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  1. Airee

    POTW #447 - Andrew

    Congrats Andrew. I miss opportunities for such lively action shots and appreciate all the more when others do them. Thanks also for nomination. For once I have been able to escape from my own conventions (first pano shot in 58 years)...
  2. Airee

    TGV noses

    Indeed, the ladies (and the dirt) make a difference. Otherwise I guess I would find many such pics on the internet, if I were looking.
  3. Airee


    Definitely; the two last shots here went the Photo Club Lille yearly exhibition. Not that they are jaw-dropping, but I had no better series to propose, given my little available time. They are also best appreciated by "insiders" who know the place and its problems.
  4. Airee


    I see your point. The wide framing was meant to put emphasis on the loneliness (hence quietness) of the place, and also to accomodate enough water and reflected sky. The oblique framing somewhat contradicts the 'peace' idea. I could indeed have wwalked a few more steps. Of course this was a snapshot (I did not want her to take notice), but that's not an excuse. The relative size of the person in the picture was definitely intentional, as a sequel to a 2-pic only series that I attach hereunder:
  5. Airee

    TGV noses

    A somewhat funny coincidence : coupled TGVs and trolley-pulling ladies. Df, 20/3.5 UD @f/11, and a vertical crop to remove distracting stuff.
  6. Airee


    Df, Zeiss 50/2 at F/8.
  7. Airee

    Your favourite film camera?

    Reason is, less and less people engaging in photography are full time photographers. That's the difference with dentistry or accountancy, I guess.
  8. Airee

    Fuzzy all over (not quite though)

    Thanks Fons and Golunvolo. There was some work involved : 1) taking care of the background; 2) choosing the focus point (nearest eye applies to persons only); 3) choosing from X variants shot at various f-stops. I finally settled for the wide open shot. But the rendering is entirely the lens' fault. It is fortunate that even the Zeiss 50/2 is not perfect (far from it), but that's the only way to get such shots. I like it more and more.
  9. Airee


    #3, another winner. #5, crazy bokeh on the right, quite my taste.
  10. Airee


    For close-ups, AF is utterly useless. It only adds weight and bulk. The Zeiss 50/2 for instance is already weighty and bulky enough : why add anything ? the Nikon 60/2.8 is AF and less heavy, but that's because of the plastic - fine with me, but this is manufacturer's choice. I took the Zeiss to Icelandic glaciers for good reasons.
  11. Airee

    POTW #446 - crowecg

    Very good choice of a brilliant and imaginative shot. Thanks also for nomination.
  12. Airee


    Voigtländer 42 f/2 stopped down to f/5.6, probably with close-up lens here.
  13. Airee

    The Kiss

    50th anniversary adds significance...
  14. Airee

    Shinjuku Japan - Architecture

    The trapeze-shaped photo works very well indeed, owing to the statue. Quite unusual.
  15. Airee

    Shut Up

    Then again, rubber is about rubbing, so about usage rather than material. French and German are more specific here, having a name for the material (Gummi, Caoutchouc).

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