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  1. From Leon Neal's Blog quite interesting
  2. Thanks !
  3. First time with the 105 macro "D" [ first time doing macro on flowers ]
  4. it is quite fascinating what some peoples are ready to do to attract clients/get fame
  5. and
  6. At Montreal's manifestation june 22 th
  7. I was protesting tuition hikes today , it was a great time to try my new d700
  8. i am currently trying my d700 against my d300 , it is AMAZING See the example below
  9. After a long observation , i think its too static . its my baby medium format with my girlfriend
  10. Thanks for all the great advices , i went to my local shop to get a feel on which i like the most , i must say that the d3 is lighter than what i thought .[ with a 24-70 on it] i/m going to check a d700 with around 10 k shot for 1800
  11. Extra
  12. Maybe some of you know , but Peoples from montreal protest [almost] everyday a terrible law that our government imposed by walking in the streets banging pots well last night , i was at a concert from my favorite french artist and they entered the stage banging pots , it was beautiful .
  13. well , i dont really have a headache , BUT i have a d300 and i am very pleased with but i would like to go full frame , since the d800 and d4 are out the price of the d700 and d3 have lowered so i think it is a smart time to buy now , snce the average price of a d700 in canada is about 1800 and a d3 runs for about 2300 would the 500$ more is worth it ? did you use both cameras ? how did you like them ? as far as stats goes , i know that they are about the same so i'm trying to get your user experience Thank you in advance
  14. to be fair , the price tag ain't that bad , my 512gb crucial m4 costed me 950can$
  15. I dont know for you , but i feel like there is something missing in this photo , Your thoughts ? Edit: Nikon d300 85mm 1.8D iso200 1/1600sec at f/3.5