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Found 23 results

  1. Luc de Schepper


    Landscape near Haría, Lanzarote/Canary islands Olympus E-M10II + Olympus 12-40mm f2.8
  2. A series of images shot at the beautiful volcanic landscape of this National Parc in the center of Tenerife. El Teide is the highest mountain of Spain at 3.718m. All images Nikon Z6 + Nikkor Z 24-70mm f4 S or Nikkor 70-200mm f4 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  3. Mebyon K

    Lizard Rocks

    Another attempt at landscape photography, any comments are welcomed.
  4. Taken at Weymouth in August last year. I'm an inexperienced landscape photographer and I would like to know what others, who are more experienced, think of this. An unmodified, except for the removal of half a dozen navigation buoys, sooc jpeg taken with my then new X-H1, and the 16-55 f2.8 zoom.
  5. Rick59


    Picture was taken in the morning with some fog in front of the dunes.
  6. So over a month ago I vowed to "post more" from my mountain trip....one fixed keyboard later and a new CPU, here I am. Enjoy.
  7. I came across this article on a feed and thought it was worth sharing. This young South African photographer has made an incredible image of the Milky Way above Cape Town, from atop Table Mountain. Read the article to see how he did it with... an Olympus EM-10 and kit lens! link to article I will be sharing more of the stuff I find on this board, I encourage you all to do the same. Let's get the conversations going again on this slick new platform. Image shared with permission from Janik.
  8. Guest


    shooting the trees in a local park
  9. simato73


    Some dreadful weather, but really wanted to be out hiking. Unanimously acknowledged by all my mates as good training for the Scottish winter hiking trip coming in February... The company was focused much more on walking than taking pictures (you would not want to stop too much in that weather anyway) so only a few snapshots when conditions allowed it. Most of the time we were in cloud/fog and strong winds. Please see large.
  10. On my visit on April 7th to Bisesero, the views were amazing and telling. It was fascinating to witness those spectacular views and simultaneously knowing I was there to meet people who are known to have greatly resisted the attackers during the genocide in Rwanda. The Rwandan flag is waving at the memorial while overlooking the hills and lake Kivu and Congo (DRC).
  11. For some reason, winter seems have to got lost on it's way to the UK and it's been unseasonably warm here in the last few weeks. On Monday we went for a walk in Dartmoor (which can be a bleak place) and got warm sunshine and beautiful views: We walked back along the river valley and still found things of interest there too: Each of the above were taken with the D300 and 105mm VR How has the last week been where you live?
  12. Guest

    My new companion, the D800E

    I got my new companion yesterday evening, a long wanted D800E.. I'd never used the camera before and I wanted to wait until today out in "the field" to take the first exposures.. After all it's not going to be another "all round camera" but the idea is to use it on my landscape and those heavy liftings the D3 can't manage. I took about 15 exposures today, which is something I shoot in average on a good trip doing Seascapes, these three are from those 15. I must say; This camera is in fact one of the most amazing things I've ever laid eyes and hands on! On the little "test drive" today down in the harbor I immediately both felt and saw at once that I had bought the best camera I ever could even dare to dream of. I know I am going to have good times with this camera! :-) This shot was so underexposed that I didn't think I was able to retrieve it in any way... (I had problems uploading the shots as they were (3.5mb), so I had to post it and download it from Facebook. I just hope the quality hasn't gone all to bad, they're 190kb files now..)
  13. I don't usually choose f/1.2 for landscapes, but with this year's interest in the new Nikkor 58mm f/1.4, I decided to shoot a couple in our local fall-color-deprived forest preserves. A particularly dry summer with two prior dry years have left the trees stressed. These images were taken with a Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 AIS at f/1.2. Roger
  14. Guest

    Typical me...

    This is perhaps something very typical of me, at least according to my LE landscape/seascape shots, which in fact is pretty much what I've been up to lately. D3, nikon 17-35 2.8, Big Stopper and Lee GND 0.6 .
  15. Trying out a 10x ND filter This was badly underexposed, processed with LR4.2 24mm f/5.6 3 min exposure
  16. Guest

    Snowy Canopy, Lonely Road

    The day after a March midwest snowstorm. I've always struggled with the contrast in snowy scenes--this is my first attempt with D800, AF-S 16-35/4 VR at f/8 C&C very welcome KDD
  17. From the album: Spain

    Sunrise at Costa del Sol

    © Rudy Van Acker 2013

  18. From the album: Spain

    Sunrise at Costa del Sol

    © Rudy Van Acker 2013

  19. From the album: Spain

    Sunrise at Costa del Sol

    © Rudy Van Acker 2013

  20. From the album: Bill_D

    April at Lake Berryessa, Napa County

    © Bill De Jager, 2010

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