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Found 40 results

  1. Michael Erlewine


    Editor's note: incredible details and sharpness from Michael in this shot. Seen here.

    © Michael Erlewine

  2. Anthony

    New Fujifilm 80mm Macro

    Editor's note: very sharp and detailed image from Anthony. I like the green and brown combination. Seen here.

    © Anthony Macaulay

  3. Alex Duskman

    Cat Frost Filimon - Siberian

    Editor's note: This is such an unusual domestic cat portrait found in this thread. There were so many excellent ones to choose from to add to the Inspiration gallery, but I decided on this one because it almost looks like a scene you'd find a snow leopard in.

    © Alex Duskman

  4. merlin

    NW Landscape

    Editor's note: excellent composition and an engaging landscape scene from Merlin. Seen here.

    © Merlin Mrys

  5. Fons Baerken

    CEDI Challenge by Fons

    Editor's note: excellent texture, colour and bokeh all come together to make this a standout shot. Part of Fons' CEDI challeng (the only man standing!).

    © Fons Baerken

  6. Luc de Schepper


    Editor's note: really impressive details and lighting considering the shooting circumstances. Seen here.

    © Luc de Schepper

  7. webco

    North Woods Lupines

    Editor's note: A truly magical scene shown to us by Dave here. Reading what Dave went through to get the shot makes it even more worthy to join the Inspiration gallery.

    © Dave Weber

  8. scenario

    Bird With Attitude

    Editor's note: Excellent composition, great smooth background and signalled intent from the subject. Seen here.

    © Scenario

  9. Alan7140


    Editor's note: A very striking image, expertly done by Alan. Seen here.

    © Alan Lesheim

  10. Chris Wahl

    A Lot Of Eagles

    Editor's note: Chris has presented some of the best bird in flight shots I have seen in a long time in this collection. I had to think really hard about which one to select for the Inspiration gallery and decided on this one mainly because I think the angle and light provide such a lot of impact. Amazing collection!

    © Chris Wahl

  11. Nancy Elwood

    Owls And More Owls

    Editor's note: A very special image of an owl family, seen here.

    © Nancy Elwood

  12. Chris Wahl

    Japanese Snow Monkeys

    Editors note: super cute capture of a baby snow monkey from this awesome series by Chris.

    © Chris Wahl

  13. Fons Baerken

    February 12

    Editor's note: I really like this image, which is part of Fons' CEDI2017 challenge here on FZ. The tonality and structure of the shot is what makes it work. I can imagine this printed out quite large and hung on a wall in a kitchen.

    © Fons Baerken

  14. armando_m

    Hump Whale Jumping

    Editor's note: Insanely good captures of an amazing spectacle from Armando seen in this series. This one I chose because it shows the scale of these behemoths in comparison to a boat full of humans.

    © Armando Morales

  15. fredazinger

    Yellowstone Fox Hunting

    Editor's note: Incredible series from Fred found in this thread on Yellowstone. What makes it even more impressive is that Fred was hand-holding a Nikon 600mm f/4!

    © Fred Azinger

  16. Chris Wahl

    The Male Lions

    Editor's note: Chris has spoiled us with a wonderful post about the lions he saw on our Ultimate Big 5 Safari (and extension) this year. Truly regal shot here of one of the Charleston males.

    © Chris Wahl

  17. atpaula

    Callithix Jacchus

    Editor's note: wonderfully honest image of a creature I have not seen before. I like this one of the series best because of the clean background. Seen here.

    © Aguinaldo de Paula

  18. Chris Wahl

    Less Spectacular Birds

    Editor's note: it's one of those images that you can see printed up large and hung on a prominent wall. Excellent processing and compositional balance. Found among this series.

    © Chris Wahl

  19. atpaula

    BG BW

    Editor's note: simplicity, subtlety & sensuality combine in this image from Aguinaldo. Seen here.

    © Aguinaldo de Paula

  20. Chris Wahl

    Madikwe Cheetah

    Editor's note: exceptional sharpness and rendering of a male cheetah with signs of a recent kill evident on his coat. Seen here.

    © Chris Wahl

  21. Nancy Elwood

    Eagle's Nest

    Editor's note: this excellent image is almost painterly in its appeal. Great pose by the eagle and the background works to convey its surroundings. Seen here.

    © Nancy Elwood

  22. Chris Wahl

    Ultimate Big 5 Safari 2016

    Editor's note: I absolutely love this shot from Chris (seen here)! It has all the comical elements, combined with sharpness and composition. Definitely one to print and hang on the wall.

    © Chris Wahl

  23. SheldonEHooper

    Speeding Baboon.jpg

    This was my first ever successful motion blur panning shot. Baboons out where I am are quite skittish and so are often seen on the run especially when approached by the vehicle so you have a little bit of time to prepare. I was not quite sure whether to keep it colour or not as the whole image was initially just a few slightly different shades of brown. Shot with a Canon 7D mkii, 150-600mm Sigma C lense at 600mm, f9.0, ISO 100, 1\20
  24. Andrew L (gryphon1911)


    Editor's note: an absolutely awesome photo of one seriously intense looking gorilla presented here by Andrew Livelsberger.

    © Andrew Livelsberger

  25. Nancy Elwood

    Galapagos Adventure

    Editor's note: Nancy has set a very high standard with her amazing photos shared with us on FZ. Her latest series from Galapagos seen here included this stunning hummingbird. Great stuff, Nancy!

    © Nancy Elwood


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