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Found 25 results

  1. crowecg

    Pelicans & Gulls - Gippsland

    Pelicans are a common occurrence along the Gippsland Coast #1 - Lone Pelican Pelican Couple #3 - Incoming #4 - Landing #5 - Formation Some Gulls from the same trip can be seen here
  2. crowecg


    Over the holiday period we had a few days away. We stayed at Port Albert, a small village which was once one of the colony of Victoria's busiest ports! First stop on the way down was at Agnes Falls Agnes Falls Looked quite nice, but access was only to the top of the falls. Another trip was to 90 Mile Beach. 90 Mile Beach This extends from just east of Port Albert all the way to Lakes Entrance - ironically, the opening of the channel at Lakes Entrance was one of the factors in the demise of Port Albert. On our return trip, we spent a day at Wilson's Promontory. Picnic Beach - Wilsons Promontory We walked along a series of such beaches - I could have kept going even further, but didn't have enough gear with me.
  3. crowecg

    Gulls - Gippsland

    Some gulls from a recent trip to Port Albert in Gippsland. Gulls in Line Pacific Gull - Adult & Juvenile Pacific Gull - Juvenile Pelicans from the same trip can be seen here
  4. crowecg

    West Gate - Montague

    Being a little bit further north, I didn't need to stay up quite as late as Alan to indulge in a bit of night photography. Took a short detour on the way home to grab a few pictures. I'd seen some possibilities from my usual walk home and went for a closer look. Eastbound Westbound I think I've posted a few from around here before, but from the opposite side of the road. Westbound #2 This was the shot I headed out for, but the angles didn't quite work this close in with the wider lens. One to go back for with a longer lens. Westbound #3 And a bit of going wild with the curves. All shot with Nikon J1 with 10-f/2.8. I seem to be able to grab shots in such environments with this that I have never managed with the bigger camera. I guess in part to the short focal length on the small sensor and the electronic shutter.
  5. crowecg

    Flinders St

    A number of years ago, I took this photo and really liked the colour and composition, however, it was taken with a 2Mpixel compact, so not too good for enlarging and printing. D7F_0744 I did make a return visit to attempt a newer version, but the station was wrapped in scaffolding for renovations. This time I was more lucky, although a bit later in the evening, so the I completely missed the blue. D7F_0744 Another shot from slightly further downstream with the rail line rather than the station as the key element. D7F_0744 Quite colourful for a night shot, I think.
  6. crowecg


    Walking back to the station yesterday, I just caught that wonderful dusky light. DSC_4132 DSC_4132 Luckily had a camera with me, but not quite a good enough one. The noise does start to build up with the J1 at ISO800 and I just couldn't get it steady enough to drop the shutter speed to get down to ISO400. Also had to crop as the 10-f/2.8 is just too wide in this environment.
  7. crowecg

    Winter Beach

    Really need to make more time to take photographs - and remember to take a camera with me. Untitled Looking towards Melbourne from Brighton Beach. Shot with an iPhone. The detail in the sand looks like a bit over processed to me, but I do tend to find that the phone struggles with soil type pictures (which I tend to shoot a lot of for work).
  8. crowecg

    Walk in the Park

    Haven't taken many pictures recently, but managed a late afternoon walk in the park today. D7F_0669 D7F_0669 D7F_0669 Still haven't got round to treating myself to a new camera yet, so all shot with a D7000 and AF-S 70-300. 70-300 is probably a strange choice for landscapes, but the deep hood of this lens was probably useful in keeping the flare reasonably controlled better than the shorter hood on my 28-105.
  9. crowecg


    I'd driven under this bridge over the Eastern Freeway many times and often wondered about the view. Finally I got around to getting on top of the bridge with my camera! D7F_0451 And looking in the other direction... D7F_0451 And crossing the bridge leads to an area of park land enclosed by a loop in the river. D7F_0451
  10. crowecg

    Sydney Harbour

    Probably a little bit cliched - a selection of pictures from a recent boat trip on Sydney Harbour. Sydney18_1 Sydney18_2 Sydney18_3 Sydney18_4 Sydney18_5 Sydney18_6 Sydney18_7 All taken with Nikon J1 and either 10mm f/2.8 or AF-S 18-55 DX with FT1 adaptor.
  11. crowecg

    Billabong Sanctuary - Birds

    Last few shots from my Townsville trip. A day out at the local wildlife park. To avoid overloading a thread with images, I've split it into mammals, birds and reptiles. Red Kite Cocky #1 Cocky #2 Frog Mouth [/url ]Magpie Goose - hard landing Gosling
  12. crowecg

    Magnetic Island

    One of the outings from my recent trip to Townsville, was a day trip to Magnetic Island. Magnetic Island from Ferry - actually departing rather than arriving. The first part of the day was spent visiting some WWII era fortifications built to protect the approach to Townsville. Fort This provided spectacular views across some remote beaches below. Beach #1 Beach #2 Finally we headed down to a beach ourselves. Beach #3 On a quieter corner of the beach were these fascinating sand ball patterns created by miniature crabs. Sand Balls
  13. crowecg

    Townsville, QLD

    Had a few days away in Townsville over the holiday period. Visited some old friends and did a few day trips to the surrounding areas. Magnetic Island, named by James Cook on a day his ships compass played up. Located just off the coast of Townsville and reached by a 20 minute ferry ride. Inland, the Townsville landscape is dominated by Castle Hill, which sits in the middle of the city. Castle Hill The views from Castle Hill are wonderful. View from the top There were some nice beaches right in town... Beach But despite the accessibility, warm water and sunshine, they were often deserted...... This time on year they are prone to jelly fish and crocodiles. There are probably a few sharks out there too. Given the bright sunlight, a circular polariser was mounted on my camera most of the time.
  14. crowecg

    New Year Fireworks

    #1 We watched the New Year's Eve fireworks from the top of Castle Hill in Townsville. We could also make out the display at Magnetic Island from that view point too. #2 Whilst the distance made the display look a little small, the height allowed nice reflections on the water. #3 #4 Generally used about a 5 second exposure, and with the wider shots, it was possible to see the silhouette of other people on the top of the hill. #5 A general night view from the top across to Magnetic Island while waiting for the main event to start. #6
  15. crowecg


    Part of my recent Townsville trip involved a day out to Paluma, an area of tropical rainforest. Rain Forest Unfortunately the view from the various lookouts were non-existent, but there were a number of picturesque waterfalls on the lower slopes that were also popular for swimming. D7E_0142 D7E_0142 D7E_0142
  16. crowecg

    Woodlands - something for everyone

    Had a bit of time in Woodlands park this morning. It is a place with a bit of something for everyone.... Landscapes... D7E_8884 Rocks... D7E_8878 Wildlife..... D7E_8892 D7E_8891 (spot the joey!) Birds, on the ground... D7E_8899 and in the air... D7E_8875 and other flying stuff too.... D7E_8900 And I've never got round to looking at the historic homestead or the Aboriginal heritage that is present (although I believe some of the Aboriginal stuff is off limits). Just five minutes from Melbourne airport if you are ever needing to kill some time there. All shots D7000/ 70-300 AF-S
  17. crowecg

    Around Melbourne

    Following the picture post in last weeks weekly challenge, I did go back for better light (or darkness). Also a few others from this week as well. Melbourne from Webb Dock As I didn't have a tripod with me, I had to compromise on the composition a little bit as the steel traffic bollard wouldn't move. An alternative spot about 10m to the left had a slightly more pleasing composition Alternative 1 - a bit too much noise when enlarged. Alternative 2 - not quite such good colour. And looking back from the beach towards the docks Webb Dock #1 Cranes #1 Cranes #2 and another back to the city D7E_7941 The link between Melbourne and Tasmania! Ferry
  18. crowecg


    Had a morning out with my son the other day - kitted him with an old camera and 28-200 lens and we went for a walk around the local duck pond. He got some pretty good stuff, considering the gear I'd given him. Here are a few of mine from that day. 1 - Duck rearing 2 - Pigeon Landing 3 - Ready to Launch 4 - up close 5 - Ready to Launch #2 6 - In the mirror 7 - White faced heron All D7000 with 70-300, so sometimes a bit soft from the lens, also slightly foggy weather so ISOs were creeping up at times, but other problems may just have been my lack of skill.
  19. crowecg


    Following the early post on Walhalla cemetery, it isn't the only thing to see in the town. It is quite a picturesque little town - now barely more than a single street. #1 and in colour... #2 Anything beyond the front street is perched up on the hillside, like the church. #3 It's initial claim to fame was gold! There were a number of mines in the town, this is the entrance to the Long Tunnel Extended mine, which is open to visitors. #4 and the creamy-white band in the left half of this picture is the quartz seam which bears the gold. #5 A few more pictures form within the mine #6 #7 #8 and back to colour.. #9 and then outside and into infra-red #10
  20. crowecg

    Walhalla Cemetery

    Inspired by some of Alan's pictures of the area, I paid a visit to Walhalla Cemetery this past weekend. Travelling with family, I didn't have a choice of time of day to visit (perhaps a future trip). So, with bright early afternoon sunlight, the general scene was like this: #1 How to make something more atmospheric? First try was to pump ISO up to create a grainy black and white image, including some shadowy areas. #2 Then went for one trick for dealing with bright Australian sunshine - infra-red - although my D7000 isn't anywhere near as good as the old D50. #3 A bit more ghostly, given the slow shutter speeds and the breeze. #4 The B&W conversions seemed OK, however, when attempting to try some colour conversions, a bit of a problem appeared. #5 I was expecting the vignetting as I had a 52mm diameter filter on a 67mm diameter lens, but that on the front of the 18-105 produced a big hotspot, particularly if the sun was anywhere other than behind my back! One last shot in colour. #6 I did try a couple of shots with lower ISO, but they all suffered from the hotspots, so there wasn't any improvement from that. Well, two things to think about - remembering to drop the 18-55 into the bag if IR is a possibility and I should get round to getting a proper conversion done at some point. OK, not quite up to Alan's standard, but do they capture the image of the place?
  21. crowecg


    I haven't looked in for a few days. Lack of phone signal! Hopefully this is a good excuse.
  22. crowecg

    Lakes Entrance

    Following the earlier thread on the wildlife of the Gippsland lakes, here are a few shots of the place itself. This is the entrance that the town is named after... Entrance A man-made channel cut through the natural sand bar that separates the Gippsland lakes from the Bass Strait. The town itself is a working fishing port fishing boats but most people come here for recreational boating. Water skiing and of course the beaches beach 1 You don't have to wander too far to get away from the crowds at the surf beach, beach 2 Or you can just wait for the weather to change. For New Years Eve, it is reported to have the biggest fireworks display in Victoria outside Melbourne. Fireworks
  23. crowecg

    White Tail

    Just about to settle down the for the evening on Sunday, when I spotted this guy in the corner. (it might actually mean I can give a weekly photo challenge a go for this year...) White Tail Face White Tail Looks a bit ugly compared to some of the jumping spiders I've photographed before. (What is the world coming to when I'm considering the attractiveness of spiders?) White tails also apparently have a nasty bite which can cause severe reactions. Usual set up - Nikon D7000, Tamron SP90, handheld single exposure, on camera flash + LED flash light.
  24. crowecg

    Gippsland Lakes Wildlife

    Had a short break at Lakes Entrance, Victoria over the New Year holiday. Here are a few shots of the wildlife from that trip. A seal playing in the entrance channel - whilst taking this picture, there was a family sat next to me and the kids never lifted their eyes from their phones - shame! Seal The channel was also popular with Comorants. Comorant The walk out to the entrance channel passed under many trees full of birds, including large numbers of Rainbow Lorikeets. Lorikeet D7E_6889 Along the waterfront in the town, it was swans and gulls that were most common. Occasionally, there were pelicans, but I didn't manage to get any of them. Sawn I did manage a bit of an action sequence with this gull picking up a dead fish from the water. Gull1 Gull2 Gull3 Gull4 Gull5
  25. ebswift


    These are some of the monsters that live in my local waterways (sharks, stonefish, box jellyfish & Irukandji are common here, along with the crocs). Thankfully, on the Capricorn coast salt water crocodile numbers are relatively low, so they don't tend to be aggressive - they are somewhat more shy (it isn't to say they won't attack humans, just that they're more shy and less aggressive in lower numbers). This is in contrast to the northern parts of Australia where larger numbers make them extremely dangerous to humans and every waterhole is a potential threat. This was a visit to Koorana Crocodile farm on the Capricorn coast. While this is in my local area, this is my first visit as part of a commitment to taking more family outings. The tour is fantastic, well worth it. My toddler absolutely loved it. #1 We were fortunate to witness an assisted hatching, the second-last of the season. The just-hatched survive off the nutrients of their egg for a couple of weeks before beginning their existence as a deadly predator. This isn't the greatest shot; I had a slow lens and little light, so ISO was high and I had to shoot over the shoulder of the handler. #2 The little fella immediately after greeting the world. #3 This is one big croc: #4 This girl is all business. She was straight out of the water when food was offered and was happy to take it, covered in seaweed and all (no hands or elbows allowed over the fence): #5 Here's the fella that lives in the same pool. Those teeth are nice and sharp: #6 Lean, mean and extremely fast. There are a number of myths surrounding how you should escape from a croc. There is zigging, zagging, running around in circles and climbing trees. However, crocs are masters at figuring out repetition. You can zig and zag 5 times and after the fifth zag, he'll get you at the zig. You can climb a tree, but he can wait all week until you weaken enough to drop. The only bet with a croc is to run in the opposite direction and don't stop until you're out of sight. Another thing of note, is if you launch your boat at the same spot every day, he'll get you on your last day once he's prepared his attack plan. #6 These guys are in a state of cool running - they are cold blooded and the water is cool; imagine what they're like when everything is tropical warm! As was demonstrated, crocs don't necessarily 'hear' what's happening; they more or less sense it. Once you get vibrations through the air and ground, they are already planning an ambush and have you squarely in their sites. #7 Here is a monster at around 4-4.5 metres. You must remember that these guys can exceed 6 metres(!). #8 Finally, here's myself and the little fella checking out the scenery.

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