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  1. senecaman

    Autumn coulurs

    Just joined up after a few years on NG. Some Autumn colours to brighten things up
  2. senecaman

    Autumn colours

    I've been lurking here far too long. Since spring isn't here yet, here are a couple from the autumn
  3. Great shot. Was it taken in Windsor?
  4. Henne, I'm afraid I have no idea what it is - some sort of pine tree is as far as my botanical knowledge goes afx, Thanks for moving it to a more appropriate section.
  5. senecaman


    Some abstract shape and colour
  6. i realised my mistake as soon as I pressed submit. How do I move it to a more appropriate section ?
  7. This view just caught my eye. I find it quite soothing
  8. About time I started posting some pictures
  9. senecaman

    The GW Bridge

    They are all appealing and like others have said #4 & #6 stand out for me
  10. Nice shot - B&W certainly works best for me
  11. senecaman

    NX2 question

    Thanks for the quick reply Armando
  12. senecaman

    NX2 question

    Could anyone tell me if it's possible (and how) to add a visible copyright text to an image using NX2? Thanks
  13. senecaman

    The Tin House Cafe

    I like it but the very bright top left hand corner is a little distracting
  14. senecaman


    Great shot - I really like it
  15. senecaman


    You'll enjoy it, there are some great photo opportunities
  16. 2nd version is much better inspiring stuff
  17. Thanks for the welcome and I'm glad you like the photo. I'll post some more as soon as I get time to convert them to suitably sized jpeg's
  18. Hi everyone After visiting the site for a quite a while, the recent access changes made me realise how much I was missing the truly inspirational photography and high quality discussion here. So here I am finally signed up!! i've been a keen photographer for 40+ years and will try pretty much anything but particularly enjoy aviation and abstract photography. Having said that here's one from a recent trip to Paris. Looking forwards to getting more involved
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