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  1. I occasionally shoot film for several reasons. It serves as a reminder that all the bells and whistles of todays cameras are largely unnecessary for taking good photos. I love the simplicity of older mechanical cameras. There is also a degree of excitement (and sometimes frustration!) with the restrictions imposed with being forced to work with one ISO instead of blasting away with auto ISO up in the thousands. It fuels my creativity. It also is an affordable way to shoot with a rangefinder camera. Currently I have film in a Pentax Spotmatic F, where the light meter doesn't work for some reason, and a Minolta SR-7. Even so, digital captures probably outnumber film a hundred to one though.
  2. Very sad. I remember her as a positive, kind, and helpful individual. Also a great photographer of course.
  3. Jyda

    A mistake

    I have no recollection of taking this image. Probably I just tripped the trigger when fetching the camera as it was the first image captured during a photo course led by Bjørn (nfoto). Nevertheless, I like it. It may even be my favourite from the trip.
  4. Jyda

    24 & 105

    As far as I can tell, mine is a pre-AI version that has been AI-converted. It has the HS-8 snap on hood.
  5. Jyda

    24 & 105

    Yes, the 105/2.5 has a great reputation and will probably replace my Micro-Nikkor 105/4 for everyday use. Thanks, Mike. The bananas are actually made of plastic and about one foot long.
  6. Jyda

    Ice cave

    Very cool! I guess one could spend hours and hours there and keep finding new subjects to shoot.
  7. Jyda

    24 & 105

    Trying out my recently bought Nikkor 24/2.8 and 105/2.5. I'm grateful for Nikon to have kept the lens compatibility for so long and it's amazing what cool glass you can have for a bargain these days. I think I'm going to enjoy these. Bow Bananas
  8. Jyda


    Yes, it's very nice and changes as I walk by. I struggle to make a decent picture of it though. Straight on, the patterns don't stand out as much.
  9. Jyda


    No, it's not the lack of AA filter in the D810 that causes this.
  10. Nice set. Fresh snow always makes for interesting photo opportunities.
  11. Lovely landscape! I especially like the colors and the mood of #7.
  12. I do enjoy reading Zack's blog sometimes, but surely what they are talking about here is what you would learn at a basic course on starting your own business? Talking about careers in photography, I'd rather listen to this discussion: http://vimeo.com/33601960
  13. Of course suggestions are always welcome. I will try to crop without removing too much of the trees.
  14. Thanks guys and gals. The three first are my favourites as well. The first one is actually from when I was packing my gear and saw the interesting pattern of footsteps outside the kitchen window.
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