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  1. I have read good things about the 150 Apo, the new APO OS version is supposed to be even better. BTW there is a new 180/2.8 APO OS macro lens as well. Maybe you can get one of these too. Good luck.
  2. I used (past tense, now a dead camera) my D70 with manual focus lenses (Ai, Ais, even an adapted Leica 400mm Visoflex lens). No meter, no problem. So: 1. Guess the exposure or use a hand-held meter. 2. Shoot. 3. Chimp. 4. Change exposure if needed, and re-shoot.
  3. The Hasselblad Superachromat lenses are quite expensive. They were for the old V series cameras.
  4. BTW Alex Mustard has used the D4 underwater and gave it a very favorable review of its performance. Looks like the AF is a major step up from the D3 series (a particular concern of mine for UW use by remote control is AF).
  5. I decided not to house my D70 due to the lack of wired remote control. I shoot a lot by remote control in streams. My D70 died after about 30K shots whereas my D2X keeps on clicking after over 150K shots so on a per shot basis the D2X was less expensive than the D70.
  6. You are in a similar boat to me with my old D2X that I bought new when it was current. It too was replaced with a cheaper model, the D300. Now look at the situation. It is all but worthless resalewise. One has to fully depreciate the paid value of a DSLR in a few years. No point in even bothering to insure it at some point. I suspect this is why many folks sell their older gear while it still has some decent monetary value. Of course it still has value as a shooter! I still have my D2X since I have an even more expensive underwater housing that has also slid in value. They still work together. Tom
  7. Some nice underwater examples here! I too like using the 20mm FL for UW photos on FF (and the similar angle of view obtained with a 14mm when shooting DX UW). However I opted for the Sigma 1.8 since it can focus close without diopters. There is an interesting Wetpixel thread with contributions that showed a decreased angle of view as well as increased CA when uisng diopters. Tom
  8. Most of my 35mm film shots were done with an F2. I still have several bodies as well as a few Fs, all without meter prisms. I used Lunapro meters. I have the action finder, the 6x finder, as well as the folding W/L finder. As well I have a collection of most of the focusing screens. I used the F2 underwater in a Hydro35 housing. More recently I got an F5 and underwater housing for it.
  9. "Seacam has confirmed that they will be supporting both the Canon 1DX and Nikon D4, with expected release dates for housings for both within the first half of 2012." However, I would not hold my breath. The "gestation" period for my Seacam D2X housing was 9 months.
  10. What happens if the ambient temperature is less than 40F say 3 to 5C? Also for my use (in a housing in a cold water stream) the camera is powered up for 12 or more hours (I am triggering using a remote cable so not touching on-camera controls). Divide these numbers of exposures by 3 or 4? Not good.
  11. I am being funded by the lack of something, currently herring!
  12. That is quite some growth. We have some sedges such as in salt marshes but nothing like that in terms of density.
  13. Interesting, have the plants flopped over? Tom
  14. No, You want to use a lens with a lot of depth of field like a fisheye since you need to focus on a virtual (the under water part) as well as real image (the above water part) at the same time. The apparent distance to the virtual image is on the order of one foot, or even less - depends on subject distance, dome port diameter * - while the above water part may be towards infinity. Tom * - actually dome port radius of curvature would be more accurate since not all ports are hemispheres, but we are getting too technical too fast! :angel:
  15. Wow, that is a lot of algae !!! I also live at ~60 degrees north latitude and am looking forward to the next 6 months of day lengthening! :angel: IMHO, the day length starts to get reasonable about St. Valentine's day. The background of my Xmas card is also an over-under shot (see Merry Christmas thread). More of an accident or test shot (I do not recall which) between locations in the stream I was shooting in. Tom