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Found 81 results

  1. Guest

    The race

    I told them they both lost, or won, whatever... This is an infrared shot converted to b&w with Silver Efex.
  2. Guest

    Urban IR

    An infrared snapshot en route to the D5200 launch today. Just spinal reflexes at work. (D200, 45/2.8 ) By the way, the Launch took place at the top floor of the building in the background.
  3. Guest

    Not again the château de Méry !

    And to make things worse, it is an infrared...
  4. Guest

    Fall fake colors

    My wife cursed me today because I only took the IR camera out for our long walk.
  5. Guest

    Inside the trash bin

    It rained a lot last night.
  6. Guest

    looking down, looking up

  7. Guest


  8. Guest

    Invisible rain

    It was pouring this morning in Auvers. D80IR, AFS18-55mm.
  9. Here are some IR images from a recent field trip up north in Alaska to what we call North Slope (of Brooks Range). I am still feeling my way around the processing, so this is a work in progress. #1 On the way up Dalton Highway (from a moving vehicle). #2 The Alaska Oil Pipeline can be difficult to avoid... here looking south towards Brooks Range (Kenikott Mountains): #3 Another capture with different processing - closer to reality. #4 Closer view of Kenikott Mountains with 300mm. I am not quite pleased with acuity of these; perhaps there were some heat waves going on because of the Chinook that was blowing and melting the snow. #5 Kenikott Mountains with 300mm again. #6 The landscape opens up towards the North. Institute of Arctic Biology's Toolik Field Station just visible at the lake to the right. #7 Just a last one on the way down Dalton Highway. The light reminds me a little about underwater photography.
  10. Guest


    These flowers were peaking through metallic bars in Auvers sur Oise this morning. The colors may not be true to reality...
  11. Guest

    Autumn flower

    In Auvers sur Oise
  12. Guest

    New lenses for IR

    During the last weeks i shot quite a lot with three "new" lenses. These are the 24 mm f/2 Nikkor and 200 mm f/3.5 ED-IF Nikkor, plus the 90 mm f/3.5 Voigtländer APO-Lanthar (made by Cosina). The reasons for getting them varied of course. I was curious about the behaviour of the 24/2 on high-resolution DLSRs. It didn't behave well on my F4 and F5 film cameras in days long gone; I tested several copies and none were good. When I recently visited Grays of Westminster (London) and found a mint sample at an acceptable price, the temptation to get it was overwhelming. Put it on the D600 and results were good. So it became mine. On the recent Nikongear UK workshop. Alan g. (NG member Fullshilling) kindly let me try his sample of the 90 mm APO-Lanthar and again on the D600, images had a pleasant appearance and drawing. Thus, when I returned home I quickly got a sample of my own. Turns out this is a splendid lens for IR as well. I have had the 80 mm f/2.8 AF Nikkor for a good deal years now. This lens, designed for the peculiar F3AFof early '80s, is excellent in optical terms and also does well in IR, but its CPU is incompatible with recent Nikons. No problem since I just replaced the CPU with one of my own. The workmanship and build are first class. It had a bigger brother, the 200/3.5 AF ED-IF rumoured to be first class in optical terms. Thanks to the pointers provided by NG member jhinkley I acquired a near mint sample of this lens as well. Again, CPU had to be replaced before the 200 was good to go. I was curious to learn whether this also would be a good lens for IR, which evidently it is. Here are a few IR samples with these lenses. All from my D200 modified. First, the 24/2. although it has no hot spot, it is very prone to flare in IR, so ensure an adequate shading of the front element at all times, of course unless you want to build your image on the propensity for flare and ghosts... An example of what the 90 APO-Lanthar can do, all by itself (?), for IR landscapes. finally, the 200/3.5, which again is a splendid performer and shares the bokeh qualities of the very fast f/2 Nikkor
  13. Guest

    Warning: IR portrait

    Robin by the river Oise, near our home. I kept him quite dark and wanted him so, but I wonder if it works...
  14. Guest

    DSC 0149 S

    I went for a walk in the village while my son was at his judo lesson. The place is filled with tourists nowdays, people try to get a feel of where Van Gogh lived his last days.

    © Olivier Anthony

  15. Guest


    along the Oise river, near Paris. D80IR, AFS 18-55.

    © Olivier Anthony

  16. I am posting this for a friend who is searching for help. "Hi everyone, I wasn't expecting to find myself taking HDR photos but... I have a research project wherein I attempt to isolate tree/shrub foliage from non-foliage (e.g. branches, buildings). I am using a fisheye lens attached to a Nikon Coolpix 5400 that has been retrofit to shoot in the IR. This is helpful since foliage has a very strong IR response. A common problem in using hemispherical photography to measure foliage is uneven illumination conditions. These conditions make it more difficult to set thresholds that will separate leaves from other stuff. HDR photography appears useful in circumventing this issue and I've gotten some useful results. That said, I am not skilled in this art and am basically just accepting presets in Dynamic Photo HDR. I think I could be doing a better job enhancing the local contrast between branches and foliage given the increased dynamic range. I am posting two photos. The first is one shot under relatively good conditions: limited shadowing and bright foliage. However, I'd like your thoughts on how (or if it's possible) to highlight the contrast in the circled areas. The second photo is shot under trickier conditions: dense coniferous shadow. HDR has already helped this result a lot but, again, I'm wondering if I can do better in distinguishing the little branches from the foliage. (Photos shot using AEB -1,0,+1 which is the max allowed automatically). Thank you for your thoughts, Mike Alonzo" I have tried sharpening these images to give more local contrast but it seemed that there would be a bettr result if the image itself was more selective. Any ideas? I will forward your responses to him and encourage him to join OS so he can get some support in his work. TIA, Lew
  17. Guest

    Chateau de Méry

    I went for a walk today in the park of the "Château de Méry sur Oise" to generate the picture for the 48th week of the picture a week challenge. Here is what I came back with...
  18. We visited this place yesterday (actually only the garden). The village of Auvers is a quite famous place for hosting a few impressionists. Van Gogh finished his life there. All infrareds with D80IR & AFS 18-55mm. 1: 2:
  19. Guest

    IR with VR

    Here are two shots taken in Alsace during my summer vacation. both are hand-held at 1/4s, something I could not imagine without VR... This is on a small island on the "Sarre" river. Of course my niece (the running ghost) was dressed, but IR is full of surprises.
  20. Guest

    Recent IR work

    I've been rather busy this summer, in some regards busier than usual, travelling around the countryside and attending to various commitments. In my spare time I have enjoyed shooting UV and also some IR. The infrared is mainly done with my old-fashioned, rather quaint Fuji camera, and processed to resemble the old film favourite, Infrared Ektachrome IE 2443. A random selection of these images is shown below. Nothing scientific at all, just applied infrared (or 'AIR' for short). Camera: FujiPro S3 UV/IR LE, lenses 20/4, 24/2.8, 80/2.8, and 35-135 Nikkors. Forest cutting (20), Brackens (24) Rain forest (35-135) Hawaii, Oslo (80) We shall overcome (80) Lost in the woods (24)
  21. Guest

    Durmitor, Montenegro

    I'm on a 5000 km trip through ex Yugoslavia with my kids and a nanny. I decided to show my kids where their father comes from, the roots. We live in Holland which has its charms but nearly not as beautiful as the former Yugoslavia. We have passed and visited 5 of 6 former republics. I think the kids are extremely overwhelmed and will revisit this beautiful country... Thanks, Jakov
  22. Guest


    from a recent "Classic Days" (all with Lumix G2-UVIR 14-45lens and RG780) and girls!
  23. Summer came a few days ago...and we like it.
  24. Guest

    On my way to nowhere

    This was posted in the p-a-w challenge (week 45), but these threads are not ideal to exchange comments or critiques. So here it is again...
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