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Found 9 results

  1. Recently I visited the Schrottgallerie the first time. It is an art gallery that often hosts concerts. That evening Boogielicious was on the "stage". Drums and piano playing Boogie with lots of energy. 1: 2: 3: 4: cheers afx
  2. Last year I went to three concerts of The Whiskey Foundation. The first more by accident, I came for another band at a free concert evening and was totally surprised by the last act (and fighting with the broken AF of my newly acquired D750)... In April and December I went there on purpose. The guys are great! The sound often reminds me of the Doors even though it is new stuff written today. For me the Munich Band of 2015. Over the three concerts I could see how their stage presentation evolved. Initially the playlist was not built for a progression, but in the last concert they had that down perfectly. And, the concert in December was performed at Clap Club, a demo or film studio from Arri, so the light was fabulous. The December concert had an opening act by the street musicians the singer used to play with: The singer: The Drummer, the beast: One of the few moments where one could see the face of the bass player: The keyboarder sounds a lot like Ray Manzarek: Lead Guitar: The full set: http://images.afximages.com/Concerts/The-Whiskey-Foundation-Clap cheers afx
  3. afx

    My New Coffee Mug

    While on a shopping trip this afternoon my wife gave me this present: cheers afx
  4. In a neighboring village, Ottersberg there is a musician who runs a series of cultural events in an old barn, the Kulturstadl (translates to culture barn). You can grab a decent Bavarian dinner before the concert and the have coffee and cake in the intermission. All for very local prices ;-) You might smell a nearby cow stable.... On August 7th, Organ Explosion was playing. Key feature of the band are vintage electronic organs. The drummer also plays for Nick Woodland. Because of the tight seating, I could not get close to the front, so all shots where taken with the 80-200 from the rear. The guys: An exalted drummer (finally one that is not hidden by a forest of microphone stands): The man on the electronic organs: The base: Of course they have a CD: The whole Gallery: http://images.afximages.com/Concerts/Organ-Explosion-Kulturstadl cheers afx
  5. Hi there, I recently purchased the D750 and very happily used it during the holidays with the 24-70 G and 70-200 2.8 G lenses. After the holidays I used manual focus Voigtländer and Zeiss lenses when I was up for some surprise. First I thought of a mistake of mine until I found the following info in the D750 user manual (page 140): (underlined by me) As described above whenever I choose highlight-weighted metering with a Zeiss ZF.2 lense, the camera overrides the input and switches to center-weighted metering. So far so bad. The odd thing is that there is one exception to the rule: My oldest Cosina lense, a Voigtländer 40 mm SL II does support highlight-weighted metering! I did some more testing and here are the results: Nikon "G"-lenses: highlight-weighted metering supported Nikon "D"-lenses: highlight-weighted metering supported (at least with the one lense I could test: a 50 mm 1.8 D) Cosina Zeiss ZF.2: highlight-weighted metering not supported (tested with 21 mm, 25 mm 2.8, and 135 mm) Cosina Voigtländer SL II: highlight-weighted metering partially supported (40 mm Ultron is supported, 90 mm Apo-Lanthar not supported) I gleaned as much as that Nikon doesn't state any clear criteria, which chips are supported and which aren't. Nevertheless it is frustrating that there is no clear pattern recognizable to this. Does anyone know about any differences of the chips being used by Cosina? If yes: How complicated would be an upgrade in order to enable highlight-weighted metering for any Cosina lense? Thanks in advance! Cheers, Günther
  6. I have been using the D700 since November 2008 and have over 80K shutter count on it. It is an absolute workhorse. When the first rumors about the D750 showed up it was said to be an action camera. It sounded like a true D700 replacement. But the actual announcement of the D750 left me frustrated: Small buffer, only 6.5FPS and that toy body ;-( So I crawled back in my cave and went into grumpy mode. Of course I could not help but following reviews. Seeing the high ISO performance in various reviews from wedding shooters and then having access to high ISO NEFs got me more and more interested. After having shot the Martin Barre concert with very low light levels the idea of not having a “one does everything” camera but two bodies that regularly use (D750&D700) started to grow in my mind. There was this AF-S 300/2.8 MK1 sitting in the closet, getting rarely used, so I resolved to sell it to cover the bulk of the new body. That took me a while and resulted in a lot less cash than I initially hoped (silly me judged by the prices dealers charge on e-bay and the insurance lists). By the time I had sold the lens, the street price of the D750 was already a bit down, also for the kit with the 24-120/4 after which I had lusted for quite a while. The money was secured the week before Christmas (from Estonia, via Paypal, the lens took 'till Jan 5th to arrive there) and on Wednesday evening I went to Dinkel, the pro dealer in Munich only to learn that they had sold the last kit that morning but they where supposed to get at least two more this year. So I put down my name and left. On Thursday I had the idea to check with Dostal&Rudolf, the local Nikon repair facility that also sells Nikon gear. They told me that they are out of kits as well, but made me a seriously nice offer: Instead of the street price for the kit of €2700 (incl. VAT) I would get a D750 and a refurbished lens for €2600. The lens having only one year warranty. At the moment there is a €150 voucher when buying the D750, so the whole kit cost me €2450 and I had it on Friday morning before work. And a one year warranty extension to three years for the body (offered by all Nikon dealers right now)... No battery grip though, currently not available in Germany. A bit of a nuisance, as I get a cramped pinkie after shooting a while with bodies that do not have a portrait grip. And of course the hand/arm position shooting portraits sucks compared to using a cam with a grip and second shutter button. My large hands (fitting my 2m frame) are another reason I prefer the bigger bodies. The depth of the grip on the D750 helped a lot in that respect. Speaking of size, some reviewers complained that remapping the AF-L button to AF-On has it in a hard to reach place. Not for my hands, perfect position. But I have a slightly different issue here. The lower part of my thumb easily touches the multi-selector and switches the focus point. I have to train my hand position for that. The same evening I was shooting the company Xmas dinner. Boy was I in for a frustration. I've never ever had so many unsharp images. WTF???? I had been using the D800 that I have on loaner from Chris for a while which needs an even steadier hand I thought, so what the heck is going on? I used the 50/1.8G and the 85/1.8G. Shutter speeds definitely in the hand holding range (1/125 and above). Turns out, I ran into two issues: Both lenses did need AF adjustments in the camera and being used to the fat and heavy (I use 8 AA Eneloops in the grip) D700 I seem to have gone sloppy in my shutter activation routine. Some other experiments over the next two weeks seemed to point pointed to a faulty AF module alignment in the camera, especially using the 24-120 on moving subjects, that reminded be of the misaligned AF module in my D300. After all the holidays I went to Dostal&Rudolf to get the AF checked and I also left the lens there. Yesterday, when I collected the kit the technician told me, the AF of the D750 is spot on, but the lens needed a bit of help. I am still slightly skeptical, but on the other hand, the results from the concert on January 2nd where I worked with the fine tuned AF for the 50 and the 85 where significantly better than I feared, I think the technician might be right. So my conclusions: The D750 definitely needs to be checked for AF adjustment per lens as small errors seems to show up a lot more prominent than on the D700. I need to work on my finger rolling over the shutter technique. Still need more testing of the new group dynamic AF mode for subject tracking. To get around the small buffer, I shoot 12bit lossy for action sequences. That shooting situation is usually related to decent light levels and not too high a contrast, so I think the penalty is negligible and increased the burst for at least a second. Time will tell. The U1/U2 switch makes this very easy to have one preset where the cam is geared to slow quality shots and another for action. Much faster than all the manual changes on the bigger bodies, one advantage of a more menu/dial oriented approach to settings. Still I wish the TOP LCD was used more for basics like WB. But, after all this rambling about AF and handling, what about IQ? In one word: lovely! WB for low light is significantly better, DR and noise in low light shots at ISO 12K are better than at ISO 3200 on the D700. The high ISO noise is a lot less bothersome then on the D700, reducing the need for strong NR, especially when producing B&W where it feels a lot more like film grain. Most reviews harp on the fact that you can pull up the exposure several stops and show examples at base ISO. But even at higher ISOs, the noise increase is a lot less than what I am used to from the D700. The new highlight protecting metering is great! I've used it with positve compensation in concerts as I did not want the dark parts too dark, after all there is still a limit of how much you can pull up. Have not found my default for this yet, but overall it will be my standard metering mode for events I think. The shutter is significantly more quiet than on the D700 or the D800. The quiet mode is joke though. It just prolongs the sound. Not worth it. The regular shutter sound of the D750 is quiet enough for me to dare use it at an A Capella concert for example. It is a lot less intrusive shooting at parties compared to what I am used to. The weight is nice. That will be negated a bit once the grip is available. But it only holds 6 AAs in contrast to the D700 grip which holds 8, so the whole package still should be quite a bit lighter taking the lighter build into account. Balancing the 80-200/2.8 AFS feels a bit strange but is ok. Speaking of that lens, it is at Nikon right now, apparently it needs an adjustment for the D750. According to the service people, it draws too much power for the AF. I did not notice any problems there, but had a lock up with the camera not reacting to the buttons/wheels. The foldout screen will be helpful I think. I have not been shooting much dogs since my knees started to develop problems two years ago. It won't help there as the contrast AF is way too slow, but for all other activities where I need to get a lower vantage point it is a relieve for my knees. And of course, using my 2m height plus the foldout screen allows me to shoot a complete stage above the audience. All the reviewers complained about the silly Nikon app for remote control via WiFi. Don't even install it. It is a joke. Get the qDSLRDashboard (it is free!) and enjoy full control including stacking (and not just on mobile devices but also on Windows/MacOS). Thanks to the WiFI onboard, the idiotic custom USB socket is less of an issue. LR on my Quad Phenom Box does not really like images above 12MP. I already noticed strange effects (having to wait a minute to return from crop mode) with the files from the GX7. The 24MP of the D750 made it worse (in contrast, AfterShot and Capture One both just get slower with the bigger files, but don show any specific hickups). Thankfully a new CPU (i7-5820K, Haswell-E, the entry level hexcore, much more affordable than previous hex i7 CPUs) and motherboard arrived yesterday together with 32GB memory (will buy another 32GB once DDR4 prices become more reasonable). I am already working on the upgraded system (which finally has USB 3 for faster downloads). cheers afx
  7. I would like to let you know that Markins L-plate for Nikon D750 is at the stage of development and should be available in December 2014. I asked Markins about it some time ago and was first informed that there were no special plans for this product. After some further communication, they promised to "consider" it. On Thursday I received this good news I know there are plates from Kirk and RRS already available, but Markins version should be lighter (less than 60 g) and with lower profile (8 mm). Those of you that appreciate weight and size advantage of D750 might find this information useful for their decision what L-plate to buy. Best wishes, David
  8. crowecg

    New Toys

    Announcements are out - D750, 20mm f/1.8 and SB500.
  9. Adorama have just listed this new 24Mpx camera: https://email.adorama.com/pub/sf/ResponseForm?_ri_=X0Gzc2X%3DWQpglLjHJlYQGjazcGDs80d49IjFrfNbDqoAFXHXt7fcaVXMtX%3DWQpglLjHJlYQGuuyw6HtOAAFR05MumO7qT6zd7Uzawdygi&_ei_=Etmj2EZ11bE6m5KIXDraSn1heAEkNw Let us hope that it is fully debugged upon its release and that it will prove to be a worthy successor to the venerable D700. Update from Adorama concerning WiFi and the Vari-angle display: https://email.adorama.com/pub/sf/ResponseForm?_ri_=X0Gzc2X%3DWQpglLjHJlYQGir8tXAwrRHzezezb5kq5j5zegsYqRRAuMPsVXMtX%3DWQpglLjHJlYQGmzdrjmowAD9zfldL7RrvLeRjKfAs4dMzfd&_ei_=Etmj2EZ11bE6m5KIXDraSn1heAEkNw
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