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Found 16 results

  1. Despite winter having barely started, blossoms have appeared on a tree in the garden, so a chance to put the Laowa 65mm f2.8 2x Macro into action. Blosom 1 Blosom 2 - this one was pushing close to the 2x magnification and it hasn't been cropped! Blosom 3 All shot with the above mentioned lens on a Fuji X-E3. Tripod and flash used, apertures around f/16-f/22 (not recorded obviously as the lens is totally manual).
  2. Alex Duskman

    First flowers

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 These are photos from the phone. I decided to test the shooting capabilities in RAW 9 10 Despite the quarantine measures on nature, you can even go out! For immunity, there is nothing ray of sunshine, fresh air and distributed physical exertion.
  3. This flower just showed up this past Friday. It is fairly widely distributed. I think the shape and coloring is absolutely beautiful. It is the "county flower" of Cumberland, England, and is on the county flag. There appear to be slight regional variations of this flower. These two were only a little over 1" across. I used the 12-50mm Macro Olympus lens on an EM1 Mark II. I suppose it is almost trite to comment this way, but some flowers really have an almost magical appearance. These two can keep me mesmerized for quite a long spell. They were all around our office building at St. Mary's, Alaska.
  4. Luc de Schepper


    Image shot with natural light only.
  5. Couldn't resist, Fons. Sorry Bishop of Llandaff, this evening. Just blooming. I wanted to compare the 100/4 and the CRT 55/1.2. Micro Nikkor 105/4 f8 CRT 55/1.2 f8, cropped to similar size, approximately
  6. Hi all, I haven't been really inspired lately, but played around the other day with some flashes when shooting some flowers (from some lovely Mothers day bouquets). I've seen a couple of pretty darn nice flower pictures here lately and i haven't a extraordinary lens, so i'm not pretending that these are any good :sungum: 1. Stack of tulips. Gelled the bg flash. Came out better than i expected. 2. Thistle ton-sur-ton. Again, gelled the bg flash, but went totally overboard, so C1 to the rescue to "mend" the bg colour. 3. Rose. Tried something else for the bg (meaning: not the wall). I used the rest of the bouquet as a bg, but it gives a less quiet feeling. Did use 2 flashes, one gelled, can you spot it ;-)
  7. Guest


    From the album: HansC

    Rose on not so quiet background

    © H. Cremers

  8. Guest


    From the album: HansC

    Thistle Ton-sur-Ton

    © H. Cremers

  9. Guest

    Stack of tulips

    From the album: HansC

    © H. Cremers

  10. Jyda

    Diving in

    I've never shot macro before but recently felt the urge to try it out. On Bjørn's (nfoto) recommendation I acquired a very nice Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/4 and had a chance to test it yesterday. I think I'm in love with this lens already. I'm just getting my feet wet in the macro world so these images aren't anything spectacular but I'm having great fun diving in.
  11. Guest

    Lone flower in IR

    From the album: IR

    D40x IR & Micro Nikkor 60mm 2.8 D

    © Patrick Pedersen

  12. afx

    Small Explosion Without Color

    Nominated by Mexecutioner Selected by afx originally seen here this weeks nominations seen here

    © Longhiker

  13. Taken with a D300 and a 70-180 macro lens. I enhanced the shadows with the complementary color as Ann suggested in Ed's thread. Caryl
  14. Guest

    Sometimes I like pink

    As usual I have no idea of the make and model here but I like the perkiness of the buds.
  15. Guest

    Red Tulips

    Tulips galore in Holland. These ones were red
  16. Guest

    Simple but beautiful

    Hi everyone, Fairly new to this type of photography, but I had a few opportunities while on a family vacation at Disneyworld. D7000, 28-300 AF-S at 135mm, f/7.1, ISO 100. Comments/critiques/criticisms all welcome. Regards, KDD
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