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  1. Andrew, interesting and some very good images. I use many adapted lenses on the Sony a7xx but I have good lenses for the EM1's and Pen F. I have only mounted a couple of Nikon Ai/Ais lenses on the Pen F but will now try the 105 2.5 Ai (preferred to the Ais) . I have used the Leica Summarit M 75 f2.5 on the Pen F several times a good fit but the Oly 75 1.8 is a great lens. I have a 5 day Photo trip to Varanasi coming up so will take the 105 2.5 Ai w/Kipon adapter with me. I actually do not 'work' but do shoot events which I am responsible for the images and doesn't make sense to MF when I have good AF lens. I finally got around to playing with the custom controls for the Pen's B&W Mode 2. Fun, but not there yet . My wife finally found a Panasonic 7-14 f4 at a good price so I will probably take the 9-18mm with me. All the best Tom
  2. tommiejeep

    How about ..

    Larry, I just sold my 2008 D700 to a really nice young man who loves it. His first FX coming from a D7000. I was still using but less and less with my collection of cameras. I had it set up for skin tones and still think it was the best of all of my cameras. I have the Df set up pretty well so was using it much more and the D700 is ne heavy piece of kit. I still love the files from my D3S but only really use it for Sports and some events these days. Tom
  3. I always have a camera with me. Sometimes I will mount a seldom used lens just to see why I am not using it more. Should it go onto a For Sale list? I take photos everyday. Good images ... lol . When I go out with gear for specific shooting.... birds, sport, Street, Documentary I usually come back with keepers but not always for posting to Forum/Sites. I've just never been comfortable using my smartphone for shooting. With several new cameras, I often use mundane trips (Dentist, picking my son up from school, shopping, etc) to get more familiar with the gear. Tom
  4. Thanks Andrew, I'll pass it along . She did get some Tiger shots but disappointed since the only one they saw was bored and as they were almost out of the Park and light. Tom
  5. Thanks Guys, she who must be obeyed, just departed for the Jungle in search of Tigers. We shall see how the EM1, 40-150 2.8 w/TC1.4 works for Jungle Safari. I will show her this when she returns on Friday. Dallas, the theme was "Fishermen and the Sea" but the approximately 100 men were day labourers and most had never been to the Sea These are a couple of images with the a7II, VM 15mm f4.5 handheld
  6. My wife and I shot a Beach Installation for an Artist friend . I was shooting Nikon/Sony and she was using two EM1's. These were taken by her sitting on the beach as the cast ran towards her . Just some playing with PP At distance, sort of normal B&W Getting close. As he filled the frame it lost sharp focus Her favourite runner, with some adventurous PP at 12mm As he got closer, slowing to a walk Comments, suggestions will be appreciated, she normally shoots moving kids or static targets
  7. tommiejeep


    Alan, I used to shoot in a forest covering a hill top which was populated by packs of Feral dogs that hunted Peafowl and pigs. I started carrying a heavy monopod as a defensive weapon . About 12 years ago we were in the Jungles of Thane (very close to Bombay) and noticed Forestry Department warning signs all over the place. They were in several languages (I recognized Hindi and Marathi but not the others) but not English. We asked a friend travelling with us what they said. Basically, ' Beware of Leopards after dark' . So much for tourists . Nice B&W. The sign really 'POPs" Tom
  8. Armando, that is a stunner of an image. Interesting conversation on the Focus. I have not really experimented with the different settings for some time. I just use Af-on button and 9pts AF-C most of the time and go to 21 against open sky. I'll have to give 51 a try before my no so good birding season ends this month. Many thanks for sharing the image. Tom
  9. Alan, a great advert for you, Fuji and the lens combo. Love the colours. Thanks for posting, Tom
  10. Rick, excellent coverage and a brave man . I rarely cover protests for a couple of reasons, first, I'm a foreigner, second, even though my cameras and I are pretty well know and I know many folk, protesters seem to be people I have never seen. It is almost as if they are brought in from who knows where. The entire Trump thing is extremely scary All the best Tom ps going back to your new project, did you catch the one about the woman that buried her husband with all of his money ? lol
  11. Fun image Andrew. FWIW , I stopped having birthdays some time back. My son did not even know how old I was until a couple of years back when one of my Doctors had forgotten my exact age and I told him in front of my son . Tom
  12. Thanks, I'll try the black T-shirt but not sure about it. I was wearing a dark shirt and I could see the EM1 screen fine. Tom
  13. Discovery . Yesterday I was shooting the 2016 Carnaval in Goa. I took the Df,85 1.8G, EM1,40-150 2.8 and the a7II , Batis 25 f2. I figured I had most things covered and the gear was fairly easy to carry. Big problem when I started using the a7II for waist level shots. I really missed the touch screen of the EM1. I would have had much better results with the EM1,17 1.8. It was very difficult to see the screen, focus point and to move the focus point accurately. I should have been zone focusing in MF. I really miss the touch screen focus (which I never expected to use ) . The light was everything from deep shade to direct sun. Anyone else having a problem with using the screen? Anyone come up with a work-around, or, am I alone in this? Cheers, Tom ps was not sure where to post this
  14. Alan, I am pretty pessimistic about the future of Stills Photography. My thought is , as a profession, it has to be multimedia these days. Having said that, I am very surprised at how many of the "Smartphone" generation are now wanting Prints ! Over the Christmas period I had more than a few parents ask me where they could buy a Polaroid ( really meaning Fuji or Polaroid) for their teenagers. Seems sharing on WhatsApp and Instagram is passé they want a print also. Also seems that Grandparents want a print , not an electronic image , and they are willing and able to fund My wife's little Epson 4x6 has a problem at the moment and she has a big backlog of ordered images. I'll see if it can be fixed but will probably have to get a new one. Profit margin on a 4x6 is worthwhile. On 8x10 ok but A3+ starts getting tough (not enough demand) . I find it interesting that Fuji left the door open for a future Full Frame but I am confused by their lenses. Some great lenses but why not full frame future proof ( yes, I understand the size/weight issue) ? Fuji seems to be just quietly moving in on the others, shame that I have not real opportunity to give the system a chance. I might just pick up a used Fuji for the experience . Would be a shame if I were in love Tom
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