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  1. Siberian cat is the official international name of the breed. Nice series, well done.
  2. I must say the quality is quite good with the tc 1.7 on! No wonder they wanted to buy them. Great for you, hope the money will eventually arrive. Would like to visit such a place for birding some time.
  3. A siamese cat with 300/2.8 @ f/2.8 (for better bokeh), 1/400, iso 100, -0.67 eV, and Nikon D810
  4. Thank you, Frank. So far the D810 AF has been struggling with action shots. My D7100 seems to handle the 70-200/2.8 better.
  5. Practicing with the D810. Looks like mastering action shots will take some time. Here is one effort though. (D810 + 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II @ 200mm, 1/1600, f/5, iso 560, -0.67 eV)
  6. It's quite easy: By having a demanding full time profession outside of photography, some of us can easily afford photo gear that we might hardly be able to purchase if we tried to earn our money on photography. On the other hand, our very limited time for photography must be used mainly on taking pictures. There simply isn't much time left for post processing. Such luxury will have to wait until retirement (if health permits).
  7. Ann: What you write may be right from your point of view, whereas others could have different ways of looking at things that will work better for them. When looking around at various kinds of software, including freeware like Gimp, you may even end up as a software developer. For some of us that could in fact prove far more rewarding than taking pictures.
  8. Right, that's why I use GIMP mainly for pics I expect to use mostly on the WEB. Of course, you can always save the original NEF/RAW file or even the CNX2 edited version of it. GIMP claims their next version (2.9), that is presently under development, will support more than 8 bits. The 3.0 version is supposed to be 16 bits or more.
  9. I dont know if anyone mentioned Iridient developer here before? Isn'that mainly for Fuji? EDIT: I now realize that Iridient applies to many brands, including Nikon.
  10. Let me also mention that there is a program that makes D810 and D750 NEF-files work in CNX2: RAW2NEF: http://bagnonm.blogs...h/label/RAW2NEF However, this only works for the previous version 2.4.6 of CNX2 (which is no more available from Nikon). Hence the program RAW2NEF will not work if you have the 2.4.7 version of CNX2 installed.
  11. Aha, it is interesting that Lr seems to work for some, but not so much for others. By the way, using exitool I am now able to change virtually all tags in my nef files, in particular: Camera Model, Creator Tool, make, model, Serial Number. However, CNX2 still fails to open my D810 NEF files. There must be other tags that will need to be changed. I suppose the processor is Expeed 4 in D810, versus Expeed 3 in D800E, but I haven't found any tags for this in the METADATA yet. I forgot to mention that I have been using Gimp 2.8 occasionally when CNX2 was not enough. I suppose PS may be more streamlined, but GIMP is not so bad when you get used to it (and its costs cannot be beaten!)
  12. Thanks all for your inputs an ideas. I suppose I will have to try out some of the alternatives. Taking into account my present workload that is going to take a considerable amount of time.
  13. So I got this Nikon D810 camera more than $1000 off the ordinary price. However, I have to deal with the well-known problem that the its files are not recognized by CNX2 (I tried to change the MetaData using exiftool, but the "Camera Model Name" seems impossible to change. Just the "Camera Model" and the "Creator Tool" may easily be changed into, say, Nikon D800E.) As a temporary solution I have been doing some basic edits in View NX, then converting the files into TIFF format before opening them in CNX2. This works quite well, but the TIFF files are about four times the size of the already quite large NEF files. (The new NX-D does not seem very tempting even compared to View NX.) I will soon switch to some more suitable pp-program such as Lightroom or Capture One Pro, but probably not PS CS (since I do not presently have enough time for pp-work to justify the costs of this). Questions: 1. Did anybody succeed in making CNX2 work reasonably well for D810-files? 2. Which other pp-programs than PS would you recommend?
  14. The Abel Prize of 2015 (of NKr. 6 millions) was awarded to the mathematicians John F. Nash Jr. and Louis Nirenberg. Here are a few images from the award ceremony and the Abel Prize Lectures in Oslo, May 20-21. (As usual, the light was difficult.) Sadly, Professor Nash and his wife were killed in a car accident in New Jersey just a few days later (yesterday, may 23). Prof. Nash was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in economics in 1994. He was publicly known from the movie about his life, "A beautiful mind" that won 4 Oscar Prizes. 1. The King and Nash 2. Nash during his Abel Lecture 3. Nirenberg during the award ceremony
  15. The King and Nash today. This year's Abel Prize (of 6millions Kr) was awarded today to the American mathematicians John F. Nash and Louis F. Nirenberg here in Oslo. I was fortunate enough to attend the ceremony. (The light was crazy.) HM King Harald to the right. D3s+85mm/1.4 G @ 1/100, f/2., iso 900, no flash, -0.67 eV
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