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  1. bri-an

    Go on, guess... :)

    Is it a tunnell lining machine ?
  2. bri-an

    We have a Facebook page

    I did try twitter but I never really got on with it
  3. bri-an

    Boddington's Pub Ale

    This Boddington's ? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boddingtons_Brewery If so, I used to work close to the brewery, near Strangeways Prison in Manchester......
  4. bri-an

    Bartender Bikini Check

    Just looking for my chopper?
  5. bri-an

    Italian Girl Sulking in a Roman Cafe

    Probably 'handbag' envy .....
  6. bri-an

    Sunday portraits

    Number 6 is excellent
  7. bri-an

    Nexxus 7 tablet

    No cases in he UK either but purchased one on eBay - all the way from Hong Kong - only £3.50 including postage - Real leather as well - a bargain.
  8. bri-an

    Nexxus 7 tablet

    I have one, bought it about a month ago - so far so good. Simple to use, quick browsing and plenty of apps. In the UK about half the price of the ipad.
  9. bri-an

    Norway jails "sane" Breivik for maximum 21 years

    Perhaps 70 sentences of 21 years is more appropriate. Alternatively simply put the guy down now .
  10. bri-an

    Painted Barn

    Can you ask them why they didn't paint it from left to right red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.:-)
  11. bri-an

    Corfe Castle

    The old guy with the hat !
  12. bri-an

    Caption me.

    Did you wash behind your ears this morning?
  13. bri-an

    BEWARE...political joke

    Nancy Pelosi
  14. bri-an

    great big beautiful balloon

    Brilliant :biggrin::biggrin:
  15. bri-an

    Who is this famous tennis player?

    He does the 'pant pulling' thing very often... you'd think with his money he'd have a specially designed pair of pants!

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