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Found 4 results

  1. Guest

    Hitlers Quarry

    In 1942 Hitler were building a victory monument in Berlin and much of the stone came from this little isle just outside my home town, Fredrikstad, here in Norway. On one side of the little island is almost untouched, and in fact the Franklin D. Roosevelt sculpture at Akershus Fortress in Oslo, came from here. The ingot (the stone which the sculpture is carved out from) weighed 90 tons (!!). Some of the granite blocks from Hitler's victory monument weighed from 8 to 18 tons and are still here, as you can see on the picture below. 136 men worked here from the early 1930. Didn't have time to find and edit some "more decent" shots, D2X, Tokina 11-17 2.8: D2X, Tokina 11-16 2.8: On the islands other side we find a tomb from the bronze age. D2X,11-16 2.8, B+W ND110: D3, Nikon 17-35 2.8, Big Stopper and GND: D3, Nikon 17-35 2.8, Big Stopper and GND:
  2. Lately after I borrowed a IR converted D40X I've rarely left home without it. The manual focused Nikkor 50 f/2 (non ai though) fits the camera very well, concerning both size and weight, and is one of my favorite lenses for IR. Beautiful sharp and no obvious hot spots on neither wide open or stopped down. I thought the edit part were something I didn't quite get the hang of, I didn't get to "release" as much colour as I wanted to, and as usual things who's right in front of my nose the whole time I have a strong tendency to overlook... (Found it now though..) :-) A little selfie in the water..
  3. Guest

    Lille Råholmen

    I wrote about the neighbor isle earlier today in "Hitler's Quarry" in "Places" here on NG. This is "Lille Råholmen" - the isle right beside "Stenhuggerbrygga"/"Store Råholmen". I shot this mid May yesteryear (2012) with my D2X and the Tokina AT-X pro 11-16 2.8 and with the B+W ND110 (1000). 2 Weeks later I shoot these three on the same night with the exact same equipment. Some which I've never posted publicly. (Can't believe how many exposures I managed to do in such a short period of time, the first shot was taken 2048, the second one 2101 and the third and last one was 2109... I must have been exhausted afterwards..) :-) And at last I have three shots from this past summer. I think I remember the exposure was 18 minutes but should have been longer, another unused shot because of the noise. D3, 17-35 2.8, Big Stopper, GND. D3, 17-35 2.8, Lee ND 0.3. (I didn't expect such a focused scene because the pier I stood on and which the boat was tied to waved quite a bit at all sides.)
  4. Isn't much on the biggest aperture at f/1.8 on the sigma 20mm 1.8.. Which again means we have much room for our own interpretation of things and subjects that usually can be quite too "normal" and then too boring to photograph otherwise. Shot on my beloved D2X last summer. The Nikon AF-S 17-35 2.8 is surprisingly enough not that bad itself, taking it's a wide angle I really love its ability to focus quite near and still at f/6.3 at 35mm the result is quite spectacular in relation to depht of field. (The reason I'm writing about this lens now is that I for a fact had to check twice if it weren't shot with the Micro Nikkor 60 2.8, though I see now it's too wide..) D40x IR, 17-35 2.8;
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