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  1. Lovely guitar Alan, very nice. There is a guy on YouTube called Scott Grove. He has many videos about guitars etc. He says in one of his videos that PRS no longer use ebony on the fretboard. The reason is that it cracks easily as they use a machine to stamp the fret wire in. My 30 odd year old flying v has ebony and is fine. But this was hand made. The same guy recons Cort make great guitars. A guy I work with bought a Cort bass and it is great guitar. Cant fault it at all. When I first got the flying v it suffered from feedback. So tge guys at Chriss and Andys dipped tge pickups in wax. Fixed the problem. These days I am surprised feedback should be a problem. Enjoy your guitar Alan. Maybe put up a video of you playing it. Or a review of it.
  2. As for the Sigma, I do like the look of it. Not sure why?
  3. Very very nice Alan. I bet it sounds amazing. And unlike technology you will be able to use it for years.
  4. Wow, I seemed to have missed that camera. Sorry I forgot to say the pictures are very interesting. The first one especially.
  5. That said, I'm not one to really cast question marks in anyone else's direction given my propensity to buy camera gear without a second's thought, and as for guitars... well I best not go there, I think I'm about to blow over three grand on an acoustic Larrivée instrument tomorrow... Last September I was back in the UK catching up with friends and family etc. Most of my mates are guitar mad same as my self. So myself and a couple of old ex band mates checked out some quality guitar shops. On shop had a second hand Gibson Les Paul. £9500.000. Now here was the astonishing bit. It was new but aged to look worn. They (Gibson) actually did this to the guitar and added a few extra grand on top. And they sell very well. Fender do it too. But my old bass player mate said. I woul rather put the dings on my self and save a few quid. I was amazed to be honest. I wonder if cameras will be next. I mean the retro look is in. Why not the worn look. I can only wonder. Enjoy the guitar Alan. I would like to see some pictures of it maybe. I got a Fender Strat USA delux a few months ago and love the sound.
  6. I am glad in a small way I held off getting the omd em5 after I heard or the em1. I took out my D700 last week. Seemed like beast to carry. Or maybe a justification to go m43.
  7. These look great Dallas. Nice tones etc.
  8. lenmil

    a few days old

    I was going to ask the same. There are so many people leaving the state at the moment its not funny. Mainly I hear it is because of the shortage of jobs. Best of luck to you Alan if you are moving.
  9. Thanks for that Dallas.
  10. Nice review Dallas. Thanks for reviewing this. I was going to get a EM5 and held one in a local store. But then news of the EM1 came out so I decided to wait. I too use D700 and a few lenses. But the weight of all the gear is becoming obvious. As an old Olympus user from the OM days this has my interest greatly. I read what you say about having too much stuff to carry. Maybe its because I am getting older. Any way. How do you rate the video quality. I ask because at work I have been taking stills and video of work being done on jewellery. Stone setting etc. I had to borrow my sons D5100 for this as the D700 is a bit large sitting on my work bench, as well as no video. The smaller size of the camera sounds like it would be most suitable. Any thoughs you would have would be appreciated.
  11. lenmil

    It could be worse

    You get well Dallas, all the best mate.
  12. Good luck to you Joe. Get well soon.
  13. lenmil

    What's your job?

    Jeweller/Goldsmith. At times a diplomat, counsellor, and a patient listener. You would be amazed at what people say to you in conversations on the shop floor. 35 years in the trade.
  14. lenmil


    Maybe it is my Android tablet. Only there if I zoom in and even then it is very small. Jelly bean if that is of any help.
  15. lenmil


    Very moody, I like it. When I zoom in near the sun I can see a green artifact. Is that lens flare or something else. Just curious. Thanks for posting Alan.
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