353 This is Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance. For all the tall buildings visible from here, planning restrictions prevent towers from as much as casting a shadow across this view. DSCF4364 And closer. Then turning around .... DSCF4361 DSCF4367 Shot with Fuji X-E3 and 27 f/2.8 or 55-200.
  7. crowecg


    Having failed to capture some decent sunset pictures the other evening (as noted in the later entries to this post), I decided to go for sunrise instead. DSCF4322 DSCF4323 OK, I cheated a little bit - the white balance is set to 'daylight fluorescent', which makes it even more golden looking.
  8. crowecg

    Skyline by Night

    On an evening filled with family taxi duties, I'd just spent two hours to travel 20km and decided I needed to take a break from the traffic before heading home again... DSCF4278 There must be close to 20 tower cranes visible in this shot! This is a similar location to the earlier skyline photos and the first time I put the Fuji on a tripod. Used the phone app as a remote trigger, trying both the simple button mode and the more advanced live preview mode. And a bit closer.... DSCF4281 Unfortunately, there was a bit of a light haze, which shows up the light pollution and when trying to bring up some of the mid-tones, the sky lightens a lot.
  9. ..and with it darker evenings. If I'm lucky at get out of work at just the right time, I can get some pictures as I walk to the station. It's an area I've taken pictures before, but with the light at this time of evening, you just want to take more! DSCF4229 DSCF4222 DSCF4218 All shots Fuji X-E3 and 27 f/2.8.
  10. crowecg


    This morning I found a bit of time and managed to get back to a location overlooking the Melbourne skyline to try and recreate some shots I took a little of 8 years ago. The comparisons are interesting both in the changes in the cityscape and in the cameras available to me. This was the original shot I wanted to recreate - a crop from a 6Mpixel image taken with a Nikon D50 and 18-55 Skyline 1 And the newer image - a slight crop of a 24Mpixel image taken with a Fuji X-E3 and 18-55. Skyline 2
  11. crowecg

    Big Bash

    Last night we took a trip to the cricket. As I didn't take a big bag of gear, the game itself wasn't much of a photo opportunity. Export-0 The journey home provided more photo opportunities. Exit Stair case leaving the stadium Footbridge (I think I may have shot this one before - can't remember if it was day or night). Monague St Flyover - I've definitely shot several around here, but this might be a new angle! All shot Fuji X-E3 with 27 f/2.8
  12. Shortly after I first arrived in Melbourne I took a picture of Flinders St station from across the river in Southbank. The station was all lit up, but the sky was not quite black, still a deep blue. I really liked it, but it was only a 2 MPixel image. For years I've wanted to get back and take a bigger version, but never quite managed it. One time, I was just a bit too late and the sky was already black (see here) and another time, the station was wrapped in scaffolding for renovation works. However, this week I finally managed it!!!!😁 So, here is the new version: Flinders St Station And this is the original: Original The angles are a little bit different, but growth of the trees in the intervening 13.5 years made that necessary to avoid blocking some of the key features of the station. I also grabbed a few other shots whilst there. I think this one works better as black and white as the colours of the city lights draw my eyes away from the bar on the island below the bridge. Island Bar
  13. crowecg

    Flinders St

    A number of years ago, I took this photo and really liked the colour and composition, however, it was taken with a 2Mpixel compact, so not too good for enlarging and printing. D7F_0744 I did make a return visit to attempt a newer version, but the station was wrapped in scaffolding for renovations. This time I was more lucky, although a bit later in the evening, so the I completely missed the blue. D7F_0744 Another shot from slightly further downstream with the rail line rather than the station as the key element. D7F_0744 Quite colourful for a night shot, I think.
  14. crowecg


    Walking back to the station yesterday, I just caught that wonderful dusky light. DSC_4132 DSC_4132 Luckily had a camera with me, but not quite a good enough one. The noise does start to build up with the J1 at ISO800 and I just couldn't get it steady enough to drop the shutter speed to get down to ISO400. Also had to crop as the 10-f/2.8 is just too wide in this environment.
  15. crowecg


    Roof top view can be a little bit different and can inspire people to all sorts of troublesome ideas. These, however, were from my office roof, a place where I don't have to break the law to get to. DSC_4107 DSC_4107 Part of the reason to be up there was to check out the TV aerial, however, I chose to time it to catch the aerobatic display for this weekends Grand Prix. Unfortunately, I forgot to check the shutter speed before shooting and completely messed up getting any pictures of the aerobatics, although shooting something moving quickly with the J1 in bright sunshine can be a bit of a challenge any way.
  16. crowecg

    Crossing Removal

    This big blue machine is edging it's way along the road at the end of my street... Big Blue #1 And to give it a bit more context.... Big Blue #2 Big Blue #3 It's purpose is to lift sections of the viaduct into place. Big Blue #4 The purpose is to replace the existing level crossing. Level Crossing It is expected to free up a lot of space for parks, cycle tracks and expansion of the station car parks. Along the Tracks However, the project has got a lot of attention due to the proximity to residential properties. Residential Street The railway has always been just next to these properties, ever since this area was first developed over 100 years ago. However, the residents were expecting the railway line to go in a cutting, based on based on the initial consultation that the government undertook and the example set by the few previous crossing removal projects. However, from an engineering view point, this is obviously a good solution which allows disruption to the railway line to be minimised.
  17. crowecg

    Around Melbourne

    Following the picture post in last weeks weekly challenge, I did go back for better light (or darkness). Also a few others from this week as well. Melbourne from Webb Dock As I didn't have a tripod with me, I had to compromise on the composition a little bit as the steel traffic bollard wouldn't move. An alternative spot about 10m to the left had a slightly more pleasing composition Alternative 1 - a bit too much noise when enlarged. Alternative 2 - not quite such good colour. And looking back from the beach towards the docks Webb Dock #1 Cranes #1 Cranes #2 and another back to the city D7E_7941 The link between Melbourne and Tasmania! Ferry
  18. crowecg

    Moody Sky

    Yesterday, it was cold and getting dark after a long day. I was just thinking about getting home quickly and photography was a thought for another day. Then I came around the corner onto the river bank - I just had to pause and delay my journey home..... Moody Sky Not sure if I've nailed the tones with this one - hopefully there is texture in the foreground water right to the edge of the frame. Looking at it on a few different screens just show how inconsistent they can be. One gives just the right detail in the dark foreground, another looses it, but gives more saturation to the colours. My main photo computer is somewhere in between. Also in Black & White B&W Moods I don't think the noise on the J1 is quite as pleasant as the D7000, but I doubt I would get away with such low shutter speeds with the bigger camera without a tripod. A few further up river. Dark River And a view over my shoulder from the first shot. Bright Bridge All shot with J1 & 10 f/2.8. The J1 is certainly getting some exercise with this challenge and getting me thinking that a compact sized pocketable camera should always be part of my gear.
  19. crowecg

    Late Night Train

    Station - NW Station - NE looking towards the famous dome that dominates the intersection of Flinders & Swanston Street. Here it comes this is my train home! Then had a bit of a play with the reflections on the rest of the journey. Reflection 1 Reflection 2
  20. Late night on my way home after a conference dinner, walking along the river to the station. River - obvious view along the river. Walk - and the promenade along the south bank. Then a Cinderella moment - every hour on the hour throughout the evening, the gas flares light up! Flares Photo by gas light! They certainly put out quite a bit of light at the peak moment. Alternative - or perhaps a slight darker exposure. Action by gas light. It's even possible to catch some action by gas light.
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