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  1. Is it a tunnell lining machine ?
  2. I did try twitter but I never really got on with it
  3. This Boddington's ? If so, I used to work close to the brewery, near Strangeways Prison in Manchester......
  4. Just looking for my chopper?
  5. Probably 'handbag' envy .....
  6. Number 6 is excellent
  7. No cases in he UK either but purchased one on eBay - all the way from Hong Kong - only £3.50 including postage - Real leather as well - a bargain.
  8. I have one, bought it about a month ago - so far so good. Simple to use, quick browsing and plenty of apps. In the UK about half the price of the ipad.
  9. Perhaps 70 sentences of 21 years is more appropriate. Alternatively simply put the guy down now .
  10. Can you ask them why they didn't paint it from left to right red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.:-)
  11. The old guy with the hat !
  12. Did you wash behind your ears this morning?
  13. Nancy Pelosi
  14. Brilliant :biggrin::biggrin:
  15. He does the 'pant pulling' thing very often... you'd think with his money he'd have a specially designed pair of pants!