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Found 21 results

  1. Guest

    Same Place, Different Light

    I often think that the given light can play a more important role than the place itself. - This is about 200 meters down the river on the above shots, 2014. - And a newly edited shot from 2011, with my beloved and deeply missed D2X. "Moon Over Sea"
  2. Guest

    I'm obviously blessed

    I'm surrounded by people who really wants to help me get established as a Nature and Landscape Photographer, and without their help I wouldn't have a chance.. A couple of weeks ago I was given another golden opportunity of a very nice gentleman, I was given the chance of a "cheap" Nikon 300 2.8 VR.. Which I of course took.. I'm so happy with the lens, can't find words to describe how happy I am right now, just waiting for money enough to buy a TC, 1.7x I was thinking! Then I'm ready to go photograph animals and so much other stuff I've been longing for. But, (there's always a "but"), there's a small issue I'm wondering about; When the AF is on and the lens is turning from the closest to the farest, I can hear a tiny "squeak", a little "beep" is sounding, it really sounds like it's something dry inside and could use a drop of oil or something. Anybody else in here who has had the same issue?? To take the lens into service, money won't allow right now.. Have a great day you all!! :-)
  3. In the clear autumn air in the high mountains of Norway, there was little light pollution beyond the faint glow from inside the cabin. I did not have my tripod with me so the D5100 was just propped up at a stone table outside the cabin (best viewed large): #1 10.5mm @f/2.8 D5100 ISO 1600 30s, defished in the vertical plane with Fisheye Hemi. #2 10.5mm @f/2.8 D5100 ISO 1600 30s.
  4. Guest

    Morning view from mi casa

    Woke up to another warm day. Sun or rain, I love this view. This is the final shot made with my X-T1...next stop: Nikon D810!
  5. False color IR captured just before the the final approach to Gardemoen Airport (OSL) with my D40x IR-720nm and the trusty 105mm f/2.5 (from 2012) :
  6. Guest


    Two shots with the 56/1.2 and 10-24/4 respectively.
  7. Guest

    - X -

    X Hvaler - Norway, 17.03.2014. D800E, 17-35 2.8 @ 17mm, 346 sec, f/22, iso 50, Big Stopper + GND 0.3 (Hard grad). →Must be viewed huge!← - As typical locally this shot is being "butchered" of amateur photographers (who I prefer calling; "know-it-alls") in my home town area, one even tried to learn me the rule of the golden ratio earlier today.. One even told me that he would have used a tripod on this shot.... I replied that I got a sturdy hand and to handhold the cam for 346 seconds for a shot like this ain't no problem!... - But in fact this is a record breaking shot for me (at least on my own site), well under 24 hours after it had been posted on my Gplus profile I had enormously 880 likes/or +1 as Google calls it, some 40 shares and a ton of comments.. - (As usual), I have added contrast (and some clarity) in the "X" itself to make the eye wander from the bottom of the image and down with the line and out into the image and then the sky. The contrast increases as the line of the "X" vanish down in the shot, just to make the eye keep "on track".
  8. Guest


    They're all shot with my D3, the 17-35 2.8 and 70-200 2.8 vr.
  9. Lately after I borrowed a IR converted D40X I've rarely left home without it. The manual focused Nikkor 50 f/2 (non ai though) fits the camera very well, concerning both size and weight, and is one of my favorite lenses for IR. Beautiful sharp and no obvious hot spots on neither wide open or stopped down. I thought the edit part were something I didn't quite get the hang of, I didn't get to "release" as much colour as I wanted to, and as usual things who's right in front of my nose the whole time I have a strong tendency to overlook... (Found it now though..) :-) A little selfie in the water..
  10. A shot from last year, in fact one of my very best selling shots ever. And also a personal favourite of mine. As usual nothing manipulated or tweaked in any way, what's done is that I converted the drift wood piece in Black and White to make it stand a little bit out from the background. 374 seconds at f/16, iso 100, which also is the native iso on my precious old D2X. Shot at a Tokina ATX PRO 11-16 2.8. Did a little edit on it on my tablet just before I posted it, hope it wasn't too much.. (I can not see exactly on my tablet..) Have a good day you all, hope you enjoy the shot!:-)
  11. Guest

    Two whole days...

    ...I've been sitting and just playing around and trying out different IR colour settings in both Lightroom and Ps, (to my fiancés big frustration), but I must admit I don't think I've gotten anything out of it yet...
  12. Guest

    Homlungen Lighthouse

    From the album: Nikon D3 Shots

    D3 with Sigma 20 1.8, Big Stopper and graduated filter 0.6 (hard).

    © Patrick Pedersen

  13. JPMi


    I'd like to share some panoramas from my area. The photographer is Arild Solberg. He is using several Hasselblads on a rig mounted on a helicopter to create these 360 degree panoramas. http://www.360norway.net/data/ystevass/default.html His showcase on HasselbladAerial: http://www.hasselbladaerial.com/aerial-references/arild-solberg-showcase.aspx
  14. Langedrag Nature Park is a good place for photographing wolves and other animals. It is as close to the wild situation as I can come at present. Although not free, these wolves have a lot of space in natural surroundings, and they have not been socialized. (D3s+ 300mm/2.8 VR II, except #2 that was shot with the D7000 + 70-200/2.8 VR II) 1. Snarl wolf, snarl! 2. Dance wolf, dance! 3. Run wolf, run!
  15. Guest

    X20 night

    From my neighbourhood.
  16. Jyda


    Jostedalsbreen, the largest glacier in continental Europe.
  17. Guest

    Challenges Arrival

    I need to remind myself that despite the current -12 C outside and a winter filled with cold-related asthma issues, scenes like this are just a few weeks ahead in time. The crown and upper stems of our two main birch species turn beautiful reddish or light magenta when spring draws closer and sap starts to rise after the long freezing winter. Using a long lens to flatten the perspective makes the colour shift even more apparent. Zoom-Nikkor 360-1200 mm f/11 at 1200 mm, f/22, 1/50 sec (D3X) Taken at Nordre Øyeren Nature Reserve, Norway, the largest inland delta in Northern Europe. The background in this frame is nearly 4 km away.
  18. Jyda

    Barn with a view

    From a trip through Norway's lovely landscapes in 2009. I cheated a bit on this one as I used Color Efex's "Indian summer" filter to turn the green grass into something more autumn like. I think it suited the image and made the foreground stand out.
  19. Jyda


    Tried a B&W conversion of a scene I may have posted before.
  20. Jyda

    Old cottage

    An old cottage in Norway.
  21. So, post Herdla I thought I would try and summarise the learnings from this first event. As with previous experiences, I found Bjørn took on the role as inspirator and not teacher. His laid back, but razor sharp observation style let us, the “students”, relax, enjoy, appreciate and expoit the vast amout of skills and experience Bjørn has to offer. But, do not expect a free ride. Expect to be challenged. Although photography to a large extent does involve cameras and associated gear, I for one really appreciate the photographic challenges he put upon us, ridding us from the technological side of things. This is a well balanced act on Bjørn’s part, which, given the constellation of the group, certainly could have resulted in a less successful outcome. Reminding us to see photography as a process of seeing and how we approach it. Think outside the box and become interested, see the truth, everything can be subjected and therefore also photographed. I think these are wonderful words that will stick with me forever. Would I attend another workshop with the Bear? Absolutely. Try it – you will be amazed.
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