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Found 14 results

  1. crowecg

    X-E3 - First Impressions

    I've just got my hands on an X-E3. It seems to be a little bit of a forgotten camera in the Fuji line up, even though it is right up to date with the same sensor as the X-T2, X-T20 and others. I've only really had an hour or so of handling it so far due to other commitments and haven't shot properly or got to the bottom of all the menus and settings. The first thing that stands out is the size - it is small. A bit bigger than my old Nikon J1, although with the 27 f/2.8, it almost squeezes in to the same case I use for the J1 and 10 f/2.8. The buttons are tiny too, although they seem well enough spaced out to avoid mis-pressing them. There is a shutter speed dial and exposure compensation dials as well as two command wheels (front and rear), but there isn't an ISO dial like some of the bigger bodies. I haven't got the hang of what the various buttons do and what the command wheels can be programmed to do yet. It has a slight ridge on the front rather than a grip and I find I'm twisting my finger down the front of the camera to hold it - something that will not be comfortable for extended periods, but given the size and the way I plan to use it, it is easy enough to slip into a pocket, so you don't need to be holding it all the time. I'm not sure how it will feel with bigger lenses, as I've only tried the 27 f/2.8 and the 18-55 so far. The view finder is off to the side, but I don't find that a problem. Even with glasses, I can get close enough to see the full viewfinder (perhaps because my nose isn't in the way). The view finder also lets you get a good view around the camera if you can manage that sort of thing. The viewfinder seems responsive although I managed to provoke some flicker with low shutter speeds under fluorescent light. It seems to jump quickly into focus and in some regards feels similar to the J1 rather than my D7000, even though with the 24 MPixel APS-C sensor it represents an upgrade in that regard too. A couple of quick high ISO shots look good and it will probably be OK a couple of stops beyond the D7000 (and obviously way beyond the J1). OIS on the 18-55 seems good too. Obviously the 27 and 18-55 might not appeal to those wanting the more traditional manual handling common to the Fuji system, the 27 completely lacking an aperture ring and the 18-55 with an unmarked ring, which although it clicks nicely, will continue to rotate fully and take you back to wide open from fully stopped down (that was the command wheel behaviour with the 27). Hopefully the coming weekend will provide some more shooting opportunities and allow some more detailed comments.
  2. Mike G

    Lens Hood bargain

    The lenshood you see in this photo is a replacement for the Fuji offering that I don’t like. It is solid aluminium and a 52mm screw thread, the cost of this hood shipped from China including P&P ordered though Amazon was £2.63, hence my use of the word bargain.
  3. Lars Hansen

    Spring sweet spot

    Spring has arrived and this spot has a nice view over the lake.
  4. bjornthun

    New Fuji 24mm f/8 body cap lens

    Fuji has revealed a body cap lens, a la the Olympus 15/8, but a tad thicker. See this link: http://www.fujirumors.com/fuji-unveils-new-24mm-36mm-equivalent-f8-0-cap-lens/
  5. Lars Hansen

    Cloud stream

    So far we've only had a short period of winter with frost and snow around here - it was nice that it came during the holidays. A shot from late afternoon just before twilight.
  6. Lars Hansen

    Bumpy road

    Was out testing an old Minolta 50/1.7 a while ago and met this little fellow.
  7. Lars Hansen

    Yellow Ginkgo

    Every autumn I look forward to watch this Ginkgo in its autumn colours.
  8. Lars Hansen

    Hosta autumn palette

    Hostas shutting down after the season.
  9. Lars Hansen

    Corduroy fields

    A rare opportunity in November around here - a sunny afternoon. Fuji X-E1 with Minolta 55/1.7 anno late 1960's.
  10. Lars Hansen

    Up the green hill

    Just some happy horses on a hot summer evening.
  11. Lars Hansen

    More spring shots

    I've had some days off and the weather was great for shooting some spring landscapes. Couldn't decide which composition to post of the last two so you get both versions.
  12. Fujifilm X100 Firmware v.2.0 Fuji has released an unheardof postmortem firmware update for a discontinued camera - great news for those of us still slinging the vernerable, if slightly-quarrelsome, Fuji X100 - pre-S version, circa 2010-12. Précis: - 20% faster AF speed - enhanced focus distance - 30% improved close-up non-macro focusing distance - adds Manual Focus Peaking assist - Improved EVF or LCD MF wide open - 0.2 second faster start-up - toggleable AF selection area The new firmware won't yield the sensor improvements of the X100S, but the camera makes fine captures - and it just got a whole lot sweeter in some of its most previously annoying aspects... Happy Sunday, all - LINKIES Fujifilm Press Release / Announcement http://www.fujifilm.ca/press/news/display_news?newsID=178 Fujifilm X100 Firmware v.2.0 Update Link http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/firmware/x/finepix_x100/download.html No new .pdf Manual yet, but wil add to the thread if I become aware of one. Fujifilm X100 Site http://www.finepix-x100.com/
  13. I have compiled some data for comparing the weight of different camera systems, Nikon FX, Nikon DX, Fuji X, Sony Nex and Micro Four Third (which is a combination of Olympus and Panasonic in this case). I've choosen a set consisting of a wide angle zoom, standard zoom and a tele zoom. In addition I've added a normal lens and a macro lens. On top of this I've tried to match the properties of the lenses and cameras in order to have the comparison as fair as possible. However, a full match cannot alway be accomplished across the systems. In particular the Sony Nex system strikes me with its' lack of lenses of certain categories. For macro lenses I've tried to choose lenses equivalent of 90mm on 35mm film, but for Sony this was not possible to achieve yet, and the selection of lenses has been limited to the manufacturers' own lenses. For m43 the selection has been done among Olympus and Panasonic lenses since they both manufacture camera bodies for the system. So here we go: Edit: Added filter sizes and averages of them.
  14. Guest

    Fuji X100S images

    Last two weeks I was taking the new Fuji X100s with me whenever possible and now I'm starting to get accustomed to it more and more. My normal street setup for the last 4 years was the D3 with a 50, but when I started in photography I had only one lens—35/2.8, so this is sort of back to the roots for me. For now I use the new Fuji mostly in A priority with ISO auto 200-3200 and minimum shutter of 1/125. I sought to post here few photos that I took while trying to "understand" the new camera.

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