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Found 20 results

  1. Urban Dance Workshop

    Editor's note: picked from a great series, this shot really speaks to me because the lighting is wonderful, as is the joy captured on the dancer's face. Great shot!

    © Anthony Macaulay

  2. A Brisk Walk

    Editor's note: I like the clean lines and intriguing foreground shown in this shot (seen here).

    © Eddie Draaisma

  3. Movement and Mixed Lights

    Original Thread Here Love the creativity and movement shown here. Inspired by Armando Morales.

    © Armando Morales

  4. Happy Birthday, Martin Barr

    Editor's note: Stage photography is not easy, but Chris has captured a great moment from a famous performer here.

    © Chris Wahl

  5. Powder

    Editor's note: Very striking image from Armando, seen here.

    © Armando Morales

  6. 6th Street, Austin Tx.

    Editor's note: so many elements combining to create a perfect capture here. The "Eureka" sign, the tall lady, the guy in the background caught checking her out and his hand on his head. Excellent! Seen here.

    © Ron Scubadiver

  7. Cats and Dogs

    This an inspiring image from Noct, seen here. It is well seen, excecuted and processed. Very good work!

    © Eddie Draaisma

  8. Bar Hopping

    Editor's note: What can we say other than it's great to see Rick's work on Fotozones again! As always he takes us into places we may not venture ourselves and gives us a view that always pleases the photographer. Another great series, Rick.

    © Rick Waldroup

  9. Saxophonist in Sepia

    Editor's note: this is the first people subject inspiration shot we've had in a while. It's a great shot that captures the intensity and passion of the performing artist. Seen in this thread.

    © Armando Morales

  10. Amateur MMA

    Editor's note: Outstanding PJ work from Andrew in this series, but this one shows the rawness and pain of MMA.

    © Andrew Livelsberger

  11. Nepal

    Editor's note: The more I look at this photograph (seen in this series) the more intriguing it becomes. There's the soldier holding a short stick, rubble in the background, a group of what appear to be Hindi women possibly praying. A very compelling image.

    © Rags

  12. Tres Picos

    Editor's note: yet another incredible series from Aguinaldo here, with this one standing out for me. I like how the photographers shape compliments the mountains in the background.

    © Aguinaldo de Paula

  13. Dumb Luck

    Editor's note: lovely warmth and great setting found in this photo from Ken.

    © Ken Bryan

  14. Second Girl From Cortona

    © Kjeld Smed

  15. Shepherd

    A very interesting image shared here from Thomas. I like the B&W as well as the symbolic nature of the shepherd holding the sheep.

    © Thomas Stellwag

  16. Another Dancer

    Great viewpoint, black and white conversion and sense of joy in this photo from Rick.

    © Rick Popham

  17. Flyin'

    Perfectly timed and razor sharp effort from Rags here.

    © Rags

  18. A Bowl Full Of Words

    It has an honesty that really touches you with the lady's smile. Great B&W conversion too. Seen here.

    © Frank Fremerey

  19. Avtoledi

    A very pleasing image with great compositional elements, as well as good colour and sharpness of subject. Found here.

    © Alex Duskman

  20. Int. Sports Hall Of Fame Induction 2016

    Editor's comments: Outstanding PJ work from Andrew in this series. This shot is the standout from a PJ's perspective.

    © Andrew Livelsberger