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  1. I am very much interested in seeing your images, Erv! It would be interesting to see the changes brought by eco-tourism since the 70's. Nowadays, on any given day a minimum of 50 people pass through the slot canyons. Both canyons are run by the Navajo Nation and both are major tourist destinations in Page, Arizona.
  2. Thanks! The power plant will soon be a relic in 2 years time. It is a coal-operated power generating unit and soon they will switch to another form.
  3. I let the groups pass-through and recompose all over again. There was a group of photographers on a workshop tour and they had the choice spots. The Lower Antelope is not as bad as the Upper Antelope though. Thanks, Ron!
  4. I was hesitant at first to visit both Antelope Canyons (Lower & Upper) due to influx of tourists visiting the canyons. However, Antelope Canyon has always been on my bucket list of places to visit, not necessarily to photograph. I am glad I did as it was an experience just to roam around freely inside Lower Antelope. The upside of going to Lower Antelope is that you can avail of the photographer's pass and you can roam around the canyon by yourself (not part of a tour) and enjoy the canyon. The downside is that you do have to be patient when a group tour passes by as the slot canyon is so tight that you have to give way to them. Sharing some images from Lower Antelope Canyon: #1
  5. Thank you all! Funny thing, I bought my D600 refurbished a year ago. Last March, before I left for the southwest, Nikon emailed me to send in the D600 for sensor repair free of charge. Right after I came back, I sent in my D600 and came back to me a week later with the sensor repair done looking brand new and not a spot on the sensor! I guess it pays to buy refurbished products (which is my modus operandi) since I was also told the warranty is extended in this case.
  6. Thor Lidasan

    Vegas 2014

    I somewhat took a leave from photography hence the lack of posts for a long time. Went on a southwest sojourn last April and attempted to take some pictures again. I am still trying to figure out how flickr works all over again as they made some drastic changes and hopefully this image works out: Las Vegas 2014
  7. Wow! Thank you, James! Thank you, Andrea and Carolyn for the nomination. It is so nice to feel validated and my work appreciated. I shoot for fun and seeing an image I shot make it to the picture of week category is really gratifying! Thanks too, Ron!
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