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  1. Andrew, interesting and some very good images. I use many adapted lenses on the Sony a7xx but I have good lenses for the EM1's and Pen F. I have only mounted a couple of Nikon Ai/Ais lenses on the Pen F but will now try the 105 2.5 Ai (preferred to the Ais) . I have used the Leica Summarit M 75 f2.5 on the Pen F several times a good fit but the Oly 75 1.8 is a great lens. I have a 5 day Photo trip to Varanasi coming up so will take the 105 2.5 Ai w/Kipon adapter with me. I actually do not 'work' but do shoot events which I am responsible for the images and doesn't make sense to MF when I have good AF lens. I finally got around to playing with the custom controls for the Pen's B&W Mode 2. Fun, but not there yet . My wife finally found a Panasonic 7-14 f4 at a good price so I will probably take the 9-18mm with me. All the best Tom
  2. Larry, I just sold my 2008 D700 to a really nice young man who loves it. His first FX coming from a D7000. I was still using but less and less with my collection of cameras. I had it set up for skin tones and still think it was the best of all of my cameras. I have the Df set up pretty well so was using it much more and the D700 is ne heavy piece of kit. I still love the files from my D3S but only really use it for Sports and some events these days. Tom
  3. Andrew, I sure do not make much money from my gear so it is all about enjoying the gear. The biggest thing with me is that I can shoot absolutely anything I want to shoot with the Nikons but cannot with the m43 (Olympus) or Sony a7xx (this includes many Events I shoot). There are things that I prefer the Olympus and Sony for and, for travel, they work for me. I really do not need to purchase any more lenses for the Olympus and will not purchase more Sony lenses in the foreseeable future. There are pros and cons for the systems but EVFs still are a work in progress and I am just so comfortable with the UI of the Nikons compared to the other two. Can't fault the IQ of the Sony a7rii but the Df and Pen F are just much more fun to use. I will not be selling Olympus gear since my wife and son love their EM1's and I like the Pen F. I'm rationalizing my gear and selling lenses to get down to my favourites (or needed) for each system. I've decided to make the Sonys my wide and travel gear, Nikons for action/long tele. The D500 is really a very good camera so it, the Df, and D3s, cover Nikons. Last trip I took a Sony, the Df and a few lenses. I didn't take an Olympus because the other two took them . I now have a fair bit of cash (from sales) but I am in no hurry to spend it. No GAS. Might think about buying my first new car in the last 18 years. It is now up to the manufacturers to bring something to the table I really want. At the moment it is only my abilities in question, not my gear. All the best with your decisions Tom
  4. Mike I've had the same feeling. I've recently sold 6 good Nikon lenses and 3 bodies. Negotiating the sale of some legacy glass of several manufacturers this weekend so off to the courier office on Tuesday, My wife is returning from UK next week with 0 camera gear. Now to sell some bags and other gear . I will be ready to buy when I see what Nikon releases next. The Olympus system is pretty complete and I've spent about as much on the Sonys as I want to spend. Our Dry Cabinets are still full. If I did not shoot birds and sport I would sell more . Tom
  5. Andrew, I had the same feelings about the Fuji X100 series. Even with the EM1 (sans grip) I felt it was more versatile than the Fuji and with one of the small primes , about the same size. The Pen F makes it even more so. I do have the new little Oly zoom but I rarely use it . Prefer the faster primes. I have no qualms about changing lenses since the Olympus does a good job of sensor cleaning ( not like my Sony a7 series bodies) . I am very satisfied with the purchase and my wife loves it . Tom
  6. Dallas, it is a very enjoyable camera to use. I've been using it for walkabout with the 17 f1.8, 12 f2 and 45 f1.8. Mostly the 17mm. Makes a very light, tidy package and love the silent shutter. So far no complaints. A couple snaps from the old part of town . I do not get to use the EM1s very often these days but did take my son's out one morning (with the big guns for birds) while he was at school. I love the close focus of the 40-150 2.8 but this one was with the TC at distance. Tom