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  1. Very glad to hear that peace finally reigns (also reflected at nikongear.net). Best wishes forward Dallas!
  2. Congrats to Maco and thanks for nominating my image (which BTW was captured near Oslo in Norway, not Alaska).
  3. otoien

    Boreal Spring Bloom

    Thanks for the comments Ann, GB111 and Alan. Yes, it is sometime easy to forget there is more to an image than resolution and low noise - there is the a whole range of apertures, focal lengths and format size vs.angle of view with a certain focal length and even lens distortions and aberrations to use to our creativity, as others and Bjørn/nfoto in particular have shown in these fora. The small aperture fisheye images are probably my favorites here too - there is a clarity in the images from that lens that is hard to beat.
  4. otoien

    Boreal Spring Bloom

    Thanks for the comments FrankF and Erkki. Yes, the possibility to use the 10.5mm as a macro-fisheye (greatly helped by the closer minimum focus distance than it's full-frame siblings) was an important reason that I got this lens.
  5. otoien

    Boreal Spring Bloom

    Thanks for the kind words Andrea and mikes, highly appreciated in these times.
  6. otoien

    Boreal Spring Bloom

    Thanks for the comments both of you. Stopping the 10.5mm down to f/22 was inspired by Bjørn R.'s advice on many previous occasions in these fora regarding sunbursts. Eventually I had to overcome my 'fear' of the effects of diffraction with the DX sensor. Let these images be symbols of the peace of spring that should reign.
  7. These are from the last couple of weeks; it is a long time since I got the chance to capture these species. In Alaska, the undergrowth in the forests is dominated by horsetails in the spring time opposed to Scandinavia. Please click for larger versions. European wood anemone, Anemone nemorosa. This first one with the 10.5mm at f/5 on D5100: #1 Then stop all the way down f/22 for the sun burst. This is not something I do often on the DX sensor. I was surprised how well the 10.5mm handled this: #2 A different perspective with the 135mm f/2.8 AIS @ f/3.2 on the AW1 at ISO 200 : #3 105mm f/2.5 at f/6.3, also on the AW1: #4 Two-some, 10.5mm @ f/14 on D5100 #5 Again 10.5mm @ f/22: #6 Another with the 10.5mm @ f/22: #7 105mm f/2.5 AIS @ f/2.8 on D5100: #8 The 105mm f/2.5 AIS @ f/5.6 on AW1: #9 If you look closely, there are two versions of mother and child inlcuded, 10.5mm @ f/8 on D5100: # 10: Enough nemorosa for today - dropped by a child,105mm f/2.5 AIS @ f/5.6 on AW1: #11 Less abundant is the Anemone hepatica. AW1 with kit lens has nothing to be ashamed of @ 11mm f/6.3 : #12 No spring in these areas without Tussilago farara, Colts foot. 135mm f/2.8 AIS @ f/4 on D5100: #13 The Norwegian name "hestehov" translates to "horse hoof", so a horse must be included: 135mm f/2.8 AIS at f/11: #14 The real horse hoof included although the image is not as orderly as I like, 135mm f/2.8 AIS @ f/5.6: #15 Then finally a couple of other signs of spring, both 135mm f/2.8 AIS @ f/6.3 on AW1 at ISO 400 in challenging light: #16: #17
  8. otoien

    The World is One

    Hi Bjørn, perhaps not so fast: If you go into the Shooting - Focus mode - Manual focus menu while FT-1 and a manual focus lens is mounted you can change the zoom ratio to 1x, 2x, 5x, or 10x. I usually have it set to 2x or 5x. It is correct though that there is no step-wise zoom, just zoom to the preselected value with a center press of the OK button. It immediately returns to normal view with a light press on the shutter release. If not tripod mounted I usually focus with the subject centered and then re-frame after a light shutter release press. (The AW1 firmware should be updated to at least 1.1 before the FT-1 firmware update. My FT-1 firmware is v.1.2, which I think is the most recent one.)
  9. otoien

    The World is One

    Talking about firmware, last autumn I provided feedback to Nikon with respect to problems with the GPS logging feature of the AW1. The log was interrupted when the camera turned itself off, and also gave completely wrong longitudinal coordinates in the log (but not images) when logging in Alaska (it located me to Hudson Bay in Canada) opposed to logging in Europe. Fairly recently I was pleased to be notified that Nikon had provided a firmware update (1.11) that fixed both of these problems: https://support.nikonusa.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/19380
  10. otoien

    The World is One

    "Most "F" mount lenses can attach to the FT-1 and if they have CPU, all information is relayed to the camera. A quirk of the 1 Series is that manual focusing with magnification is only available for CPU-equipped lenses and these must be set in manual mode as well. Don't ask me about the rationale for this behaviour because I haven't the slightest clue why Nikon opted for this 'solution'. Now, fortunately for me, virtually all my manual-focus Nikkors have been upgraded with a CPU and thus are fully compatible with the 1 Series. I get reliable metering and magnification of the scene when focusing." (emphasis by me) Bjørn, as I recall the AW1 will provide magnified view with FT-1 and non-CPU lenses without the need for changing any settings. (It will also meter with those lenses and aperture can be controlled from the lens.) I found this convenient during testing before CPU modifying my last batch of AIS lenses. Unfortunately I do not have any non-CPU lenses here now (still away from Alaska), so I cannot confirm. I believe the FT-1 must have the latest firmware for this to work.
  11. CNX2 edit. Adding a 16bit TIF would probably make it easier for those who do not have CNX2, as slide scans are just a TIF embedded in a NEF, which is usually not accepted by other converters. But then may be you intend to make the lack of compatibility and recoverability part of the challenge?
  12. otoien

    Switching Brands

    Last brand switch was in 1974, from the Minolta SRT-101 to Nikon F2. The flaw of the otherwise nice Minolta was the "rubber band shutter" - it would not expose evenly at the high shutter speeds required for winter scenes in the high Norwegian mountains in spite of multiple repairs of both my own and my brothers copy. The desire of reliability/robustness was the main factor that made me use up all my savings on the F2 as a high school student. I have since added various Nikonos models, the Nikon F4 with a state of the art Subal underwater housing, some Coolpixes though work, D200, D40x (to become IR - 720 nm after a while) and D5100. The next Nikon TBD - the end of support for CNX2 has messed things up a bit. I also added a mirror-less, the Nikon 1 AW-1. The only non-Nikon in the mix was the Yashica T4 of the film days, which pretty much stayed in my pocket wherever I went.
  13. Thanks, Must have been fiddling with my own camera when that happened. Yes, noticed the wobbles - they were sort of useful for to see that the feed was still live...
  14. +1 Where did you see the aurora Bjørn? Great to view this from the breakfast table. A bit of excitement whether the connection would drop out because of the load, and the sudden idea to record the event as seen here (location iin Oslo right now, so just fog outside):
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