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  1. Apologies Carolyn, I misread the posting. You are correct, Singh-Ray is more expensive than both Lee (by a little bit) and Cokin (by a lot) in price.
  2. Actually Carolyn, Lee filters are significantly more expensive than Cokin filters. Cokin P or Z filters are around $25-50 USD a piece, Lee filters are around $100 USD each (or $230 USD for a set of 3 ND Grad filters). Both are made of resin these days, but the look and feel is like glass. The Lee Foundation kit is higher quality than the Cokin ones, but are much more difficult to find in stock. It took me a few months of waiting to get the Foundation and a 77mm WA adapter.
  3. Depends how you look at it. VRII, nano coating, and the inclusion of the clear filter are worth that much in some people's eyes. Not to mention, you can get the VRII 300mm 2.8 on Amazon for what Nikon's site asks for the earlier model. That is what I did a few months ago.
  4. Based on the picture, the first is the VR I model and the other is the recently updated VRII. It looks like the text may be wrong.