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  1. I have seen this before in the history of Microsoft, and having received the same error message ("Failed to install..") a couple of times, I started to install this 4 updates one at a time - and it worked! I have still, though massive problems with the Win7 SP1 update, which leaves my computer (besides the update will not install) with a lot of work to re-configure, what went wrong during the install. But that i s another story...
  2. Having made the step myself 1
  3. juelsbo

    Nikon 28-200D

    This is not the answer, You asked for, because I only have the G-version. This - by the way - is a very good (travel-)lens for FX cameras (same goes for the D-version). It is sharp, versatile and light (fill and weight nothing). The only drawback with it, is it
  4. juelsbo

    HDR Challenge

    Having just put in 2 more pictures above. This time made by Oloneo and Nik HDR Efex Personally I think, I will vote for FDRTools and Oloneo
  5. juelsbo

    HDR Challenge

    Just for the fun of it, I put the same 5 pictures through 4 different HDR Programs (Dynamic Photo v.4; easyHDR v.1.70.2; FDRTools v.2.3.2 & Photomatix v.4). The results of this process is quite different, even if the main issue for me was to use the programs default settings without much tweaking. I wanted to show, what the programs was capable of in "standard mode", and not what I was able to do with the different programs. The latter is now up to others. Dynamic Photo HDR: easyHDR: FDRTools: Photomatix: I read an article by Frank D
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