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  1. DougB


    "Why is that twit taking a picture of me drinking a beer??"
  2. "When you refer to 14mm, I'm assuming you mean 14mm on the full frame (FX) camera. That would be a recommendation for the 10-24mm zoom in my DX (XPro2) case. Am I reading that right? " Yep - 14mm on full frame - I have the Rokinon & love it! The folks I stayed with in Seville, said that the secret is to have a siesta - NO longer than one hour - around 4:00 in the afternoon & you can go till late. I tried it & it works. Will be going back next Feb to do more "in-depth research"
  3. I am in Spain\Portugal for 2 months every year & have my D700 and D3S along with a 70-300 VR (mostly for football) a Nikon 28-105 AF, Nikon 35 f2.0 AI & a Rokinon 14mm. I have spent a lot of time in Seville (my fav place), Ronda and Granada. That 14mm is always on one of my cams & when sorting through my (non-football) photos, probably is used for the majority. I don't know anything re: any of the other Nikon systems but if you want to capture some of the beautiful scenery while in Spain, something like the 14mm is perfect. Enjoy the trip (and tapas)
  4. That last one is GREAT - with the eye contact from 2 of the dancers & he look of he little girl watching. Great shots!
  5. Come on - you painted this BEAUTIFUL shot, Mike++
  6. Great comp & tones Is that your own personal wine cellar ?
  7. Great portrait of a beautiful dog. He will keep you busy
  8. Rick MANY thanks for that. ONe of my favs - probably the main reason I have had cameras since I was young
  9. All beautiful but #1 and #2 do it for me. LOVE the facial expression in #2!! Will be en espana in 2 weeks - looking forward to all of it's beauty!!
  10. DougB

    Hiking (image heavy)

    I agree - thank you very much for sharing the story and the photos!!
  11. Great shots that tell a story!! and I agree with Alan above - we have to be reminded all the time of the attrocities that man has comitted against man - so hopefully they are NEVER repeated!
  12. DougB

    Paris, recently

    I agree with the above comments++ The processing is beautiful. That first one is beautiful++
  13. DougB

    The Dom

    Nice capture of a beautiful place!! But - no pics of the cats or the dogs??
  14. Richard NEVER too many of these. Great photos!! You were fortunate to visit there
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