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  1. I have a turnstyle version 1....never really got along with them. While the sling functionality is nice, there was nothing to secure it during active times, thus the bag would flop about all over the place.
  2. Mitakon Speedmaster 25/0.95
  3. Some more for this thread. Mitakon Speedmaster 25/0.95 Mitakon Creator 85/2
  4. Nikon DF Nikon 80-200/4.5-5.6D By the pond Chasing cars Fountain head Acoustic play Quick snack
  5. Epic image, Alan! Thanks for sharing.
  6. perhaps! Rare, but not unusual to see these birds in a more domesticated environment. Funny story. A neighbor of ours built a koi pond in their back yard. Everything was fine for a few months, then the fish started disappearing. They restocked a few times, but still the fish kept going missing. They finally put up a camera, only to discover that a Heron found the pond and was using it as an easy meal spot. Since finding that out, they have put a mesh net on top of the pond to prevent the heron from feasting.
  7. I'm not much of a birder.....that is to say I take pictures of birds as opportunity allows, but I never was one to actively seek them out. That is but for one. There are a lot of Great Blue Heron's in my area and I'e always wanted to be able to get a shot of one in a natural setting. Something always seemed to get in the way of getting a shot I was happy with. They were nested and too far away, I didn't have the right camera/lens and/or the time of day was just not conducive....the lighting was trash. You get the point. That all changed yesterday when, after work, the wife and I went on a training hike(training for our Yellowstone vacation later this year) when she saw a Heron hunting at a pond in the park. Luckily, I had the Nikon D500, 300/4E PF, and the TC-14EIII. I stalked my prey, ever so slowly taking pictures at different intervals as I approached, just in case it were to get spooked and fly away. I was able to get roughly 20-30 yards from the bird before I stopped. I didn't want to stress the bird while it was hunting, so there I stayed. Got a few good shots, but this one is my favorite. So far, this has been my best shot of a Heron to date. The search for my "Eleanor" of birds is over. However, I won't give up opportunities to get even better shots in the future if the present themselves. *For those who are not movie aficionados, the term Eleanor is used in the movie "Gone In 60 Seconds", where the main character is a car thief and the only car that has eluded him in all his years is a Shelby Cobra, which he names Eleanor.
  8. What you mean, "getting"? Definitely has been for a while.
  9. I believe that the author is using absurdity to point out absurdity. Showing the state of mind of a lot of people on the internet, the futility of measurebating, the click-bate nature of most sites and the obsession people have over gear... When the obsession should be over creative ideas, subject matter, and the results. How tiresome it is reading the same articles, written by 15 different people, just re-worded. I also see how the irony plays out that this article should show up on the very site that is guilty of propogating the very problems he talks about. That is what I got from that article, if anyone cares about my thoughts on the subject.
  10. I'm not going to comment one way or the other at this point, other than to say that there is some food for thought here. I put this here for contemplation and discussion.
  11. Lol. Not sure, but if you ever find out, let me know.
  12. Your money needs to be used on something you are 100% happy with, especially at the prices we are talking about with medium format cameras and lenses. Definitely not something one should "settle" for. I'm glad that you had the ability to run them through series of tests in order to determine if they were worth keeping. I, for one, am appreciative that I benefit from your experiences with these cameras.
  13. Olympus PEN-F / Panasonic 12-32/3.5-5.6 OIS f/3.5 1/125 12mm ISO200
  14. PEN-F & Mitakon Speedmaster 25/0.95 Using vinegar, alum and various plants, animals to dye the eggs. The eggs can either be hard boiled in the mixture or hard boiled first, then re-entered into the mixture for coloring. From left to right, the eggs are colored with cochineal(a type of insect), turmeric, onion skin, pickled beet juice Using the onion skin solution and coloring the eggs after they have been hard boiled. Happy Easter everyone!
  15. We got to the grounds late and we were at risk of getting kicked out. There are a few more, still processing some images from that weekend.