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  1. Dallas, I use both dSLR and mirrorless (Panasonic, Olympus, Sony, Fuji) since 2010 and look forward to Nikon releasing its own version so I do not have a dog in this race. I chose one that best meets my needs. NikonGear, and now Fotozones, been riven by so many useless and pointless acrimonious dSLR vs mirrorless arguments. You yourself have seen the many negative effects this has had on the community and has resulted in the current state of affairs. It was only recently that you wrote a post desirous of a new restart here at Fotozones. The muted response it has received hints at the skepticism I see endemic in this community but this being a new year 2018, I thought I'd start with a rather innocuous article on new technological development that may someday be used in camera lenses, and presented it in a humorous way. Little did I expect that the dSLR vs mirrorless bogeyman would once again reappear in so forceful and nonchalant way. That this came from the site owner and adminstrator desirous to have a restart in this forum is so disheartening and disappointing. This is your site Dallas. I have no business in telling you how to run it. But do not be surprised if like the many others who have stayed away, I will be doing the same henceforth. I honestly and wish you success in your endeavors.
  2. Lighter lenses work for me ... so long as it get the job done even if it is not as small. Some years back, I had decided that the m43 will be my small and light alternative to Nikon FX but the Nikon D500 and the 16-80mm f/2.8-4.0E VR drew me back to a Nikon DX. The speed, features, build and image quality of this DX camera surpasses my favorite D700 and the rather bulky (specially the hood) but light Nikkor 16-80mm f/2.8-4.0E VR was an easy one-lens replacement for the Panasonic 12-35 and 35-100mm f/2.8 or the Olympus 12-40 and 40-150mm f/2.8 zoom that I bring. That the D500 works exceptionally well with the compact and light Nikkor 20mm f/1.8G is an added bonus in lieu of my considerably heavier D850 and Nikkor 35mm f/1.4G. My other favorite "light" lenses for use with the D500 is the Nikkor 85mm f/1.8G and the 70-200mm f/4.0G VR. Nikon is expected to release its mirrorless cameras this year. Many speculate that it will use a new lens mount with a closer "flange" distance between the lens and the sensor to enable smaller and lighter lenses within a certain focal range with moderate aperture. If Nikon goes this route, I hope that an adapter will enable full functionality with at the very least, its existing E lenses and hopefully, its G lenses as well.
  3. Lovely set of photos ... and everyone seems to be having fun. Thank you for posting!
  4. Today, I balk at using a prime lens weighing more than 1,000 grams (1 kg.) unless it is a specialized lens (e.g., Nikkor 200mm f/2.0) In the near future, it is possible that we may hear users complained how heavy their 100 grams lens are. https://www.dpreview.com/news/4657125935/a-new-metalens-breakthrough-will-revolutionize-lenses-as-we-know-them
  5. Another great image from you Luc ... thank you for sharing this!
  6. Larry

    The Sheer Nightgown

    Serves him right ... for not getting the $200 item and saving the $300 difference to bring her out for dinner!
  7. Luc, I concur with your wife's placement of the print ... not obvious but the print location is very well balanced.
  8. Nonetheless you did very well still Luc.
  9. But that is also why your photos are always outstanding!
  10. I hope your body-lens combo works out well. A D5500-sized mirrorless FX would be a delight!
  11. Luc, your composition and rendition of the first image in black and white is masterful... and the second photo makes that even more evident. You have been traveling much! You have also put your E-M10 Mk2 to much use with excellent results. I recently got hold of an E-M10 (first version) from my brother who got it but never used it much. The demands of work has not allowed me much chance to take photos but a break next week should change that. I will be bringing my D850 and D500 to that trip but am considering bringing the E-M10 with the Panasonic 14mm f/2.5.
  12. I had hoped that Sony would finally get the ergonomics of its camera right with the A9 and the A7 Series III but Sony has instead perpetuated the faults of the earlier models. Although the A9 and A7R III finally incorporate an AF joystick and the articulating rear screen is now a touchscreen, the controls position and the grip leaves much to be desired. While one can add a grip, the grip design plus the resulting size and weight does not yield a good balance. Nikon on the other hand has considerably improved the controls and grip of its D500 and D850. Previously, I have always bought a grip for my D300/D700/D8xx. But I will not be doing this with my D500 and D850. Actually, I received a free battery pack for my D500 but I never felt a need foe one so it remains unused till today. As to Nikon's mirrorless, I am quite confident that it will produce a pretty good mirrorless camera. I say this based on my experience with the D500, then with the D850. The D500 and D850 are very quick and responsive and are a substantial upgrade up from their predecessors (D300 and D8xx). Moreover, the D500 and D850 have incorporated many of the features that we have long enjoyed with mirrorless cameras but which have been missing from the Nikon dSLRs until the advent of the D500 and D850. The primary features missing from the D500 and D850 would be fast autofocus during live view and the EVF. Nikon has already patented a quad-pixel AF design that should allow the Nikon mirrorless to focus more accurately and perhaps a bit faster than Canon's dual-pixel AF. Moreover, this can be done without need to integrate PDAF sensors within the imaging sensors (as it did with the Nikon 1 series). Here is a link to an explanation of Canon's Dual-Pixel autofocus. http://www.learn.usa.canon.com/resources/articles/2017/intro-to-dual-pixel-autofocus.shtml
  13. I fully concur. This is why even at this price, I am still not getting one.
  14. Thank you for the clarification. I Googled "Zwarte Piet" and now understand better.
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