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  1. bobfriedman

    Mrs Merlin

    Editor's comments: A wonderful series of images posted here by Bob, but this first one is almost comical with the way the bird is examining its claw.

    © Bob Friedman

  2. Luc de Schepper


    Autumn is late this year (in Holland) and mushrooms are few because of the high temperature and low humidity for this time of year. Still I managed a few images of the nearby nature during a short walk in the forest. Olympus E-M10II + Olympus 75mm f1.8 1. 2. 3.
  3. This is a Black-capped Chickadee seeking shelter in the apple tree in our Minnesota backyard. These little guys are always fun to watch and always seem happy. This one ducked into the apple tree for safety, likely after seeing me point my E-M1 mk11 and 300mm f4.0 his direction, shot at ISO 1600.
  4. Editor's note: incredible details and sharpness from Michael in this shot. Seen here.

    © Michael Erlewine

  5. Rick59


    Picture was taken in the morning with some fog in front of the dunes.
  6. Editor's note: very sharp and detailed image from Anthony. I like the green and brown combination. Seen here.

    © Anthony Macaulay

  7. Editor's note: This is such an unusual domestic cat portrait found in this thread. There were so many excellent ones to choose from to add to the Inspiration gallery, but I decided on this one because it almost looks like a scene you'd find a snow leopard in.

    © Alex Duskman

  8. merlin

    NW Landscape

    Editor's note: excellent composition and an engaging landscape scene from Merlin. Seen here.

    © Merlin Mrys

  9. Pictures without a claim to artistic value. Just for the holiday, inexorably approaching each house. Although probably not everyone. Somewhere it is not celebrated, or it is otherwise called. In general, winter, cold, frost and beauty. 1 _DSF3554 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 2 _DSF3518 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 3 _DSF3512 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr
  10. Editor's note: excellent texture, colour and bokeh all come together to make this a standout shot. Part of Fons' CEDI challeng (the only man standing!).

    © Fons Baerken

  11. Editor's note: really impressive details and lighting considering the shooting circumstances. Seen here.

    © Luc de Schepper

  12. Yesterday, quite suddenly, my friends pulled me out of the working bustle at the Mansky Festival Vysotsky to go to Narva. The weather was not very summer, sometimes it was raining, and in place of the fog to the river crawled with scraps. The nature there is beautiful, but the festival ... festival for the festival was similarly weak. Well, yes, there were contestants on the stage apparently, a strict jury evaluated their work. But all this was happening in the fog of an Alco-Marathon. Vysotsky was like the backdrop of a scene. There was an impression that the author's song, at this festival, interests only the authors and the jury, well, some people. The remaining (perhaps 80%) interests were much more mundane. And in this regard, the idea arose - why not do for the suffering Mansky festival of vodka, sex and shish kebabs. Just for those who are tired of thumping on Belya, who worked all year and he has an irresistible desire to fuck. The format of the festival is Alco-trip. Everything is simple, booze and snack bring with them, the administration ensures order and timely medical care. A bard let them sing their songs separately, for those who like to listen to smart, sometimes funny lyrics. For those who want to remember youth and meet old friends. In general, the format of the festival is somewhat smeared, it seemed to me. 1 _DSF2524 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 2 _DSF2526 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 3 _DSF2529 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 4 _DSF2527 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 5 _DSF2538 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 6 _DSF2540 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 7 _DSF2598 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 8 _DSF2625 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 9 _DSF2645 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 10 _DSF2647 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 11 _DSF2663 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 12 _DSF2672 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 13 _DSF2677 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 14 _DSF2686 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 15 _DSF2688 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 16 _DSF2730 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 17 _DSF2737 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 18 _DSF2752 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 19 _DSF2797 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr 20 _DSF2794 by Александр Пустоваров, on Flickr I will add clarification - we have a tradition of rafting along the river Mana. Traditionally, this exercise is accompanied by the use of a large amount of alcohol. It is for this reason that the mana (river) in many is associated with drunkenness. But then there is a music festival of the author's (bardic) song.
  13. I had this female squirrel "posing" for me yesterday out on our deck. Decided I had better try and see what I could come up with using the E-M1 and 40-150 Pro lens.
  14. Guest

    North Woods Lupines

    Editor's note: A truly magical scene shown to us by Dave here. Reading what Dave went through to get the shot makes it even more worthy to join the Inspiration gallery.

    © Dave Weber

  15. So over a month ago I vowed to "post more" from my mountain trip....one fixed keyboard later and a new CPU, here I am. Enjoy.
  16. Editor's note: Excellent composition, great smooth background and signalled intent from the subject. Seen here.

    © Scenario

  17. Alan7140


    Editor's note: A very striking image, expertly done by Alan. Seen here.

    © Alan Lesheim

  18. Editor's note: Chris has presented some of the best bird in flight shots I have seen in a long time in this collection. I had to think really hard about which one to select for the Inspiration gallery and decided on this one mainly because I think the angle and light provide such a lot of impact. Amazing collection!

    © Chris Wahl

  19. Editor's note: A very special image of an owl family, seen here.

    © Nancy Elwood

  20. Editors note: super cute capture of a baby snow monkey from this awesome series by Chris.

    © Chris Wahl

  21. Fons Baerken

    February 12

    Editor's note: I really like this image, which is part of Fons' CEDI2017 challenge here on FZ. The tonality and structure of the shot is what makes it work. I can imagine this printed out quite large and hung on a wall in a kitchen.

    © Fons Baerken

  22. Editor's note: Insanely good captures of an amazing spectacle from Armando seen in this series. This one I chose because it shows the scale of these behemoths in comparison to a boat full of humans.

    © Armando Morales

  23. Editor's note: Incredible series from Fred found in this thread on Yellowstone. What makes it even more impressive is that Fred was hand-holding a Nikon 600mm f/4!

    © Fred Azinger

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