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  1. GB111

    Surreal Sea

    Editor's Note: I really like the composition of this shot. The dramatic editing also serves as a reminder that we all see differently and as such we should always keep the door to the things that are viewed as surreal open for exploration. Originally posted here.

    © GB111

  2. GB111


    Editor's note: Lovely work by GB111 seen here. I particularly like the colours and the feeling of depth in the image.

    © GB111

  3. Editor's note: Incredible sky captured by Armando in this series.

    © Armando Morales

  4. Editor's note: Wonderfully composed, invoking a sense of serenity, from Larry. Seen here.

    © Laurence Go

  5. Editor's note: Seen here, this B&W by Harrie evokes a sense of destination emergence, with all the leading lines and the lone figure walking towards the light source. Very good image!

    © Harrie Gerrits

  6. Editor's note: Amazing light and compositions from Luc seen in this series.

    © Luc de Schepper

  7. Fons Baerken

    January 6

    Editor's note: The Fons is back! I love this shot. It conveys a sense passage and unfolding drama all at the same time. It's part of Fons' CEDI2017 (365 day) photo challenge here on FZ.

    © Fons Baerken

  8. Editor's note: I really like this almost ghostly geometric abstract from Andrew (found in this series). It reminds me of the kind of stuff I used to see in some early 3D shoot-em games.

    © Andrew Livelsberger

  9. Editor's note: I really like the angles and colours of this shot found here, by Luc. The cold exterior and warm interior looks very inviting.

    © Luc de Schepper

  10. rbsinto


    Editor's note: sometimes in photography we just get lucky. Very cool shot from Robert seen here.

    © Robert Sadoff

  11. Editor's note: this image has two great elements; the first is the composition with the leading line of the path and the second is the B&W conversion. Great work, Andrew! Seen here.

    © Andrew Livelsberger

  12. atpaula

    Rio's Newest Museum

    Editor's note: An excellent, eye-catching image from Aguinaldo here.

    © Aguinaldo de Paula

  13. Michael Erlewine

    Autumn Tones

    Editor's note: this image has everything going for it. It's got the warmth of the light and the surroundings, plus the little peek of sunlight coming through the trees beautifully offsets the somber reminder of our mortality in the tombstone. Seen here.

    © Michael Erlewine

  14. Luc de Schepper


    Editor's note: Very bold, strong lines that are accentuated by deep colours. Nice work from Luc seen here.

    © Luc de Schepper

  15. Noct

    Cats and Dogs

    This an inspiring image from Noct, seen here. It is well seen, excecuted and processed. Very good work!

    © Eddie Draaisma

  16. BigSkyKen

    Minneapolis At night

    Editor's note: This is a very pleasing image from Ken, seen here. I like the blend of warm and cool colours.

    © Ken Bryan

  17. BigSkyKen

    Prairie Fury

    Editor's note: A wonderful natural weather moment captured by Ken here. Again, the combo of warm and cold tones works well.

    © Ken Bryan

  18. Chris Wahl

    Mannheim Harbour

    Editor's note: this is an excellent B&W from Chris Wahl, showing the suspension cables of the bridge in Mannheim, Germany. With the Mercedes logo in the background it almost seems as if we are looking at the insides of an engine. Great image from a great series!

    © Chris Wahl

  19. atpaula


    Editor's note: Seen in this wonderful series, this image is (for me) just about perfect.

    © Aguinaldo de Paula

  20. atpaula

    Central Park

    Editor's note: an abject lesson in composition and B&W conversion. I'd definitely print this and put it on a wall in my house! Seen here.

    © Aguinaldo de Paula

  21. Rags


    Editor's note: The more I look at this photograph (seen in this series) the more intriguing it becomes. There's the soldier holding a short stick, rubble in the background, a group of what appear to be Hindi women possibly praying. A very compelling image.

    © Rags

  22. armando_m


    Editor's note: I really like the light and warmth of this image, found amongst this batch. Nice composition too.

    © Armando Morales

  23. atpaula

    Manhattan B&W

    Editor's note: "Aguinaldo strikes again. Quite an amazing collection of images from Manhattan."

    © Aguinaldo de Paula

  24. Anthony


    One from an amazing series of photos found here, by Anthony. I decided to choose this one because while the others are all good, this one conveys more artistic vision. A well seen opportunity taken.

    © Anthony Macaulay

  25. wildoat


    A wonderful series by Tony Oaten here, with this particular shot standing out for me. The composition with the vanishing point of the dam wall works nicely.

    © Tony Oaten

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