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Found 153 results

  1. Kyle

    Range Roving Part 2

    So over a month ago I vowed to "post more" from my mountain trip....one fixed keyboard later and a new CPU, here I am. Enjoy.
  2. Young pregnant mother , struggling under water to get a nice shot , all with the intention to keep a nice memory of this period in her life I was afraid of not getting good images, but things did work out Here is a SOOC image , after seeing this she repeatedly asked if I could fix it, and I replied "sure", I probably didn't sound to convincing as she kept asking Edited / cropped A few blurry patches maybe due to the plastic container I used, plus she used lotion to block the sun and it soon created a film which attached to the surface of my container , I had to remember to wipe it underwater every time I used it
  3. armando_m

    At the door

    click up please Cropped to 8x10 Thanks for looking
  4. armando_m

    Street portrait

    Crop to 8x10 and cloned out a couple of people on the left side of the frame please clickup Thanks for looking
  5. armando_m


    Nearly 20 yrs ago I came to the Mexican Caribbean - Cancun - to spend a couple of weeks with my new wife This week we just spent a few days in Akumal, 100 kms south of Cancun, away from the commercial touristy locations. I rented an apartment ... <click to see them large> the view from the balcony the place has a wonderful little restaurant away from to much light pollution near the archeological location of Tulum After the crowds of Tulum took a detour to a secluded beach, the solitude was very welcome, I counted less than 10 people on the beach. This location was recommended by a guard than came to talk to me while I was doing some night shots at the beach, the guards are looking for turtles, if they see one depositing their eggs the location is marked and tagged, useful also to notify people walking on the sand, otherwise it's easy to step on the nest. A storm to the north, rain didn't reach our location a bit of fun Thanks for looking
  6. armando_m

    Portrait - girl

    reprocessed a photo from January
  7. Night game at my daughter's highschool... lowsy lights, makes me wonder on earth do they see the ball ... Iso 3200 85mm f1.8 shots AF did a fantastic job 1 heavy crop 1/800 2. 1/250 from now on 3 4 5 6 and they won (pano of 3 shots, as the phone shooters wouldn't let me get far enough to fit everyone in a single image)
  8. armando_m

    Old down town

    San Diego Ca, shot in Apr/2014 processed Feb 2015
  9. It seems cold weather is over - cold here means temperatures starting with a 1 =8-)
  10. armando_m

    mirror mirror

    While the frame is fractured, the d800 still takes pictures , and a fine job it does liberal processing with analog efex pro which I think suites the dirty mirror
  11. armando_m


    yesterday's errands The place felt like a sauna, a nice change from the cool weather we have been having at home The lenses got fogged up , so we had to wait a few minutes before been able to shoot edit: wow! the forum version does look soft ...
  12. In a sheltered spot behind the glass house this rose, Rosa x "Aloha", managed to bloom till late, but with present frosts i cut some. D800, apo-voigtlander 125mm f/2.5 @f11
  13. armando_m


    Living canvas, she says she is work in progress
  14. Had a session at this dry lake close to the city, I love the great expanse of flat space with trees and hills in the background Sun was starting to get low to the camera right, filled in with flash on the left, used a radio to trigger the flash , which was set I think to 1/2 power I wanted the background underexposed and out of focus, so used a 3 step ND filter iso 50 1/250, F2.8 (vs 1/250 f16 iso 100 used by others) 1/250 is not fast enough to freeze her, a black outline on the flash side is visible , the sun side is a touch blurry, well , zooming in all of her is a bit motion blurred Her hand was almost touching the upper part of the frame, in PS added 20% more canvas and used content aware fill to get more sky I really like the outline of her figure with the light other thing s can be improved, from my technique to other details regarding her, like the expression ... etc we may go again in a few days , I'll try the nikon CLS using higher shutter speeds , but I'm afraid a single sb700 may not be enough (my sb600 died, also a yongnuo died) ok enough talk , here is the shot
  15. armando_m

    Paloma mia

    She danced to the song with the title of the thread, fascinating to watch, the photo doesn't do justice to her performance same dancer , different music Interesting that there was a friend of mine with a df + 24-70 f2.8 who complained it was to dark and didn't shoot, just to confirm equipment helps you up to a point
  16. armando_m

    Bond girl

    one of those shots that make you feel good , quite happy how it came out
  17. armando_m


    Salud! Thanks for looking
  18. armando_m

    A toss

    Thanks for looking
  19. It's summertime and I'm trying my hands on some close-up/macro photography using the Mikro-Nikkor 105/4 Ais. The first one is a small crop taken with the 50/1.2 though.
  20. armando_m

    Back yard

    Taken near Guadalajara Mexico A view over the dry lagoon of Sayula, towards the east
  21. Jyda

    By the sea

    Took a stroll by the sea and brought home some impressions. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  22. Jyda

    Italian west coast

    Italy provides plenty of opportunities for photographers. Not least their stunning nature. Last summer I went along the west coast and immensely enjoyed the scenery. B&W may not do it justice, but I felt that this image wanted to be monochrome. Nikon D800 w AF-S 24-70/2.8.
  23. Curves It's all about the background. View large. D800 with AIS 50/1.2.
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