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  1. makmanos

    you don't know what you've got until it's gone....

    I wish you good recovery now. I am glad you have found the main cause of what had created all these health issues in your life . From your description I can only hope that the second surgery you went through to discover that you have had an infection -that ought to have made all the experts probably look like fools for having suspected internal bleeding instead- was a necessary one anyway and that it would not have been possible to treat it through less invasive means like antibiotics. Otherwise you have good reasons to be really upset with the team.
  2. makmanos


    I personally found the pose of the pharmacist really apt for the general subject. He really looks drugged I did look up the etymology of the word here which explains the journey among languages. Like Giorgos mentioned, the modern Greek plural is "Φαρμακεία" which would transliterate to Pharmakia I suppose. The singular "Φαρμακείο".
  3. makmanos

    Shopkeeper and chillies

    I don't know if you intended it to give the appearance of a fine oil painting but that's the first impression I get from this image. Good work, composition and colors work all well.
  4. Colin, I got mixed info about when it was supposed to be peak for the perseids. Some sources claimed from Sunday to Monday and others from Monday to Tuesday. A lot of them seem to be faint flashes and you need as less light pollution as possible.
  5. So I set up yesterday to hopefully catch some of the perseids. Within about 1.5 hours I managed to catch 3. I am betting if I were somewhere with darker skies I might have been luckier. Click for larger. Thanks 1. 2. 3. And the challenges of photographing under NYC suburban skies . If you look really carefully you'll see 3 perseids among the havoc of air traffic . This is a composite of about 200 frames taken between approximately 9:30 and 11 pm. I played with the white balance to bring out the startrails against a dark blue sky.
  6. makmanos

    Playing in the stars

    I went out yesterday but it was terribly clouded. I will try once more tonight. It's looking better.
  7. makmanos

    Voting Time - Chairman's Challenge - Your Shoes

    Well now it makes sense Thanks for the explanation. Great attempt and good results. I suspected it had to do with flying and the wildest idea I thought it might be was hang gliding. But this triangular shape was throwing me off plus your feet up in the air like that wouldn't be the most natural way of doing it . I couldn't discern the vehicle and the rope which was pulling from below .
  8. makmanos

    Voting Time - Chairman's Challenge - Your Shoes

    When I sent my vote to Glenn I said something along those lines: " Although I do not quite understand what it really is, I am voting for #4" . I get the shoes but what is this triangular thing and , what does the pic show?
  9. makmanos

    9.5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Compact Flash Cards

    What about 1,2,3,4,9? I can't take those seriously.
  10. makmanos

    Flat out and incoming

    I agree very unusual representation of reality. I like it. If there were even more birds in the distant sky rendered white it could even pass for sunbathing under a starry night scene . Would have been even more surreal
  11. makmanos

    The ISS

    Thanks a lot Luc. I appreciate your encouragement.
  12. makmanos

    Playing in the stars

    Taking a more scrutinizing look I am guessing that the gaps are most likely due to the cloudy conditions as it seems you had at the time
  13. makmanos

    The ISS

    Thank you Mike. The mail from NASA is one line as follows: Time: Mon Aug 05 9:51 PM, Visible: 6 min, Max Height: 58 degrees, Appears: WSW, Disappears: NE Next time I will try to spend more time preparing for it to try to accomodate a more intentional composition What? Which one?? ;D The shiny thing to the left you saw before I swapped the image out, was the metallic cap of a house chimney reflecting the abundant street lighting in my suburban neighborhood. I didn't bother editing it out at first because I was looking at recording the scene exactly as it was but I just got motivated to remove it after your comment . It was not difficult to remove and it didn't add anything previously but was rather distracting so .. it's gone.
  14. makmanos

    Caribbean Princess.....

    Wow. Nice gull shot then !
  15. makmanos

    Playing in the stars

    Thanks for sharing. Care to share info about how you made the star trails in the first? It appears to me a stacking with some gaps in the trails but primarily in the area of the top right quarter of the image . If this is correct I cannot explain how you did not get similar gaps in all of the star trails. I think the 2nd is the better between the two. I suppose the light in the sky is sunlight ? I still have to marvel the milky way with my own bare eyes in the sky and say wow.

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