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Found 11 results

  1. Last week I was on holiday in Ohrid, North-Macedonia. A beautiful country with great photo opportunities.I took my X100 (first version), WCL 28mm converter and five batteries (no charger).All images shot in Astia Jpeg / DR200 and post processed in Lightroom.Ohrid is a very nice town with a historic city centre which is Unesco world heritage.Lake Ohrid is fed from lake Prespa on a 200m higher level. The water is filtered by the rocky mountains and as a result the water in Lake Ohrid is very clear and cold. 1. The boulevard along the lake is the place to have a drink at a bar, play cards with friends after a swim in the lake, train a traditional dance etc. 2. 3. 4. At the other side of town there's a lounge bar (Cuba Libre) which is the perfect place to watch the sunset. 5. My wife enjoying the warm sun 6. The old town of Ohrid in the background 7. I was so happy to see that boat come into view and make the picture complete (all this while drinking a delicious Mojito)
  2. Yesterday I went to Amsterdam to visit the NDSM quarter at the Northern part of the city. This part of town was for years neglected and became a hot-spot for the alternative scene. More info on the NDSM quarter NDSM Now it's rediscovered especially by young people as a hip and trendy place for living and relaxing. I think it's a lot more interesting than the old centre of Amsterdam which is being flooded with an overload of Airbnb tourists. I shot a series of images, all with my vintage (introduced in 2010) Fuji X100, the original version. All images are post processed from in-camera Astia Jpegs (I love Fuji colours!). 1. The ferry arrives from Central Station to the NDSM quarter. 2. Giant wall art image of Anne Frank by Brasilian artist Eduardo Kobra 3. NDSM quarter 4. A tribute to former and beloved mayor Eberhard van der Laan of Amsterdam who died of cancer in 2017 5. NDSM guarter 6. Old tram 7. Eavesdropper 8. Rose 9. Terrace with spa 10. Lots of nice street art 11. Crane Hotel Faralda, an old crane converted to expensive hotel suites and a bubble bath on top with a fantastic view on the city 12. Art City NDSM 13. Art City NDSM 14. Original detail in the Art City NDSM building (they used to built large ships here) 15. Units for artists at Art City NDSM 16. A tribute to the history of the building 17. What would Amsterdam be without the tourist cliche of a peepshow? 18. People enjoying the February sun at restaurant/bar "Hangar" 19. Just around the corner this characteristic building "Op Zeezand" 20. And back to the other side of the river IJ with this ferry
  3. A series of images I shot in my hometown Amersfoort with a Fuji X100 plus WCL-X100 28mm wide-angle converter. All images shot in Astia Jpeg / Auto Dynamic Range (works amazing), postprocessing in Lightroom. 1. Sint Rochuskapel (built 16th century) 2. Spring cleaning 3. Museum Flehite 4. Nieuweweg/Havik 5. 6. Westsingel 7. Sint Pieters en Bloklandsgasthuis (built 1907-1908) 8. Oliemolenquarter 9. Oliemolenquarter 10. Selfie 11. Oliemolenquarter 12. 13. Zandfoort aan de Eem 14. Eemhuis
  4. Luc de Schepper


    This image was shot in Aix-en-Provence. The motorcycle is the supporting act, the star is the ochre wall bathing in Mediterranean sunlight. On this trip I took only my Fuji X100 (the original, Bayer sensor version introduced in 2011). I have a love-hate relation with that camera. Quirky and slow in operation but the files still sing with that beautiful Fuji color rendering.
  5. Another image from my archives which I hadn't selected earlier. Shot from a moving boat, with a Fuji X100. For best result select full size and click.
  6. Of shadow and light. Image shot at Fort Saint Jean, Marseille/France.
  7. The convent of San Marcos in León, Spain is today an operating luxury parador hotel. It also contains a consecrated church and museum, and is one of the most important monuments of the Renaissance in Spain. It is one of the greatest architectural jewels of León. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  8. Image shot at exhibition Painters of Russian Life (artists Dubossarsky and Vinogradov). I guess I could also have posted this one in the People section ...
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