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  1. I am fairly sure he doesn't quite know what he is talking about. There are some explanations among the comments, and I one of the commenter who seems to be very knowledgeable linked to some references on the subject. I will read them when I have some spare time.
  2. Haha, why would you want that? More is better as you know
  3. That is a very laudable and exemplary ethos -- thanks!
  4. My guess is it's weeping beech.
  5. Bayer problems will vanish progressively as sensors get more and more photosites. When you downsample a 24MP Bayer file to 6MP, you no longer need to interpolate colors in the same way. The same will happen from 96MP to 24MP. That's maybe a reason we don't see more non-Bayer designs -- folks are just waiting for denser sensors.
  6. Yes, I sense some rushed decisions. Certainly, a good night's sleep can resolve many issues.
  7. So much wiggling indicates that both may be about equal for you. So you might have to go for a double kit. How nice is that (if you can afford it, but changing back and forth is not exactly cheap either)?
  8. The democratization of journalism is a double-edged sword.
  9. That's quite weird. Are pixels arranged diagonally on that sensor?
  10. If you have a colorimeter, use the program that comes with it. If you don't have one, I wouldn't waste my energy on calibrating by eye (apart from setting brightness). Maybe someone in your neighborhood can lend you a colorimeter.
  11. simsurace

    Rural Spring

    Thanks for stopping by! Yes indeed, spring has been moving fast here in my subjective impression, all the more because I missed the first half or so.
  12. simsurace

    Rural Spring

    I never tire looking at those fresh spring greens. Just 15km outside of Bern, typical rural landscape of Schwarzenburg. Please view large.
  13. simsurace


  14. Two versions from me. This was the knee-jerk reaction: And here's one which focuses on the engine:
  15. I wonder whether the soapbox shape of the various FMs, OMs etc. would be preferable for today's cameras with high megapixel count? They were not the most steady to hold in my opinion, and would not work well with today's 70-200/2.8 lenses. A well-sculpted ergonomic grip can be preferable, but unfortunately grips come in one size and shape only, and they don't always fit so well. I have modified my D600s grip quite a bit in order to improve it.
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