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    Charlottetown, PE Canada
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    Landscape photography primarily. I use a D800E, the holy trinity plus a few other lenses, P/S CS6, and the complete suites of onOne and Nik softwares.

    I won the 2011 Photo Contest at Nikon Images.

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    Nikon D800E
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    Nikon 500mm f/4
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  1. MelG

    Tulips to Water

    This photo was taken just hours before the tulips were harvested for their bulbs.
  2. MelG

    PEI Landscapes

    Landscapes of Prince Edward Island, Canada.
  3. It is true that the traditional film cameras were not tools that we regularly replaced. We simply used them over and over again to take pictures, not often thinking about whether there was another newer model out there that we should be buying. From time to time, we bought a new lens but cameras were less frequently replaced. The digital revolution has certainly given us access to wonderful equipment and software - there's no question about that! Still, in spite of my previous experience with film, like a lot of other people, I have gotten caught up in waiting for the next camera model. In my case, I am truly enjoying my D300, with a decent number of Nikon's best lenses. The results printed to 16" * 24", say, are astonishingly sharp. Given that I am taking landscapes, however, I could always use a few more pixels, which I concede would yield only marginal improvements. But marginal improvements are what it's all about, right? The D3x appeals to me, but I am an amateur who has spent gobs of cash on lenses and cannot justify spending well over $6,000 for a USED body, never mind $8,000 for a new one. So, to answer the question, are they taking too long to announce new professional DSLRs? In spite of my keen interest in seeing what will be next, I say "no", provided they get the specs right. Quality trumps timeliness for me. I have to say that the NikonRumors' claim that the D800 will have a 36 MP sensor is a bit of a concern to me (too much of a good thing?), but I have such respect for and confidence in Nikon that I will reserve judgement, whatever the reality, once the announcement is made. And I believe they will make the announcement when they have something of substance to announce, which is good enough for this Nikon user.
  4. 1973. Bought a Nikkormat and a 50mm lens with part of a cash gift we got when I got married. The marriage lasted 10 years. My interest in photography: 38 years and counting!
  5. Hello all,

    I quite enjoy popping in to the site from time to time and hope to contribute more as winter kicks in. I thought I'd mention that I just won the Nikon Images 2011 Photo Contest. Check it out at:


    I'll also post a new image of my own mug once I get a bit of time to devote to it.

    Happy photographing,...

  6. MelG

    Resurrection Repast!

    Dianne Arbus or Imogin Cunningham. Margaret Bourke-White, Dorothea Lange. Even Julia Margaret Cameron. All great, extraordinary photographers. All women.
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