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  1. Arkon

    Winter Scenes in the Canadian Rockies

    Very nice pictures. Canadian Winter, oh Yes! ;D
  2. 28mm f2.8 AIS 50mm f1.4 AIS 14-24 AFS f2.8
  3. Reading from your posting I realize the important thing is to have a camera with you at all time. This means (for most people ) a good (reliable) point and shoot due to their small size and weight. From my experience, any good (reliable in terms of operation point of view including the fact that you know how to use it well) camera (or device like iphone) with a pixels count exceeding 4-5 MP will do the job. In my case, I always have my Sony Cyber-shot P200 in my jacket setting at 5MP (the camera can take picture up to 7 MP) for maximum quality. My Nikon, purchased 5 years ago) has only 4 MP and take very decent pictures (D2Hs) and it is the only serious camera I have.
  4. Arkon

    White Balance

    Thank you for all your advices. It seems (to me) that if I set the AWB to +1 the colour looks more realistic. Could some one check on this for me that the AWB of the D2Hs model tends to be a bit to low when reading the colour temperature (and needs to compensate with a +1 setting)? Thanks.
  5. Yes. I do think the finding is quite relevant if we decide to buy fast lens to gain an f-stop. With modern sensors such as the ones in the D3 or D3s it makes no practical difference either you buy a fast or slow lens if light gathering is your main concern. In another hand, if people buy fast lenses for the shallow depth-of-field then it is a valid reason.
  6. Arkon

    White Balance

    Thank you all for your helpful responses. With my D2Hs (for 4 years now) I manage to take presentable pictures and, for most of the time the raw files need a bit of sharpening, minor increase in clarity (for scenic shots) and some temperature/tint adjustments if the camera is set to AWB (and equipped with the 14-24 mm f2.8 AFS zoom). I just want a practical way to get the right white balance for landscape photography (but it seems that the cost of a colour meter is too high).
  7. Arkon

    White Balance

    Is this true that the colour meter such as the Kenko KCM 3100 will provide a more accurate ambient light temperature measurement (in degree kelvin) compared to that computed by my D2Hs built-in meter? If I have it, I just measure the ambient light temperature and set my white balance according to the value indicated by the colour meter. Anyone here use the colour meter when taking digital pictures?

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